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June 18, 2018
By CompoundArcher GOLD, Broomfield, Colorado
CompoundArcher GOLD, Broomfield, Colorado
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"I Have Not Failed. I've Just Found 10, 000 Ways That Something Won't Work." Thomas Edison

"Surely this world-so beautifully diversified in its forms and motions-could not have arisen except from the perfectly free will of God, who provides and governs all things." Roger Cotes

"Don't doubt the Creator, because it is inconceivable that accidents alone could be the controller of this universe.'' Isaac Newton

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln

One thing Lila wished she hadn't done was getting into a fight with the wrong girls. It was too late to fix her mistake and now she was going to pay for it.

    "Hey, Lie Lie. You ready to feel the wrath of my fist again?"

    "Haha! Look at her, she's scared!"

    "I would be scared if I were you," Caleb walked up and the girls ran off. "You ok Lila?"

    "Why do you always do that? I had them. Just let me take them, I'll be fine." Lila protested as Caleb helped her up.

    "No Lila. The last time I let you fight the Fonseka girls they broke your nose," Lila rolled her eyes and looked away, "Do you not get it? You can't keep living like this. It affects your athletic performance and your grades."

    "Caleb Evan Lane, I will do what I want and you can't and won't stop me," Lila started walking away and Caleb grabbed her by the arm pulling her behind the school's stairs and crouched trying not to hit his head. "Oww! What are you d--" Caleb put his hand over Lila's mouth. Something had caused him to hide away.

    "Yes, I know Ms. Coulter has been in several fights and I will not allow it any further. She will be sent to detention the next fight she has," The principal was on the phone with Board of Directors. "Yes, ma'am. Goodbye." Principal Newman walked down the locker-lined hall of Evergreen High School and out the double doors.

    "You hear that?! You're about to get detention!" Caleb stood up with anger. Lila looked down at the floor ashamed of her childish behavior. "It's time set your life straight. Come on, let's get you home."

    "Morning Lila! What are you doing today?" Caleb asked as he got out of his car at the Coulter residence Saturday morning.

    "Hey, Caleb! Nothing really. I have practice in an hour. By the way, can you drive me?"

    "You know as soon as I could drive you've been asking me to take you places, but yes I can," Caleb said laughing. "Get in the car freshman. I'll be there as soon as I say hi to your parents."

    "I don't think you want to do that. Mom's grumpy this morning and dad's out, but whatever." Lila said getting into the small 2010 Honda Civic.

    "Let's go." Caleb jumped into the car a few moments later.

    Mr. Coulter pulled into the driveway just as they were leaving. "Where are you two troublemakers going?"

    "I have practice dad. We're gonna be late! Love you, bye!" Lila yelled back at her dad as they drove away.

    "Kids these days." Mr. Coulter shook his head and laughed.

    Caleb pulled up to Roosevelt Rec Center. "Thanks, Caleb! I'll see you tomorrow." Lila got out of the car and walked into the rec center.

    "Who was that?" Coach Reed meet Lila at the door and asked her looking outside as the gray Honda drove away.

    "Caleb Lane. He goes to Evergreen. He's been my best friend since preschool." Lila said smiling and almost drifting off into a daze.

    "Oh... What are you doing?! Get your butt to practice girl! And pull that hair up!" She yelled at Lila.

    Lila got to the locker room and got her gym shorts and t-shirt on, pulled up her curly blonde hair, and pulled on her knee pads. She ran out to the court and lined up with the rest of the girls about to do warm-ups. After warm-ups coach got all the girls together to assign them to their stations.

    "Ok, ladies. Today's practice is gonna be brutal! Paula Thomas, Denise Cox, Joyce Jackson, Pamela Jones-passing. Frances Alexander, Amy Russell, Cynthia Garcia, Jane Hughes, Amanda Griffin-setting. Jean Flores, Jessica Carter, Andrea Morris, Carolyn Cooper, Janet Taylor-blocking. And Rebecca Simons, Kathy Brook, Lila Coulter, Heather White-spiking. Alrighty, move your butts!! I don't got all day!"

    After practice, Lila ran into the Fonseka girls again. "Hey, Lee-lie! You ready to get beat up now that your boyfriend isn't here to rescue you?"

    "First of all Caleb Lane is NOT my boyfriend, second, I hope YOU are ready to get beat up!" Lila said pinning Izabelle to the brick wall and getting ready to punch her in the face.

    "Lila Jane Coulter! What did I say?! Stop it right now!!" Caleb once again interfered their fight and pulled Lila back. "Will you ever learn Li? Get out of here girls," The Foneska girls walked away with sass and Lila was right back where she started. "You know if your coach found out that you were getting in fights every week she wouldn't let you play. I may have to tell her if you get in one more fight, capiche?"

    "K." Lila barely managed to say. Sulking she walked out the door and got into Caleb's car. Caleb got in, started the car, and they drove away not saying a word to each other. "Wait, I thought my dad was supposed to pick me up. Why are you here?" Lila said after a while.

    "Your dad told me to come pick you up, and I saw the Fonseka girls walking in after I dropped you off, so I figured you would get in another fight. Lila, I've known you for nine years. I can predict your every move." Caleb replied happy to break the silence.

    "Whatever. You cannot predict my every move! Nice try wise guy!" Lila laughed at his ridiculous claim.

    "I bet I could!" He taunted back. They pulled up to Lila's house and she hopped out, "Bye!"

    "Bye Caleb!" She yelled back and waved as he drove away.

    Lila's parents weren't involved in her life like they should have been. They never knew when she got in a fight at school, and they barely knew what her grades where. That's the main reason Lila was so lost in life; her parent didn't care. The only person she had to lean on for advice and support was Caleb. He had helped her through countless incidents at school and was practically her big brother though he was only a couple years older than she was.


    "Whuh? Oh, hello? Hey...... no, no you didn't wake me up...I....... ' snore, snore'  I'm awake!!! What? You're outside? What time is it? Dude, it's Sunday morning, go back to sleep. Ok, fine. I'll be out in five. Bye," Lila woke up to Caleb on the phone. "I don't want to get up.... ughhhh, Caleb!!" After considering Lila finally got out of bed and put a white t-shirt and some army green cargo shorts on. Half asleep she went downstairs and out the back door to meet Caleb.

    "Why did you get me up at... 6 am on a SUNDAY morning?!?!" Lila asked in an aggravated tone after looking down at her phone for the time.

    "You have a game in two hours, dork. Your dad told me to take you; he has some sort of business meeting or something. Go get ready! Hurry up!" Caleb yelled at Lila while standing in the backyard leaning against the small wooden table on the porch.

    "Thanks again for saving my butt Kale!" Lila said sarcastically while running inside to get dressed. After she had gotten ready to go Lila remembered that she left her jersey in her locker at the rec center and they were having an away game in Calvin City which was in the complete opposite direction of the rec.

    "Caleb, I left my jersey in the locker room! I need to go pick it up! Hurry!" Lila said jumping in the car.

    "Great!" Caleb said in a sarcastic tone.

    After all the drama was over with running around, they arrived at Calvin City High School- the home court of the Calvin City Pythons, also the home team of the Fonseka girls.

    "Wonderful! Look who's here. Could this day get any better?!" Lila exclaimed as she walked into the gym.

    "Calm down Flutter-Nut. As long as you keep to yourself everything will be fine. NO MORE FIGHTING! I mean it this time, Li." Caleb reminded Lila as he walked in behind her.   

    "How would I fight if I'm on the court playing volleyball, basketball season isn't for another month. I can get into plenty of fights then," Lila said heading towards the girl's locker room, "Wish me luck!"

    "Hey, Lila. I--" Caleb was too late to tell her what was on his mind. He stood there at a loss for a few moments and then found a seat on the bleachers.

    "Welcome to our 10th annual 'Spikers' volleyball tournament! Today is a very special day, two very strong and structured teams will be competing for the title. Our first team is here on their own home court, please put your hands together for the Calvin City Pythons! Our second team is located in the close community of Evergreen, please welcome the Evergreen Stallions!" The announcer said as each team came out, one after the other.

    Both teams lined up on the court, shook hands, and flipped a coin to decide who would serve. The Pythons started out with a strong serve, but the first two points went to the Stallions. At the end of the game, the Stallions came out on top, but the Pythons were only three points behind.

    "All right folks, Stallions win!" The announcer came back on the speaker when the game was over. "It was a close game, but we all had a good time whether we won or lost. Now, have a good day!"

    When Lila came out of the locker room Caleb meet her to congratulate her on their win. "Congrats Lila! You did great! Hey, you want to catch a bite to eat on the way home??"

    "Sure, I'm starving! Did mom or dad drop by to see how I was doing?" Lila replied.

    "Uh, no, but I bet they will be really proud when I tell them how great you did!" Caleb tried to reassure her.

    "Oh, save it, Caleb! I know they don't give a--" Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

    "Lila, you are their daughter, of course they care about your life. You may not see it now, but they'll come around, ok?" Caleb said looking down at her. Lila nodded and they headed outside to the car. "Hey, what do you want to eat? There's Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Mc Donalds is not an option, um, Noodles, and I think that's it."

    "We can do Chipotle." Lila barely said.

    "Hey, stop thinking about your parents and tell me your most exciting part of the game, hmm?" Caleb tried to distract her from the situation.

    "Hmm, ok," Lila smiled at her best friend's attempt to make her happy,"I loved the look on the other team's face, it was hilarious! Also, did see their coach? He was sooo mad! It was a good game." They pulled up to Chipotle and got out of the car.

    "Hey, I have a surprise for you. Come on." Caleb winked at Lila as the walked in.

    "Let me guess, FOOD?!? It's a Chipotle dude, what could possibly surprise me?" Lila said confused as she walked in the door.

    She was immediately in tears when she stepped inside. Right there in front of her was her parents and...

    "Lucas!!!!" She yelled throwing herself into her big brother's arms tears still pouring down her face.

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