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Flight 93

March 22, 2012
By maggie_m BRONZE, Waterford, Wisconsin
maggie_m BRONZE, Waterford, Wisconsin
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“Hurry up Sandra!” my dad yelled. “We’re going to be late for the plane!”
“Sorry!” I said as I caught up. “I saw something in that store over there that caught my eye.”
It was my first time riding on a plane. The only thing I was scared about was that creepy guy walking behind us. As we sat down I saw him look at me. As time passed, 3 more guys sat down next to him.
“May I have your attention please,” said the loud speaker. “American Airlines Flight 93’s take off will be delayed due to heavy airport traffic. We estimate a takeoff time of 8:40. Sorry for any inconvenience.”
“Well, what did you see in that store that you wanted? It looks like we’ll have plenty of time to shop.”
Half an hour later we returned to our seats with my new book and several snack items.
“Flight 93 will be taking off in approximately 10 minutes, so please line up in neat, single file lines according to number. Thank you!”
Me and my dad scrambled to follow the loud speaker’s instructions. We were finally leaving! My dad said you had to wait for a while for planes to be ready, but I never thought it would take that long.
After a few minutes our numbers were called to board. We walked down a long enclosed ramp to the plane. When we stepped in and I saw how small and cramped the plane was, I thought that I would for sure get claustrophobic.
“Do you want to sit in front or in back? There’s plenty of seats all around. They must not have that many people in New Jersey going to San Francisco.”
“Let’s sit next to the wings. That should be cool.” I thought maybe if there was something sticking out next to me I would feel like there was solid ground under my feet. I sat down and started to take out my book, but my dad stopped me.
“Don’t take out anything until they tell you it’s ok.”
“Oh.” I zipped my back pack back up and stared out the window.
“You couldn’t have chosen a later flight, could you? I’m really tired.” I yawned.
“Don’t worry. The takeoff will wake you up a little.”
Then the plane lurched a little.
“The plane will now be taking off, so be sure to have all electronics stowed and have the seats belts on. Thank you for your patience!” the loud speaker announced.
I watched out the window as the plane backed out onto the run way. It took forever for it to speed up. My heart beat double as it gained altitude. I watched as the ground disappeared and people grew smaller than ants. This was really cool! After a while all that was below us was country. I got out my book and started to read.
About 45 minutes later we heard some muffled shouts coming from the front of the plane. Dad looked up there. “Well, everything looks normal. I think they just spilled some coffee or something.”
I relaxed. Then the loud speakers came on. “You have been hijacked. I want everyone to get on the floor in the back of the plane. If you don’t you will be shot and probably killed.”
A few people screamed and ran full tilt to the back of the plane. My dad told me to go to the back of the plane and stay there no matter what. I listened, but before I left I grabbed my cell phone. If no one did something about this it would only get worse.
When I got to the back the remaining flight attendants ushered me to one side, somewhat hidden. I reached into my pocket and called my friend, Roxane.
“Hello? She answered.
“Hi. This is Sandra.”
“OMG, are you ok? Three planes got hijacked and were crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon a few minutes ago.”
“Oh no…”
“What is it?”
“We got hijacked too.” Silence from the other end.
“Well, what do you want me to do?” I asked. “It’s not like I can hop up and say ‘turn around and fly us to where we were going’ and they’ll listen.”
“Do you have a pen or mechanical pencil?”
“Why would that change anything?”
“You might not be able to command them to do something, but you attack the hijackers.”
“Nice plan. I might as well try it. There’s not much to lose if we’re crashing into something any way.”
“Well, I’ll leave you to it. Call me back if you make it out of this.” I realized she was being serious now.
“Bye. Hopefully talk to you soon.”
“Bye.” Click. And that was that. I was going to try her insane idea.
I walked over to the flight attendant. “Hi.”
“Hello. You should get back to where you were sitting. It’s safer there.”
“I was just talking to my friend on my cell phone and she said other hijacked planes were just crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.”
A look of horror appeared on her face. “Washing D.C.”
“Washington D.C. That’s probably where we’re headed. We have to do something!”
“I think I have an idea.” I explained my plan.
She stared at me for a minute. “That might work, but only if the people are willing to try.”
So then we went around and explained what had happened to other planes and then my plan. Everyone agreed to try except for a few people with really little kids with them.
A few minutes later my plan had been set in action. All the people had their mechanical pencils and pens out. 3. 2. 1. “Come on! Let’s go!” I whispered.
We rushed forwards.
“What the…?” said the first hijacker by the c*** pit. But we had over whelmed him before he could shout for help. The other passengers carried him to the back and held him there.
We easily captured another, but by that time the pilot and co-pilot had realized they were outnumbered and were going down. They sent the plane rolling down through the air at an alarming rate until the ground was perilously close. We were by a town. God, I hope we don’t hit it I thought as we plummeted down.
Then I realized it. I wouldn’t be able to call Roxane back. I took a couple steps back as if that would stop me from hitting the ground. The plane bent as it hit the ground.
And then the world exploded.

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