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The Girl Who Knew Too Much

March 1, 2009
By idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
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There I stood cherry red lipstick, black, lacy dress, and veil. The chill morning air filling my lungs with every breath I take. The sun was just peeking out behind the gray clouds on the grave spring morning. My eyes were wet from the tears that were still spilling all over me. Clancy, my favorite brother, who had gold blond hair and piercing blue eyes like me, was only 26 years old. Dear old Clancy, my dear Clancy, now lay cold and still in a box. As I stood in the front row by my brother's casket, I could feel people watching me. I felt like I was the star of a Broadway Play with the spotlight on me. My fianc' and his 'business associates' never let me go anywhere alone. These men were allowing me fewer and fewer freedoms each day. I was becoming frightened and unsure. That was when I saw Sam. Sam was one of Lloyd's associates, and without a doubt one of my closest friends. When I was growing up Sam was always there in the background since he was Clancy's best friend. However as we got older our relationship grew into something I knew could never be a reality.

After they finished burying Clancy, Lloyd, my fianc', came up to me and said we had to leave immediately. Not wanting to upset him, I obeyed, saying good-bye to my family, I slowly followed Lloyd and his associates to the cars they had parked outside of the cemetery. I silently slid into the backseat of one of them, completely unnoticed by all of the men.

Samuel, the only one I believed actually had a soul, slipped me a note. I was too afraid to open it. I feared that he knew my secret and would tell Lloyd which would be devastating. The car ride was long and quiet. We ended up in an unfamiliar part of Chicago. I doubted we were in Chicago, let alone Illinois. Lloyd told me to wait in the car with the driver and under no circumstances was I allowed to step out of the car. I wanted to say, oh and why is that? Are you going to kill another innocent person? However, I knew better. Therefore, I sat back; made sure the driver wasn't paying attention, and took the piece of paper Samuel gave to me. I was still unsure whether I was able to trust him, but I had no choice.

The little piece of paper was tiny and white. The writing was small and messy, but I could still make out what it read. It said:

Viv, I know. Meet me behind the apartment

building at 9'oclock tonight. --Sam


No! It can't be! The only thing left now is to hope Sam's heart is made of gold, and not stone like the others'. I quickly ate the paper to erase all evidence. After I swallowed, the people returned, quickly and silently. I thought of running thought of opening the door, throwing off my heels, and taking off towards the brush. If Samuel really were on my side then he would follow. Wouldn't he? Oh well. It did not matter because I was trapped, trapped in a loveless relationship, a web of lies, and an unhealthy position.

By the time we got back to the apartment building, it was very late. Most of the guys, including Lloyd went down the street to 'work'. The only one that stayed was Sam, of course. I was relieved, relieved to get away from the lies and deception. It actually was torture to be with Lloyd and pretend that I didn't know. Every day and night, my memory tormented me. And with the passing days, it was getting harder and harder to live. Just last night I had a dream, no a nightmare, about what happened to my brother.

I tossed and turned on my back, trying to fight the memory. It played on the back of my eyelids like a scene from the cinema. I was walking home, unescorted, from a night on the town with my best friend, Lucy; when I took a wrong turn and stumbled into a dark allay way. There in the alley was my brother, Lloyd, and three of Lloyd's associates. Lloyd was standing back with his arms folded across his chest. One of the men was holding Clancy so that his entire body was open, unguarded. And the other two were hitting him, bruising his body, making dear old Clancy bleed. I knew I couldn't be seen so I quickly hid behind a nearby garbage can. After a few more blows, they threw Clancy against the wall and pulled something out of their jackets.

Lloyd spoke fiercely and quietly, 'When you mess with me, you mess with the entire Lombardi family. And the Lombardi's frown greatly upon any interaction with the authorities. Boys'' After Lloyd hissed his final words, Clancy looked up at him with sympathy. Before Clancy could move anymore, the other three guys took the things they were holding in their hands and lunged toward Clancy. Clancy didn't fight back he was willing to die. This made my heart break even more painful.

After I came back to reality, I realized it was almost time for the meeting. Without any hesitation, I quietly slipped past the door attendant and walked to the alley between the apartment and the building next to it. The alley was dark and damp. The only people that came back here were servants and bums. It was quiet back here, almost peaceful. Samuel was already in the back waiting for me.

Before I could say or do anything Sam said, 'I know you know our secret.' I was unsure of what to do next. My throat was to dry to talk, but I tried clearing to speak anyway.

'I don't care,' he continued, 'because I know you want a simple life, away from the glitz and glam of the city.'

'You know me too well Sam,' I managed to say with a smile on my face.

Returning my smile Sam said, 'I can give you all those things if we leave Chicago now and you marry me. Please Vivian. Will you marry me?'

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