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Liam and Kass

March 25, 2011
By Valhalla-is-calling GOLD, Waterboro, Maine
Valhalla-is-calling GOLD, Waterboro, Maine
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They couldn’t think of anywhere else to run. They were out of hiding places. The bombs of their own planes were raining down on them. As if they didn’t know they were there. As if they didn’t care........ The two Nazi soldiers ran for their lives in the streets of England. They were fed up with Hitler’s violent acts against the world. Suddenly, a hand grabbed them. They were yanked inside a root cellar. The faces of those who had suffered Hitler’s wrath showed in the faces of these English people. They were holding farm tools and had a hungry look in their eyes.
“Please! we mean you no harm!” pleaded on of the soldiers who goes by the name of Liam.
Their faces were all bruised and bloody.
“Oh my gosh! We did this!” said one of the Nazi’s who went by the name of Kass.
“Yes. I can’t believe Hitler is trying to kill everyone, just so he can conquer the world.” said the other one who’s name was Liam.
“We need to stop this.” Said Kass
So they politely thanked the Brits for their ‘hospitality’ to them. Liam gave them some bread and water, so they would not starve. Kass apologized for Hitler’s actions, and they cautiously left the root cellar. When the poked their heads out of the door, it seemed like the bombs had stopped raining down. The once beautiful street was now littered with dead and injured Brits. They looked around. Poor, helpless men, women, and children were trying to heave themselves to safety. Their hearts went out to them. Liam and Kass went to help the children first. They got about six into safety, and the rest died on the journey to safety. They next helped the women, who could care for the children. One women they helped in had lost feeling in her legs. She tried to stand up, but then she fell back down.
“What is your name lady?” asked Kass with an unmistakeable German accent.
“I don’t need your help. You did this to us. You and your filthy rat you call a leader. I don’t need to tell you anything.”
“Please, we do not respect Hitler’s actions. We both think he is bile and crrrruel.” Liam told the lady. He could not speak proper English, so he had to roll his ‘R’s.
“Really? You do not respect you leaders actions? I think you are not truly bad. Tell me, how many people have you killed?”
Liam and Kass both exchanged distressed glances.
“Come, tell me.”
“We have killed about 1000 each.”
“Oh my go-sh. Oh my gosh. I had no idea that it was that many. But... why? I thought you said that you hated your leader, and you never killed anyone. Did you lie to me?” She asked in a disbelieving tone.
“No, and I don’t like calling you lady, so may I learn your name?”
“Jackie. Jackie Robinson. Now are you going t tell me why you lied to me?”
“We never lied to you Jackie. We only said that we do not respect Hitler’s actions.” Liam told Jackie.
“Oh. I’m sorry I thought you lied. I must go now. I need to take care of the children.”
“Why don’t you take care of yourself first? The other women that aren’t as injured as you can take care of the children. Now let’s get you to the hospital.”
As they carried the injured women to the make shift hospital, Liam was thinking. He was thinking that they should leave the German empire. Hitler was not yet bombing the United States, so he thought they could go there.

The next day Liam told Kass his plan.
“I like that plan Liam.” said Kass
“I looked at the ship times, and there is a ship leaving for the United States tomorrow at precisely 12:15. We need to hurry if we’re going to catch it.”
“Well, when’s the next one?”
“Three weeks from today.”
Kass took a long pause before saying, “Well, I guess we’d better get packing.”
So they ran off to their compound to pack their belongings.

“What a beautiful day Kass.” said Liam with a grin so big, it stretched ear to ear.
“Beautiful. Now come on. we still need to make it past the blockade.” replied Kass in a serious voice.
“Well, come on then! And don’t be so sour, Kass. we might leave this country!”
So as they headed off to the blockade, Kass looked back. He wasn’t sure he wanted to leave his homeland. “I’ll come back someday. I’m just not sure when.” So he hurried off to catch up to Liam.

When they got to the blockade, some soldiers stepped out in front of them.
“Halt. Who goes there. what business do you have at the docks?” asked one of them.
“We have orders from Hitler to check the docks for thieves and stow-aways.” said Liam sounding very official.
“And what about him?”
“I am with him. We both have orders from Hitler to-”
“Yes, yes, I already heard the story. Very well, you may go.”
“Thank you.” Liam said as the bounded off to catch the ship.

“All aboard that coming’ aboard!!” screamed someone. Kass couldn’t see them because he was hidden behind the hustle and bustle of the docks.
“Can you see our ship yet Liam?”
“Not yet..... Oh WAIT!! There it is!”
Liam and Kass were looking up at possibly the most biggest ship either of them had every seen. It was about 250 feet high, and 600 feet wide. Her name, The Endurance.
“Wow! Look at her!” sad Liam in a state of awe.
“Yea C’mon! we’ve got to hurry or we’ll miss it!” Kass said as he pushed Liam forward, even though he was still looking at the ship.
So they walked to the gangplank and went up it. When they showed the bosun their tickets and said they could come aboard, Kass heard something. It was Nazi soldiers coming to look for them. They must have been looking for them.
“Liam! The soldiers are after us! We have to get on the ship, NOW!”
“OK. we need to get on the ship sir!” Liam shouted at the bosun.
“I’m sorry. National law says that I must check you passes to make sure that you are not
going to try and kill people on the boat.”
“OK. If you don’t let us on, we are going to be takes away by soldiers and shot to death for trying to escape Hitler.” butted in Kass
The bosun hesitated for a while, then said, “OK. Welcome aboard the The Endurance!”
So Liam and Kass ran into the ship just as the soldiers got to the bosun.
“Come on! Let’s find our cabin and hide.” whispered Liam to Kass.
“Sound’s good to me Liam!” said Kass, as they headed off toward cabin 613.

“Should I be here right now?” Kass asked himself. “Why did I leave Germany? I was perfectly happy there.”
“Well, come one Kass, tim for dinner. lets go!” Liam shouted from the bathroom, where he had just finished taking a shower.
“I-I’m not feeling well Liam. But if you could bring me a loaf of bread or something for later, that would be nice.”
“OK, but you don’t know what your missing. I’ve already scoped out the dining room, and its H-U-G-E!!!”
“That sound good. I think you have just persuaded me to join you for dinner.”
So Liam and kass walked down to the dining room, starving. The smell that greeted them was joyous. It smelled of french fries, that weren’t actually from france, mashed potatoes, chicken, and lots and lots of desserts.
“I think I’m in heaven!’ exclaimed Liam, totally breaking the silence.
“Yes, yes. Now let’s get to a table and eat.” said Kass
So they went to a table and got a lot of food. Both of them finished their plates and went back for seconds. By the time they were finished, their bellies bulged with all the food they had consumed.As they lay in their beds that night, Kass couldn’t help thinking that it would be great to live in America. All the weird accents, the strange food, the nice people. Boy, was he in for a surprise.

The next day, when they got off the ship and walked down the gangplank to America, a American rushed past them, and Liam tripped on the ice, because it was winter, on the gangplank and slipped under the railing, into the water, which was icy cold because it was winter in Boston.
“Kass! Help me!”
and Kass, who couldn’t leave his friend to drown, took off his shirt and pants, so he was in just his boxers, jumped into the water to save Liam.
“Come on Liam. Put forth a little effort! I can’t do this all on my own.”
“I’m trying! my legs are just too tired.”
Kass was helping Liam to swim, when he spotted a dock about 100ft. away.
“Do you think we can make it Liam?”
“I-I-I-I don’t know Kass. I don’t think I can hold on much longer. I’m so cold.”
“You have to make it Liam! Where would I be if you weren’t with me? You’re the one that led me on this wild goose chase!”
But by that time, it was too late. Liam’s system had shut down. His breathing had stopped. Liam was no more. Kass knew that he couldn’t make it to the dock if he was dragging a dead Liam. He let go of him, and vowed to come back for him. So Kass struck out for the dock. when he reached it, a crowd of spectators had assembled to help him out. He was shivering. they immediately called an ambulance, which arrived momentarily to whisk him away to the hospital.
When the doctors had done all they could for Kass, he asked who their president was. They replied Harry S. Truman. And as he lay there, he could feel his body shutting down.
“Long live Harry Truman.” he had done what he set out to do. he was in America! And with that happy thought, he slipped away, into the realm of God.

The author's comments:
About two German soldiers who have a change of heart and realize that Hitler is wrong.

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Kailey4 BRONZE said...
on Jul. 27 2011 at 3:22 pm
Kailey4 BRONZE, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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This is good, but you could use better descriptions--make the reader feel like they're really there. Also, there were a few grammar issues, but that's not bad:)

(P.S. I Like Green Day and All-American Rejects, too!!)