Jerry’s meatshop

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Jerry McLove was a married man and hade three children. The business was a meat shop that originally was Jerry Sr. Jerry's Father, Jerry Senior passed away when Jerry was nine years old. Jerry and his father were very close. Years after, his mother passed away. They both died for a deadly form of cancer. The meat shop was passed down to Jerry Jr. and his family. The meat shop was created to honor the birth of Jerry Jr.

Jerry Jr. McLove was a very good man. He was married to a woman named Linda McLove. Soon after they got married and they had three beautiful daughters . Their daughters names were Sammy McLove , Marty McLove and Rebecca McLove. When the daughters got older , they started to work at the meat shop. The daughters started off at the cashier and then moved to the kitchen.

Jerry’s mother and father had a business called “Jerry’s meat shop.” It was passed down to Jerry McLove. Jerry McLove and his wife took over when Jerry’s parents passed away. The business was named after Jerry Jr. It was opened to honor Jerry Jr’s birth. Jerry and his wife loved the meat shop. The people in the neighborhood loves the meat shop also. The meat shop was treated like a child to Linda McLove and Jerry McLove.

Jerry’s father , Jerry Senior….. passed away when he was nine years old. Him and his father were very close. His father was diagnosed with cancer. It was very deadly. Where the meat shop was located , it had lots of pollution. It caused cancer.

When Jerry Jr. Turned eighteen , his mother passed away. She was also diagnosed with cancer. It was also deadly. The meat shop was passed down to Jerry Jr. Soon after. Jerry and his mother were very close. At night she used to sit on his bed and tell all these great stories about Jerry Sr. Jerry Jr. Took on his fathers and mothers legacy and passed it on down to this children.

I hereby certify that this is my original work ! X__Mahkiy.Lee_____________

The End !

The author's comments:
I really loved fiction stories growing up !

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