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Day 5

July 3, 2017
By df2bawesome SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
df2bawesome SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"Miracles are like pimples because once you start looking for them you find more than you ever dreamed you'd find" ~Lemony Snicket

Everything changed when night fell. My name is Arabella and I was on the titanic with my brother Guarino. We have been out on sea for four days. We spent all day exploring the ship and now,at 11;20 P.M., I thought I should take my brother to find something to eat. I went to look for my brother. About twelve minutes later I found him still looking over the front of the boat. I tell him, “We should get going to the dining room before it's too late.” We went in and found a table, but before I could even sit down, my brother runs out to the front of the ship and calls for me. I run after him, I don't know what has gotten into him. I finally caught up with him. When he got to the head of the ship it was 11:40 when I looked in the deep waters, I could see that there was an iceberg right in front of the ship heading straight for it. The workers began ringing the warning bell.

     After a few minutes, the ship tries to turn but the iceberg scrapes the side of the ship. I grab my brother so he won’t get hit by the ice chunks flying off the iceberg. We pass the iceberg and nothing appears to have happened to the ship. I was shocked at what had just happened. I grabbed my brother’s hand and walked him straight to our room; he was going to bed as soon as we got there.

           When we got to the room it was already midnight. I was so angry at my brother that I couldn't even speak, but I needed to tell him what he did wrong. It was about thirty after midnight when he finally fell asleep. I couldn't stay in the room, I had to get some fresh air. I walked outside and everyone was still shocked from the iceberg, I realized the ship was at a complete halt. I looked over the side to see if there was any damage. There was a scrape all the way down the side of the ship leaving holes every few feet. Once I saw the holes I started to panic. As I looked around, it was clear I wasn't the only one who was concerned. Suddenly the ship began to make loud sounds. Everyone was beginning to panic. No one knew what was happening. All I knew was I needed to get back to my brother. I ran back to the room as fast as I could, but when I got there my brother was gone! I look everywhere but I couldn't find him, it was 1:00 in the morning! I have to find him before something goes wrong. Everyone is officially in a panic. I have no idea what is happening to the ship, it just continued to make more sounds and they grew louder and louder.
I took an elevator down to the lower levels to search for him. I call for him at every corner I turn. When I get to the lowest level before the control room there was water up to my knees, it was ice cold. I could barely move. I still couldn't find my brother and the water was beginning to rise, everyone was evacuating their rooms. I still hadn't found my brother. I checked the floor one more time screaming his name “Guarino! Guarino!” Then I heard something coming from around the corner. I came running and I saw him flailing in the water, which was already over his head. He needed to grab something. There was an empty light fixture above him. I yell at him to grab it and start swimming. The water was now over my head. As I came up for air, I saw him grab it. He started to scream, but only for a second. He had grabbed the middle of the empty light fixture and electrocuted himself. He wouldn’t of if I hadn’t told him to. I killed my brother. The shock was almost too much to handle. Everything went silent and he disappeared I knew my brother was gone. I felt horrible and started to swim to him. As I swam to the stairs a chair hit me in the chest. It knocked the wind out of me, but sense in. I pulled myself to the surface. I tried getting out the water, but it was already making its way up the stairs. As I made it to stairs, the ship made a large creaking sound and suddenly down the hallway a pair of doors burst open letting even more water in. I ran up the stairs, trying to escape the water, but when I reached the top of the staircase I found the gate locked. Someone from the crew must have locked the gate. Everyone from the lower levels was trapped, the water was rising fast. We could not get out.

            The water was getting closer and closer and we were all still stuck, thankfully a crew member came by and tried to get us out, but he was so frightened that he dropped his keys and ran to get away from the water. There was a girl at the very front of the gate. She picked up the keys and unlocked the gate; we all fled in a crowd to get to the deck where they were loading the lifeboats. At this point everyone knew what was happening. As I head for the life boats I ran into Emily, we looked at each other with fright before heading to the boats, but before we could even make it to a boat, we were pushed out of the way. There was so much commotion men had fired gunshots. Within minutes the lifeboats were gone. We didn’t know what we were going to do, the front of the ship was already under the water, and the lower levels were gone. No one knew how much longer we had, the ship was sinking quickly. All the lifeboats were gone; everyone on the ship was in panic, the head of the ship was already all the way under, and the rest was starting to follow.
Minute’s later half the ship was already under, the decks covered with water. With all the weight of the water, the unsinkable began to tip. Everyone fled towards the back of the boat, the ship was sinking fast and there were so many left on the ship, many already in the water. We reached the back of the boat and grabbed on to the railing, the ship was now all the way tilted up and sinking into the deep Atlantic Ocean, then the ship stopped. 
Emily had lost her grip and was slipping backwards towards me. She was coming slowly, but I was scared and wasn't able to grab her. I had killed my brother, and now my best friend. She slipped off the edge of the ship and fell into the icy water below. I couldn't see where she had landed, I just prayed for a miracle. Then, the ship began to start moving again, but instead of it going straight down it began to split in half!  The ship didn’t waste any time. It was tearing in half quicker and quicker every second, until finally the back end of the ship splashed back into the water. I heard the muffled screams of the anguished below. I knew my best friend was one of them and that the miracle had not come. The Titanic fell on everyone under it, including Emily. The other half was already buried underneath the ice cold water; there had to be thousands of people in the water by now. The back end of the boat started to sink into the water.
Within minutes, I was in the water along with so many others. I didn’t have a life vest, so I was sinking. I needed to find something to float on, and fast. The water was so cold I could barely move. There were so many people who were sinking around me flailing in the water You could hear the screams of thousands of people trying to survive from within the icy grab of the water, everyone looking for something to float on. Then I found a broken piece of a door floating in front of me. I climbed on. I could barely feel my legs or arms. I looked around to see if there was anyone but everywhere I looked there were people going under. The sight hurt my mind. I looked for my brother, but remembered what had happened and let out a scream of agony. I could still see his innocent eyes panicked. I could have saved him. There in that moment I thought it was the end. I had nothing to live for, I closed my eyes, the commotion of the passengers began to die down.
I could feel my legs and arms becoming numb, there was nothing I could do. I was lying floating in the water for what felt like hours, it was completely silent. Suddenly I saw a dim light coming from the distance, one of the lifeboats had returned to search for survivors, one of the twenty. I looked at the light blankly. This was the end of the line, until I heard someone blowing a whistle from the distance. It got the attention of the lifeboat. The lifeboat circled back around; when it approached me my whole body was completely numb. I could barely move, I used what little strength I had left to try and climb into the boat. Once in, I was given a blanket. It was so cold. I looked at the sky that night as everything went black.

    The first that I remember from today is waking up on the Carpathia. That was strange; I distinctly remembered boarding the Titanic. I figured my brother was still asleep and went to find Emily. As I got onto the deck I remembered the events of last night and asked the nearest person I found for the date. It was the morning of April 15th. I remembered the Titanic and the beauty within its corridors and ballrooms. A few days later we reached New York and I got to see my aunt.

   As I got off she ran to me and demanded to see my brother. She was panicked and scared. I sadly looked away and she sat down shocked. We sat there together, weeping, until everyone was off the ship. We were not alone. I saw passengers around me all missing a loved one. I would make it my duty to keep these people in my heart. I hoped the departed had gone quickly and were with other loved ones. I hoped no one had taken their own lives, like I almost did. But most of all, I hoped they would be remembered after I was gone. I hoped they would be remembered for their humor, intelligence, and personalities. And finally, I felt free.

The author's comments:

A friend wrote the basis so I elaborated and really love this piece.

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