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How Earth Got Color

September 9, 2012
By Zaraclaylime DIAMOND, Chicago, Illinois
Zaraclaylime DIAMOND, Chicago, Illinois
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When the creator god Summus created the animals, he gave them all of the colors. The birds and beasts and fish were all brilliantly painted in the brightest azures and jades and amethysts. The earth, however, was left barren and brown. Eventually, the animals decided that they should do something about, for they believed that the planet on which they lived should be just as beautiful as they were. They called a meeting and discussed what was to be done. “The solution is simple,” said the peacocks. “Some of us must sacrifice our own color for the earth.” But when volunteers were asked for, it was the doves, in their crimson splendor, who stepped forward. “Still,” they said. “It won’t be enough. We need more animals.” This time, it was the elephants, shimmering emerald and gold, who came forth.

They waited until a day when there was both a bright sun and pouring rain. The doves, millions of them, glowing scarlet and cerulean, flew up. Higher and higher, until they got so close to the sun that the patterns across their wings began to melt. The rain washed it all away, in a torrent of beautiful hues. Meanwhile, the elephants were running to the ends of the earth. Their sweat5 and the rain rinsed them of their color as they went. It was an extraordinary moment, as life and land blended into a living rainbow.

And then it was all over.
Next morning, the earth shone with beauty, but the doves and elephants were left dull and blank. They gave up their brilliance, and yet, to this day, they are seen as lovely, dignified creatures. The peacocks, on the other hand, are jealous and vain. And of course, every time now that there is both a bright sun and pouring rain, we see a rainbow, standing as a reminder of that glorious day.

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Made this up for English class...

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