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A condemned witch

January 10, 2010
By Pokoh BRONZE, St.Thomas, Other
Pokoh BRONZE, St.Thomas, Other
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Sarah Good looked up at the prosecutors. Their eyes watched her with a disapproving glare. As she turned to the judge he watched her with the same look. She then turned back to the prosecutors the girls who said she had inflicted witchcraft upon them. “Oww!” they shouted and among other terrible words. Lead by Abigail they wailed as if an invisible creature was in the room beating them. Some girls raised their arms and showed the judge horrible cuts they had gotten from Sarah. “She has a horrible monster in the room threatening us!” Some of the girls shouted. Many looked up at the roof with faces full of stricken horror. The judges and other arbiters were in silent fear. “Obviously this woman Sarah Good was a threat.” They thought. “What do you have to say for yourself!” The judge commanded. While in the background the girls wailed as if being beaten by an invisible creature. “I have done nothing. I am a good person I have not done such a thing to any of them. What they tell you are lies-” Sarah was cut off by the howling wails from the girls.

Abigail stood as if something was controlling her body. Then fell to the floor like a rag doll. Many other girls did the same thing. It was obvious to the judges that Sarah Good was using demonic puppet erring on the girls. “So you didn’t sign your name in a black book!” The judge shouted. The “Black book” was the book that the devil got people to sign in order to become a witch and join on his quest to destroy all things saintly so it was believed to do. “No I haven’t ever seen such a thing.” Sarah replied with very much fear for her life. “Then these children suffering from these ailments are lying?! The blood in which they drop is a lie?!” The judge shouted. The wailing girls looked demented and dreary. Their wailing and suffering only increased when Sarah Good began to talk. “It isn’t me who is doing such a thing. They are lying! For what I do not yet know but it isn’t me who is inflicting them. I am innocent!” Sarah Good stated with the last of her strength.

The judge was quiet for some time. The girls continuously whined and wailed in pain. Finally the judge said something. “I cannot allow these children to sit in pain.” He said almost to himself, for the judge never a case like this before. He had never seen so many children pleading for their lives and bleeding. He could only do one thing and to do it he feared . It had to be done for the girls sake. “Sarah Good I am sentencing you to death. In 22 days from now you will be hanged.” The judge gave his orders. Sarah Good felt a pained feeling within her heart. “I am innocent! Innocent!!” She shouted. The girls wailed more something had to be done fast.

ith that Sarah Good was brought to the jail where she never could inflict someone again. Since condemned as a witch she lost all her property which was sold to Abigail’s family. Other women, girls and men who took a stand against them were prosecuted and quickly sentenced as witches and sent to death. Sarah was inside her jail cell praying quietly to herself. Today was the day, the day in which she would join her father in heaven. The fear was inside of her but she knew there was nothing more to do than ask for forgiveness for her sins and go to her heavenly father. She looked at many of her brother and sisters who were also jailed. She had learned to feel them as her family because all of them had the same fate to be killed.

“Sarah Good?” A man in drab robes asked her. “Yes.” She replied recognizing him as the pastor of the prison. “I have come to pray with you.” He said sitting down. The pastor had long acknowledged that these people were innocent. The innocent had a look in their eyes a certain glow that he could watch and know at once they were so. He saw that glow in Sarah Good. At the same however there was nothing he could do he was only the jail’s minister not a judge. Nor was he all that to look up too as a Minister of the prison.

The two of them sat saying nothing but the Lord Prayers for something like an hour. When it was time to go Sarah thanked him. “Thank you for your time pastor. You’ve made me really happy this day.” She bowed to him. “It was nothing, I thank you for your time as well.” The pastor said walking away. He was the last person to see Sarah smiling in such away because an hour later she was hanged. She had no last words however and many of the people wondered if she really was innocent. Abigail continued with the girls for several more executions before leaving Salem Village all together. Some rumors spread and people said she had begun doing the most ungodly activities in Salem Town.

Who knows though?

The author's comments:
This piece of work is not Historically accurate but includes historical events. I apologize for grammatical mistakes.

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DaniW PLATINUM said...
on Feb. 20 2010 at 11:20 pm
DaniW PLATINUM, New Bern, North Carolina
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This is really good :) Much greater than The Crucible.

on Jan. 31 2010 at 3:04 pm
lilmissravenclaw SILVER, Warrenton, Virginia
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This was so sad, but really good. nice story. :)