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I don't want to let go

September 8, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Katie and Percy were hanging onto each other and the ledge. " let me go!" Katie yelled. Percy refused to let Katie go into Tartarus. He didn't want her to suffer the same thing that he suffered.

" Never! Katie, i won't let you!" Percy said. Katie looked up at Percy with tears in her eyes. Percy's gripped faltered and they pumplited into Tartuars.

Annie and Jason screamed there best friends names. Percy and Katie fell for a very long time. Soon, they went on thier way to get back.

Katie soon realized that Percy had become blind. Katie grabbed Percy's hand and lead him to the doors of power. " I don't want to let go." Katie said to herself.

She had to be brave for Percy. She was the frist mortal to be in tarturus. Katie fought every monster that came to her and Percy.

One monster made Percy believe that Katie had abandoned him. Katie said," I didn't! Percy, there lies! Please don't believe them! Percy!" Percy was saying," Katie, how could you?! I thought that we were going to be friends for life?!"

" we are friends for life! We've been together since we were born! Don't believe that lie!" Katie yells. ' I don't want to let you go. Your my best friend. Please believe me!' Katie thought to Percy.

She raced to Percy's side and took his hand. " I don't want to let go! " Katie yelled at the roof. The monsters were coming out; because, of her yell.

Katie was feeling a lot of pressure on her shoulders. She had to: fight monsters, be Percy's eyes and convince him that she never had abandoned him. It's a lot of work for Katie; but, she was determined to try.

Katie put Percy's hands on her shoulders. She got her bow and arrows out and started fighting. When there were no more monsters, Katie went on to work on how to get Percy to believe her.

" Percy, I never had left you! Your part of my family. I bet someone is telling you lies about me. I love you like a brother. " Katie said. "Katie, you didn't betray me." Percy said.

Katie said, " you got this!" Katie went off, leading Percy to the doors of hope. She was determined to get Percy and she out of Tartuars.

Soon, they got into the doors of hope and she started to heal her and Percy.

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