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Bloody past

February 24, 2010
By Char-Marie-Adles SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Char-Marie-Adles SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Years ago before the new era came, the Dark Era was in full fashion with the Black Emperor. Deep within his palace a set of twins were born. The Dark Emperor had a plan for them. One would become his secret weapon to win the Dark War to come and the other would become his lover when old enough.The twins were born under a moonless night on a stormy summer night. The dark menacing clouds swirled in the black sky, and the lighting’s attack and the thunder’s bloodcurdling cries filled the air and mixed with the cries of the newborn babies. As the Emperor looked down at the bloody forms his eyes focused on the baby that looked through him with the dark blue eyes of a demon that seemed to glow.“This one will be the starter of the new age that is coming upon us. This little demon shall be the tool in which my dreams finally come true,” he said. His voice was rough and had the undertone of evil. That in which no could miss.
So on the night my fate was chosen for me, and my sister’s fate was sealed. Over the next years to come I was trained in arts believed to be evil and impossible for humans to master. My training took on a new level of that to anyone ever before. Once every year since the day I was born the Emperor would meet with his leaders of chaos and I was brought to these meetings. This was the only time I was able to see my sister. at first glance she would appear to be a copy of me, but her eyes were gold and no matter how you looked at her she was innocent of any wrong. Her face too soft and her hands too delicate.On the eighth meeting and our eighth birthday I looked down at my hands. Rough, but slender like hers. They looked the same but I knew mine were stained. I clenched my hands at my sides and listened to the men who sat in a half circle below the emperor and my sister who sat at his side.
The emperor turned to me. “As a gift to you I give you a mark to show who you are.” and so that night a was visited my a man who gave me my mark and I was named the Black Dragon. My training from there included the killing of many men.But on the moonless night of my tenth year the Dark War was to start. On the night of the meeting was called to the field on the south side of the castle. There stood a thousand men, but a thousand of the emperors finest warriors. Called the Thousand Demon of Hades.The emperor stood by the wall of the castle with his leaders.He only said two words. “Kill them.”Every time that I had killed a calm stillness over comes me. My senses are sharpened so that I hear everything even miles away and I can almost read their minds. It is secondary to my nature to kill and thus its seems normal, but I could never feared dead or another person.It took less then five minute and it was over. Blood dripped from my hair and face adding only the that over the rivers of blood that flowed on the ground. Men lay in piles mangled beyond hope to see who they really were. Now just piles of blood and flesh.I just stood there sword in hand and stared at the man who had been my master. His smile was something anyone, but me would have been afeard of. It was a smile, but more of a sneer.“Well done. You are ready. The war will start a dawn. You are to go there and win.” and with that the next four years of my life were spent on killing anyone who stood in my path. I was no longer a child at the end of this four years, but a dangerous and deadly woman. My chest no longer flat, my body no longer small and tree like. I was just under five foot seven and my body was thin but had curves in all the right places, and a rather large chest.I was forced to make grown up choices and forced to see the world as a adult of my life. Now it was a week before the moonless night and my fourteenth birthday. It may only be my fourteenth birthday day but my mind and body went years beyond that. And so I was called back to the castle, by the Emperor.That day the entire army of the enemy was slain by me more then five thousand men, only a hundred of mine loss. When the last one had fallen to his knees I looked out over the fields. The sky was now dark with angry storm clouds and rain started to cry over the dead. the screams of agony and revenge, the eerie cries of lost souls now clung to this place, promising that they would see me for what I had done.The mangled bodies of the men under my feet lay cold and still bleeding. Their skin cold and pale with death. Remembering their emotions I searched to understand them. Fear, terror, doom, regret, and hate. But in the end the only thing I knew was that to understand them you would have experience them and that was impossible for me.I turned away and walked back to my camp, and my tent. I undressed and stared at my body in the full length mirror. The tattoo of the black dragon started at my right temple and slid its body over my shoulder and back around my waist and left leg. it have its tail stop just before my toes. It was my mark. To show who I was. The black dragon was eerily beautiful at the same time deadly to me. I touched were the head of the dragon showed its teeth. Thinking that this wasn’t just my mark, but it was me.I stepped naked out into the rain and lets its tears carry away the blood that was splattered over my body. The warriors of my camp looked away from my body, but some stared in shock, horror, or even terrified awe. I stood there over looking the fields once more.“This is something only the darkest of things could do. Whether my life has been protected or cursed by the devil, some things can not be stopped. Soon I will end this war and all the blood that has been spilled will forever taint my hands. I will not let this bloody past repeat itself,” I whispered to the rain.I went into my tent and slept. I rose before dawn and we left for the capital and the castle of the Emperor.On the long rode back I had made up my mind. I would end this Era tonight. I was prepared for the meeting, but before then I was told I could meet with my sister before the meeting for she wouldn’t be there this time. I went to her room. She looked fragile and weak. She was pale and white. When I came in she smile…She had learned to smile, to be even a little happy in this world of darkness. How I wish I could smile and to experience emotions like she. I sat down beside her. She took my hand. This is the first time someone has touched me willingly. I pulled away.
She told me that she would not be there for she had been with the Emperor’s child, but had miscarried. “You who are my only sister I have been in pain not to see you lived these past years. You have turned from a child into a woman. But then the life you has lived has not allowed you to be a child at all.” she said sadly.“I was born and created to be a tool to the Emperor. A weapon to kill and nothing more. But your are a member that shares my blood and for this I cannot kill you. I wish you to be great.” I said, standing.“Don’t do anything to hurt yourself,” she begged to me.“Like I said I am a tool, and nothing more,” I stepped out side the door and closed it, “Good bye…sister.”I walked away from the door and swiftly to the meeting, but not before I took out every man who could protect the emperor. I was told tonight would sit in my sister’s place. I walked in head held high as the fearful yet lustful eyes of the leaders followed me. I sat in front of the Emperor verses his side.He looked me over with approving eyes.“You are no longer the child you were but a woman. As for your work I have a present for you for all of your work.” he had gotten older. He had now half a head of gray instead of dim brown.He took something from the box beside himself and handed it to me. I bowed and took the sword. I slowly took the sword from if sheath. The blade was engraved with a dragon and it was a four foot long Dragon’s Fang. It was a long silver sword with a slight curved end that could pierce nearly anything, and it would feel as if the dragon’s claws were ripping you apart.“Perfect,” I said. “Now let us start the meeting,” the Emperor said.I took that as my start. With two slashes of my new sword the bodies of the men around me and the Emperor fell to the ground head less. In another second I was standing behind the emperor, my sword just lightly cutting into his neck. I leaned down to place my lips next to his ear and whispered, “I want you to feel the blood of the people killed by you. I want you to feel what you have done to me, my sister, and I want you to suffer for everything you have taken from me and the others who will haunt you in death.” I took the tie from my hair and tied his hands behind his back and came to kneel in front of him. I smiled at him. The first smile of my life. I wasn’t sure what it looked like, but his face drained of all color and twisted in terror. I guess it was not a pretty thing. I ran my finger down his scared face.Pressing the blade he had just given my to the spot over his heart. “Feel the regret of what you’ve done. Feel what I never can.” I pressed it in deeper, the blade digging in deeper towards his heart. His answering shriek of pain made this feel right.I twisted the blade slowly. “Feel it for me.” He ravaged face and inhuman screams sounds like music to my ears.Soon thought the images of the bloody battles the faces of all the men who’s blood taints and stains my hands and soul told me this was right and now they would be his. I push the blade into his chest all the way through and ripped it out. With one bloodcurdling scream his eyes glazed over.And with the end of this man’s life, the end of the Dark Era, and the end of the Black War, I was free. No longer would the Black dragon be needed.
So I picked up my sword and my bag and left.

The author's comments:
Well at the time i wrote this i was studying Janpanese history and i tought of a girl warrior instead of a guy and one who knew nothing but of death and killing. so i wrote this

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