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Lovesick (A Yandere Simulator Story)

January 28, 2016
By TikiTobi PLATINUM, Traverse City, Michigan
TikiTobi PLATINUM, Traverse City, Michigan
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Chapter 1: The Events of a Girl

Character Names: Natsuki (Male) Chinatsu (Female)  Akira (Yandere)


“Welcome back students to another school year!”
It was my first year in this high school. And I already love it. The school was surrounded with an iron fence with a fountain in the front. The path to the front door was lined with cherry trees. The warm spring air was filled with cherry blossoms as students arrived. As I was walking among the students, I accidentally bumped into something. I looked up from the ground to see it was a boy. “I'm so sorry! It was my fault!” I exclaimed nervously. “It's okay. I know it wasn’t on purpose.” He replied calmly “Tell me, are you new to this school?” He asked me. “Yes, this is my first year here.” “I can give you a tour of the school if you would like to.” He replied. Of course I said yes, because the school was very big and I don’t know where any of my classes are. “Oh, and by the way, what's your name?” He asked. “Chinatsu.” “Well, my name is Natsuki and I will be your tour guide.” Natsuki said with a grin. He told me where most of my classes are, and that he will help me with the rest. As we walked into the building, I noticed a girl standing near one of the cherry trees, looking at us. Was she always standing there? I decided it was not important and I continued down the halls to my first class. 


It has been over a week since the first day of school. I made a few friends and I was happy. As I was walking to my last class, Gym, I heard someone calling my name from behind me. “Chinatsu! Chinatsu! Wait!” I turned around to see Natsuki running to me. “Are you free tonight?”  He said, slightly on the nervous side. I didn’t expect that question but it would be nice to go and have some fun. “Yeah, sure.” I didn’t know what else to say. “Let’s meet at the Little Cherry Cafe?” “Sure!” I replied.


We talked and ate some desserts. It wasn’t that boring, but it wasn’t like a party. I learned a lot about him, like how he plays the piano and is also a writer. “Well, it was nice talking with you. See you tomorrow?” I was a little glad he said that, because it was starting to get awkward. As we when our separate ways, I had a feeling that someone else was there. I turned around to see the same girl who was standing near the tree. What a coincidence… 


I arrived at school the next morning, exhausted. I had a big test coming up, and I wasn’t going to waste time not studying. I was a little early, and I forgot my water bottle in the Gym so I ran to get it. I remembered that I left it in the closet while I was putting away the weights. I opened the door and saw that there was a big case in the corner of the closet. It looked like an instrument case. If someone left it here, they must be looking for it. If it was someone’s instrument, then it must have a name in it. I tried to open it, but the lid was stuck. I kept on pulling on the lid until it finally opened. Inside, there was the bloody body of Kokonut Suki, age 17, leader of the Writing Club.
Seeing this made me think of that girl. I found out her name is Akira. Maybe she is the one behind this? As I was frozen in my tracks, I heard footsteps across the gym floor. There standing at the entrance to the closet, was Akira.


To be continued...

Chapter Notes:

Copywrite 2016. All rights served to the Animal Kingdom. Any words, titles, or paragraphs are not for copying for any reason. If you do so, you will be given a fine of $Infinity$ so plz don't ok? :)

The author's comments:

I like Yandere Simulator. A lot. So why not make a spin-off about it?

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