A New Life

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

The boys followed the officer through the hot sand to where three lifeboats lifted with the waves then lowered again. Jack was in the back with his down looking at the multi colored sand. The golden caramel sand pushed away with each step then was replaced again. Jack constantly had to push away his red dirty hair as it came over his eyes. Looking up Jack saw the inflatable orange and black life boat with three other officers on it, each wearing the same uniform. Behind Jack the other officer tensed of from holding the sub-machine gun and followed next to Jack. “What happened on this island?” The officer asked. Jack continued to walk through the sand with his head down again ignoring the officer’s question. The soldier in front halted and so did the line. Jack looked up once again and saw each boy being helped onto the lifeboats. The first set of boys boarded and the boats engine began to start turning. As the boat departed the water behind turned into a white trail where it had once been. Again another boat filled and set out into the water. The officer in front who looked to be in his twenties reached his hand out and offered to help Jack in. Jack took his hand and was lifted into the boat. Sitting on the right side of the steering wheel Jack gripped the rough brown knotted rope in his hands. The boat began its engine and left for the trim cruiser in the distance

The author's comments:

Extention of Lord of the Flies

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