Jacques Journey

January 17, 2018
By beholdenpillow2 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
beholdenpillow2 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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Yeah its short, thats about it.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 A beginning

One beautiful winter day, and by that I mean it was hailing. Jacques was prancing around in his apartment he shared with Jon, you see, Jacques was a bird, a Green Cheeked Conure to be exact. But, there was a problem, Jacques…. Was hungry! (dramatic music cue)So, he went to get Jon, his human owner.
“Jon”... no response
“Jon wake up” … nothing
“JON THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE” … still nothing
“JON YOU OVERCOOKED THE TURKEY” Jon woke up instantly, then immediately passed out again. Hmm, Jacques thought Wait… Jacques looked at the calendar, OMG ITS THE FIRST OF OCTOBER Jacques promptly put on his witch costume. Wait… isn't this the day of the year Jon needs his life saving medicine? Oh what do you know? It is!...... Wait.
So Jacques set out on his quest to find this life saving medicine! After a quick google search to see what it is of course. It is the water from an oasis, Jacques found out. So he went off! To save Jon!

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 PERIL

Jacques was flying through the jungle, which was less than a mile away from Jon’s house for some reason, when he was knocked out suddenly and transported to a beautiful jungle palace! After admiring the scenery and food, he continued his quest.
Jacques was bridging the mud gap between the jungle and the desert, and he’s off! Flying through the desert! When suddenly, a gigantic camel burst through the sand, after a long silence, the camel spoke.
“Stop yelling!”Jacques yelled at the loud camel
“Oh, sorry, ahem. To pass me you must answer my riddle!”
“Umm, uh how about no?”
“THEN YOU MUST DIE!!!” Jacques and the camel fought for a while. The camel was winning, obviously, but, like a man shot in the chest with a rifle the camel was shot in the chest with a rifle

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 The end... sorta

Who shot the rifle? It was Jon! He got the springwater while Jacques was in the jungle palace!
“Jacques….” Jon said, facepalming” Never do that again”
Cheesy laughter, fade to black

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