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Loyalist Daughter

July 3, 2015
By BananaBriana GOLD, Bunker Hill, West Virginia
BananaBriana GOLD, Bunker Hill, West Virginia
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    Battle. They're preparing for battle. HA! How ridiculous. They really think they can defeat Mother England? Preposterous. Mother England is our HOME! Why should we fight like a bunch of six year olds who don't want to go to bed? The other Loyalists agree with me. Mother says the "toris" - that's what she calls us - are traitors.

                                               She says they're worthless dirtbags.

     It stings when she looks at me as she says that. It's as though she knows that I'm a Loyalist. She can't, though, because I've tried my best to keep it hidden from her. *She gasps* I must go. Mother has been reading over my shoulder this whole time. *A cry of pain*

The author's comments:

I wrote this for Social Studies originally for extra credit but I like it.

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on Jul. 11 2015 at 4:39 pm
MasterSun SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"History is written by the victors"- Winston Churchill

Good work, but confused traitors- is a term usually used to describe the rebels not the loyalists but of course I don't know the context so you should write more. . . A cry of pain that seems vague and misleading you could maybe improve how you decribe it