Eruption in Pompeii

December 8, 2017
By Rashad_ BRONZE, Moncks Corner , South Carolina
Rashad_ BRONZE, Moncks Corner , South Carolina
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I woke on this nice mild, bright morning of August 24. I ate my breakfast and started my way to school. My teacher, Ms. Romana, was the only one there.

“ Hi, Naevius how are you.” she greeted me.
“  What are we learning.” I questioned.
“Two things, really easy.”
“What are they”
“Mount Vesuvius and things about the Sun.”

When the rest of my class came we all sat. There was only 6 people. Our parents were wealthy merchants who had enough to pay for our education. My friend Evangelos, unfortunately can not afford it so everything I learn i write down and teach it to him after class.

“ Mount Vesuvius is said to be put on Earth by the evil Persian gods.” She explained.
“ The Persians are a loaf of bread that been cooked too long.” I made a joke.
The class laughed.
“They didn’t want people to escape, they were afraid that we were going to summon our gods and goddess because they were the fierce and strong. The Sun is what makes the day bright and when it goes away it makes evening and night time. The Sun also can keep us warm.” She informed.

“ Is that all.” Battisus said
“Just a simple math problem, since we did not learn anything new.” Ms. Romana replied.
“ If f of x is the y-intercept  and x is the slope or the line then solve f(x)= x-4 when x is 3.” She said.
“ The  f of x is equal to -1, so the the ordered pairs are (3,-1).” I answered swiftly.
“ Correct Naevius. Can you stay after a little please.” Miss Romana said.
“Yes, but it needs to be quick madam.” I politely replied.
As everyone was leaving and Ms. Romana was giving everyone their farewells. I thought about she said about Mount Vesuvius. Then, she came in.

“ You are very smart, too smart. I will have you in a separate class because they do not have the god given gift of knowledge and bravery.” she told me.
“ And jokes.” I said.
“ Come to me in the morning before breakfast you will be fed.”
“Yes, ma’am”

I left school and headed to Evangelos, to teach about Mount Vesicus, but i decided to return home because mother would be waiting. I got home and told mother about Mount Vesicus and always she gave me a kiss and laughed.

“ You know what Naevius, my little smart warrior.” said my mother.
“ What, mother.” I exclaimed.
“ You go to school and learn so much and you come home as if you just finished an adventure, so much integrity and intellect.”
“ Thanks mother.”
“ Now, I need you to be my warrior and go get a fresh loaf of bread from the market.”
“Okay, on it.” I said as I flew threw the door.

The market was a long way from home, but I must obey my mother and I shall not fail her. When, I got there the market was full of lush smells and people. I smelled chicken, porridge, bread, and oats. The smell was from heaven acting in unison, but separated in harmony. I went to a merchant and asked for a fresh loaf of bread. He gave it to me in return for 3 golden coins or 5 silver coins. I gave him 4 golden coins, smiled, and went on my way. When, walking the ground started to rumble and shake a little. Then, it rumbled harder. Boom! Wondering if someone upsetted the gods, I carried away. I turned and look at Mount Vesicus and red hot things splashed out everyone was running. Black clouds formed and it was horrific. People who touched or got swallowed by the hot red goo was burnt to death. I ran in opposite direction of my home because that is what it was near. While running I glimpsed back, and my school was devoured and so was  my house. When I saw that I was sad and depressed, but I didn’t show emotions I stood strong. The Persian gods were trying to get to me, but I had to show that the Romans are stronger than that. I thought about the outpost and the market out of town that I visited with mother and father once. I ran straight to the outpost. I did not look back because I was not falling into the tyrants’ hands where I would burn in hell. The outpost was really far and I started to doubt myself mentally and physically. But, I held up strong and stood  tall and never gave up. Wait! What is that? Getting closer I find a mule I can ride to the outpost.

I got on and rode the animal to the outpost. I told the merchants, farmers, and the unfortunate about the hot red goo. They laughed. So typical of them to laugh. I bought water, milk, cheese, bread, and another tunic. I fed the mule some bread and gave it some milk. The hell substance was back and the people who laughed froze with fear, knowing they should have listened to the one who warned them about it. I got on the mule and left. The mule trotted on the grey bumpy, cobblestone road. I rode into the next day, and stopped when I found another market. Gladly the goo stopped spreading and I was safe. I went on and started me a large garden and sold fresh bread, cheese, chicken, and porridge at the local market. That event would always change my life and would always affect the things I do. Many people died including my mother, my father, and my teacher. So, next time someone tells you something, be observative.

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