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The Memories of Eve.

October 11, 2022
By AngelsImagination SILVER, Leicester, North Carolina
AngelsImagination SILVER, Leicester, North Carolina
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Let me tell you something magical, mysterious, and life changing. You will probably not believe the story I am about to tell you, but I assure you that every last word spoken is the truth.
It was the year; well actually we didn’t have years then, but these days you would say 0 BC. That is the year I lived in. I never got to see the world form, or see what it was before I came into this magical place. Now it is time I introduce myself. Hello dear ones, my name is Eve and I lived in the Garden of Eden.

I am documenting the very last of my memories that I have from my experience in the Garden of Eden. I heard that some do not believe me, so I am here to make a personal testimony of my experiences to make the unbelievers, believers once more. It was very sunny and I had woken up to my husband standing over me smiling at me warmly, knowing I was his beloved companion that would love and cherish him till the end. We rose and walked together in the enchanted place we called home. The trees were full of luscious, red, plump apples, oranges and grapes. We would walk for hours upon hours and each tree would be something different. I remember that the temperature was neither too hot nor cold. It was just a perfect kind of sunny day with the hint of a breeze that strokes you with such warmth you would never get cold from it.
There were many animals. I saw a Tiger and immediately fell in love with its soft fur, and tenderness toward us. For you see, every animal that we had was good to us, and treated us with respect just as we treat them.
Adam fell in love with the monkey’s and would always play hide and seek with them. Those silly friends of his always won. In the morning the sunrise would be so bright, beautiful and warming and the day would be just the same, and our hearts never had anger or resentment in them. Adam would hunt for the animals that gave us permission to hunt their kind. We would always give thanks and pray for their abundance of species in the distant future as a reward, but the fruits would usually suffice our hunger for the most part.

The flowers would never stop blooming and the food would never end.
There was never sadness nor pain for the pathways were as soft as clouds. If you were to fall; it wouldn’t be pain but pleasure instead. The sky was blue and never lost its color. The grass was greener than the color green itself, and the trees were an assortment of colors. They all started with a golden trunk and would have a pastel rainbow of colored leaves everywhere. Boy, it was a sight for sore eyes. The air was fresher than you could ever imagine.

Then the fateful day arrived. I was standing there admiring the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We weren’t supposed to eat the fruit from it, but it was the most beautiful tree, so I would usually come just to admire it. Then, the most exquisite snake came by with the colors being black with a hint of gold, and its scaly skin felt like soft silk. It told me wonderous things about what happens when you eat from that forbidden tree. I was reluctant and knew it was wrong so I left. Day after day he would come to me and whisper unimaginable knowledge that he knew of. Then he would tell me that I could have that same knowledge if I ate just a bite. He gave me the juiciest orange and I finally took a bite and it was the best tasting orange ever, so I told Adam to try it, which he did, and we ate till we couldn’t eat any more. Once we were done though we saw things we couldn’t see before, we felt things we didn’t feel. We saw our bodies and knew that we were naked, and we felt things for each other that we didn’t feel before. Then we were kicked out for breaking the crucial promise, and never again saw the beautiful Garden of Eden.

The author's comments:

This little, short novel was just a topic I found interesting; "What was it like living in the Garden of Eden?" ( Hypothetically of course)

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