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The End (The Final Chapter)

July 7, 2010
By Goofy GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
Goofy GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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Muttle woke up with the feeling of dread filling his soul. He had claimed a life and the rest of his family was dead. What was the point of living knowing he would never see his family again and living a life of murder.

He was a twelve year old kid! He shouldn't have to deal with this kind of stuff. He felt the anger, that had caused him to kill the soldier last night, starting to rise inside of him again. Then the thought popped into his head that said to take revenge on the soldiers that had killed his parents. He could kill every last one of them. So what if he died or not. If he lived he could take more and more revenge. If he died he could go to heaven and be with his family again. It was a win, win situation! He couldn't lose!

Muttle picked up the gun that he took from the soldier. He also took the knife and the gun holster from the cold, bloody body of what used to be a soldier.

He ran for miles until he reached the edge of the forest. Light rain fell as the grey clouds above him accumulated. He couldn't hear anything except for the pitter patter of the rain, but he could tell that the soldiers were still there. The rising smoke from a recently put out fire pit reassured Muttle that they were near.

Muttle tiptoed to behind the stack of bloody corpses that he had been lying on only yesterday. He peaked around the bodies and spied the soldiers. They were in a perfect line marching out of what used to be the mayors office. Muttle aimed his gun and fired five rounds into the line of soldiers. Two soldiers fell down dead as the others scrambled for cover. He took two more shots into the swarm of soldiers and watched as pools of blood collected at the soldiers feet.

Muttle's heart was a frozen wasteland. H stood up and laughed, starting to go crazy. He walked towards the soldiers taking no mercy on them. He fired round after round. He watched the soldiers go down one by one. He watched as their numbers were minimized by every shot he took. Five, four, three, two, one, zero!

He watched the last soldier fall with a bullet hole leading to his heart. The rage inside of him started to go away introducing the pain of his own bullet wounds. He fell to his hands and knees struggling to breath. A puddle of blood collected on the ground underneath him. His hands gave way and he crashed into the bloody ground. His vision went black again.

Moments later the darkness turned to light. A light that blinded Muttle. He understood that this time he would not wake up the next morning. He saw faint shadows in the distance, and as he watched they slowly came into focus. His dad, his mom, and Trajab. They were all there! They reached down and pulled his soul out of his lifeless body so that he could live with them in heaven. They all lifted in to the sky talking happily. They would be internally happy.


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