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Running with the wind

December 4, 2011
By Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
21 articles 48 photos 34 comments

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Running... It comes closer. Hurry up! shouts a voice. Somebody tripped. And then screaming. That shriek of pain echoed throughout the air. No!!! A woman shouts out. Her last hope is her laser. She aims it click It doesn’t work. A flash of red and.....

Gasping for air, I realize that it was just a dream. Too realistic though, that shriek scared the hell out of me. I shuddered. I was brought back by the soft humming of the air craft. I sighed and laid back down. I soon rolled over and saw my cat Yuki. She was purring loudly. I grabbed her and pulled her closer. Just the thought of leaving her killed me. I would miss her. But the fluffy orange fur she bore soothed me for the time being.

The moment I stepped up to the ship going back to Earth, I regretted choosing to go. It was the second time any one has went to Earth, and everyone was hoping it wouldn’t end up like the last time, when the explorer never returned home. I hated it. So. Much... I was the only Japanese person there, let alone the only woman going. I had to deal with speaking broken English. Sensors started beeping, and it was ready for take off. Before our eyes flashed the coding, which would stay in our memory ships forever. God when will this end?!

People lined up. Lined up to watch us be blasted millions of miles away. Back to where we came from. To a place that hasn’t been habited for over 2000 years. To a place that everyone feared for some unknown reason since the collapse. And we were stuck there for over a year

We started off at a million miles an hour.

The man that was sent 5 years ago. His name was Kyo Yagadi. He never returned. One day they lost track of him. His tracking chip was destroyed. They tried to see his memory chip, but it wasn’t there. They assumed him dead. I knew him, he was a friend from school. But that was over a decade ago. We never had contact since.

Everything went smoothly in the beginning. But everything just went by too slowly. It was at least 3 months before I got even close to where my ancestors came from. We hadn’t run into any type of trouble. Yet. The only problem was, was that we were in the area formerly known as Eurasia [Area: Earth coding 98237], which was where Kyo Yagadi disappeared 5 years ago. Nobody wanted to leave the aired climate of the American Area [Earth code: 92837]. We still wanted to research that area, but Base-Ship wanted us to move on.

We started in the Russian Area [Earth Code: 98237.49283489665]. And the moment that we got off the ship, we regretted leaving The American Area [Earth code: 92837]. The area was bleak and cold. White froth covered the ground. When we tried to touch it, it bit our hands. Instead of getting samples, we left the area and returned to the warm ship. A younger kid called base. His name was Andrew [Memory chip number: 89237489237] [serial number 00000003498523846].

Base ship ordered us to collect samples. I suddenly got a bad feeling, and wished to be back in the American Area [Earth code: 92837] It was warmer back there than it was here. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Our alarms started going off. Suddenly there were black shadows swarming us. Howls and fierce snarls echoed around the six of us. What the..?! I froze. When out of nowhere some force pulled me back into the ship. No one else made it. Blood covered the ships windows like stained glass. The other five explorers weren’t in the ship.

Monsters?! I have literally spent the last 30 years of my short life in total peace. That peace will forever be broken by the looks of these beasts. They will haunt me forever. Bright orange fangs protruded their short, stout snouts. Instead of bearing fur, the beasts had loose, pitch black skin, hanging off of their tall, lanky bodies. And the eyes. Those eyes scare me the most. They are the brightest purple you will ever see. Something that should never be natural.

Screams. Everywhere I turn, there is blood. The orange fangs. The purple eyes. Help! screams a man. Wait! Wait!Don’t die K...! Shrieks a familiar voice.

Deja Vú set in as soon as I woke up. The humming of the rushing aircraft was all too familiar. After all the colors in the American Area [Earth code: 92837], this life was just too bleak. ~Ring ~ Ring~ The hologram popped up. The picture was of a beautiful woman in her mid-20’s, with long beige hair, porcelain skin, and a beautiful pink dress on. Fluttering around her were some beautiful pink flower petals. It was Motherborg. And believe it or not the only human thing on her is her brain. Everything else is robotic.

“Hello Sakura Nagato,” she sighed with her flowery voice.

I looked at her in shock. My long black hair swayed as I tried to grasp what was going on. Why is Motherborg trying to get contact with me?! And of all people me. Then I realized that I was the last explorer left. That’s all it is, Sakura.. thats all it is... “Good evening to you Ma'am,” I finally stumbled out.

“Sakura... You must find Kyo Yagadi. We have spotted another life form on earth that is just like you. He is out there and I know he wants to find his way home and get away from Earth. Only you can find him at this point, Sakura. It is up to you,” she then sighed a sort of riddle, “2 little nightingales all fly away, and one little nightingale won’t fly today,” She smiled a smile that could have changed the crazed murderer to a saint. She then ended the transmission.

I at once started puzzling over the riddle. I had been thinking about it for two hours when I heard chirping. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. I looked around until I spotted an old looking robotic bird. A nightingale to be exact. It had a chamber in the chest and inside it contained a golden note. “Together we~” was all it said in flowery handwriting. I started puzzling again about it. The note and the riddle had to be about something.

It was another two months before I went to the area where my ancestors came from. It was a long and dangerous two months, dodging and avoiding those monsters. The area was the Japanese Area [Earth Code: 98237.82374923]. And it was completely in bloom. Pink petals fell from the trees like rain. Falling into the 2000 year old ruins. In fact, they looked identical to Motherborg’s favorite flowers. Sakura. I gasped, realizing what they really were. Cherry blossom. Sakura. My name...

Drifting down. Down.. Down... Like rain. The pink flurry was spotted with red. They caressed her face like silken feathers. The screams around her pained her no more. She was sick of death. Death and mourning. She thinks As the morning glory fades as she realized her love went down. She started screaming. She tried to fight but wasn’t strong enough to overcome the purple orbs. She too, fell down like the silky feathers that fell form the trees.

I woke up crying. The dreams have gotten too real for me to cope with. I didn’t have Yuki anymore, I had nobody to cry on or to.
Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp

The robotic bird was going insane. It was fluttering at the door, non stop. Constantly chirping. Huh? I grabbed at the robot, but it quickly dodged my attack. I walked off, hoping it would shut up eventually. That plan didn’t work. I decided to look out of the doors window. What I saw shocked me. Something my height, on two legs. Hiding behind one of the cherry trees. I opened the door.

The door slid open, and the cool night air rushed in. My hair started fluttering. The moon was at its fullest. Who’s there?! Although I was afraid, I levitated towards the shadow. Bewitched.

“Hello,” The voice said. It stepped forward, and was revealed to be a man. He was around 5’11”, with shaggy black hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, and a pair of glasses. He was too thin for his height. And around his head flew a bird. All I did was stand there. Scared of what or who he was.

“W-who are you?!” I stammered out, blushing. He smiled.
“Kyo Yagadi” He replied.
My head started spinning. Wasn’t Kyo Yagadi dead? Wasn’t he?! I started blushing at my own idiocy. So this is Kyo?

“Who are you, may I ask?” He chimed in Japanese.
“I am Sakura...” I started, being cut off by Kyo.

“Sakura Nagato?!” He beamed, seeming overjoyed at the sheer fact that there was another living human on Earth.
“Y-yes...” I stuttered.

“My god! Its been awhile hasn’t it Sakura?! How are you?!” Then he got serious, “Get in the ship Sakura. Hurry!”
“Why? Can-” I was cut off and shoved into the ship. I was getting mad, then I heard it. AROOOOO! A-AROOOOOOOO! The howling came right outside the ship. It was the monsters again. He pushed his glasses up on his face. I realized there was a crack in them. I looked outside and then saw those glowing purple orbs floating in the air beneath the ship.

“What.. What the h-hell are those... Things?!” I cried out. I was gasping and crying. I almost ended up like my crew members. Dead. He then look depressed.

“Well I’m not truly sure, to tell you the complete truth. I have been able to find some articles from 2000 years ago in the Tokyo Area. Then they called them Cotton Drifters. In the American Areas they were called Werewolves and Chupacabras, even though they are nothing of the sort. They were created by a scientist in the Korean Area as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Somehow they got loose and quickly took over all of the Eurasian Area [Earth Code: 98237]. They found their way to Japan and other islands surrounding Eurasia. The Americans, north and southern, fled from the country into space, while the rest of the world died off. A few migrants made it to the ship, and thats where we came from,

“They feed on human blood, and then afterwards spawn like mad. I don’t know how they are still alive after all this time. But they are. And why they loom the way they do, is still a mystery to me as is to you,
“I know they are easy to kill with our technology, something that the people 2000 years ago couldn’t do,” He smiled, and pushed his glasses up again. He walked over next to me and sat down, “What we have that they didn’t, is we have ultra violet ray laser guns,”

~Ring ~ Ring~ The hologram appeared. It was Motherborg again.

“Hello Kyo,” She sighed out, her voice ultra feathery
“Good morning Kira,” He laughed out, “Haven’t seen you in a long while, how have you been, sis?”

My jaw just dropped. Motherborg is Kyo’s sister!? What the hell is going on?! They both looked at me and both looked guilty. At the same time they stumbled out a cute cry of “Sorry!”

They explained everything to me over course of an hour. How they are really related and how I was friends with the woman who is now Motherborg. Kyo and Kira Yagadi were my only friends, but I didn't see them at all after middle school. That the real Motherborg got really old and died about 10 years ago. And kept her old robotic body and replaced the brain with Kira’s.

Months have gone by and nothing happened. I started to like Kyo. A way that I never did before. But I think it’s because I have been alone for almost a year. Its just nice having someone who helps you out when you are ever so desperate.

Save me! Please! cried a man. I’m trying! I’m trying! a woman shouted. Chirp. Chirp.. Chirp... Chirps filled the air. Wails of desperation were overpowered. Together we are one. Together we are one! Chants shouted throughout the cool air. Together we are one. Together we are one! The woman screamed with pain. Together we are one. Together we are one! Together we are one. Together we must DIE!!!

I woke up screaming this time. Kyo rushed over with concern. I blushed. Why am I acting this way around him?! I looked around and realized there were two birds. I screamed.

“I’m seeing double!!!” I cried out. He burst out laughing.
“One.. of.. them.. is... mine!!!!” He was laughing so hard he was crying. 2 little nightingales all fly away, and one little nightingale won’t fly today. I remembered the riddle. I quickly attacked the resting robots, and opened the chest cavities. Inside each bird was part of a golden note.

Together we are one

“What’s wrong, Sakura-chan?” He pondered. I held the notes up, with my back to him. The aircraft was quiet except for the faint buzzing of the engine. My hair rustled as I slowly turned to face him. What are these Kyo?! he knew what I was saying.

“Ah.. Um.. well...” I didn’t let him finish
“Why didn’t you tell me Kyo? WHY?!” I cried out

“I.. I should go now...” and he left the ship. I then realized what danger he put himself in. I heard it. The howling of the Cotton Drifters. I ran outside. And started shouting his name.

“Kyo! KYO!!!” I started screaming out. I was afraid he was going to die. I realized I didn’t have the laser gun. I was too far from the ship to grab it by now. The howls got closer. I started crying. I ran towards the howls thinking he would be near them. I kept screaming his name the whole time.

The eerily quiet landscape was scary underneath the dimly waning moon. The wind picked up. My hair started running through the wind. AROOOOO! A-AROOOOOOOO! AROOOOO! The howls swarmed me. I cried harder. Knowing my death is near. All my team members died this way, and I will end up the same way. I am that nightingale that can’t fly away. I found Kyo, and he taught me to enjoy my life again. He helped me learn how to love Earth and not fear it. I started crying out his name again. Over and over, hoping he would save me at the last second like in the stories. But that will never happen. I started begging for forgiveness.


The morning sun is rising. The wind is softly blowing through my hair and caresses my face. The last of the cherry blossoms rained down on my face. The tears are still fresh on my face. Kyo... AROOOOO! It’s howling again. But I’m too upset to care about it. Its just all my fault he left me. I start falling backwards to make it easier on the Cotton Drifters. Thump. Huh?! I looked around, behind me. In the wood of a cherry tree, there was a carving.

Sakura I love you

I cry harder. I now see the cotton drifters. Coming oh so closer. I will take my memory chip out and place it in this carving. There only feet away. Good Bye.

[End of transmission]

The author's comments:
sorry, this might get a little confusing sometimes, there are lots of numbers and mermories that i cant italisize... meh

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This article has 4 comments.

Saika PLATINUM said...
on Jan. 12 2012 at 10:28 am
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
21 articles 48 photos 34 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love and Tolerate every person, pony, and brony <3

alrighty! it got confused with all my randomness

Genya GOLD said...
on Jan. 10 2012 at 3:28 pm
Genya GOLD, Bridgewater, New Jersey
10 articles 0 photos 52 comments

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"Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics."-Unknown Author

Punctuation was a bit off, but you could always fix that :)

Saika PLATINUM said...
on Jan. 10 2012 at 10:33 am
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
21 articles 48 photos 34 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love and Tolerate every person, pony, and brony <3

thank you so much for your feed back, i worked extremely hard on this story!

Genya GOLD said...
on Jan. 8 2012 at 7:24 pm
Genya GOLD, Bridgewater, New Jersey
10 articles 0 photos 52 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics."-Unknown Author

The ending was just really haunting, in a good way. The technical stuff was cool.