Predator vs Destiny

February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

“Cayde scout reports from Central America have not been coming in for the last few weeks, I feel like your laziness is rubbing off to much on your hunters.”said Zavala. “Look Zavala, they’re probably just enjoying the Central American weather. I hear it’s great this time of the year.” Said Cayde-6. “Even then they should of reported at least once week on regular schedule.” said Zavala “Ok, but everyone forgets to do something every once and while.” said Cayde. “It has been a month and half since the last report came in.”said Zavala. “Fine I’ll send a guardian down to investigate the missing reports.”said Cayde-6. “And I hope those scouts were just lazy in the end”said Zavala.
“Ford-4 your reaching landing point, your goal is to find the scouts that were sent in to investigate this area for hive activity.”said Zavala. “ By the way if you find them on beach relaxing contact us, me and Zavala have a bet.”said Cayde. “We do not have a bet, and it’s Zavala and I, Cayde”said Zavala. “Look I will contact you guys when I find them.”said Ford-4. “See you then guardian, stay close to your gun.”said Zavala.
“You can’t be serious about this. You know I hate the jungle, there are mosquitos everywhere.”said ghost. “We have to find this scouts, and plus you can’t be bit by mosquitoes anyway, you’re a robot.”said Ford-4. “ And you know these scouts were going in to report hive activity, I mean they may been taken by the hive and used for rituals.”said Ford-4. “Well now I hope that relaxing on the beach.”said Ghost. “Me too.”said Ford-4.
“Okay you were right, this jungle is pretty bad. It is really dense”said Ford-4. “I told you”said Ghost. “Don’t give me the I told so, ever again.”said Ford-4. “Hey picking up something rotting on my sensors.”said Ghost. “Yeah, I smell that too.”said Ford-4 “I’ll go ahead see what it is.”said Ghost. “Okay come back in 20 minutes, There are hive around here.”said Ford-4.
“So what did see.”said Ford-4. “ I saw the scouts”said Ghost temendly. “What happened to them then.”said Ford-4. “They were a … skinned and hung up in the tree”said Ghost with fear. “Did the hive do it!”said Ford-4 angrily. “No. The hive were skinned too.”said Ghost. “ Whoever killed those scouts is” sccrow! A bolt of energy hit ghost destroying him on the moment it hit him. “GHOST!” cried Ford-4.
Ford holding the empty shell of ghost he turns to face whatever challenges him to battle. Pulling his gun out he starts firing into the jungle, destroying everything in the path of his bullets. After emptying his magazine he throws his gun to the side, off the log he is standing on. He Yells out to the Predator issuing a challenge, It responds to that challenge with great haste. Unclocking itself to reveal its monstrous form. Ford pulling out a knife prepares to face the predator but before they face off the predator does something unexpected. It removes the the mask revealing its face. Ford now in what may his final moments he see this predators face

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