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I Don't Want to Say, Bye, Seaweed Brain...

November 15, 2015
By Fangirl-Bliss BRONZE, Alicante, Other
Fangirl-Bliss BRONZE, Alicante, Other
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In this story, it is the last year Percy and Annabeth are allowed to stay at camp. Annabeth has to move back to San Francisco with her dad while Percy goes back to his apartment with Sally. They still have one whole year left till they part their ways, or decide to move in together... Will Percy let her leave, or will he move out? Read to find out. 

Chapter 1: Credits This story is a fan fiction of Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" books. I give all credit to him, and his characters, or else I wouldn't be here, writing. Thank you for being my inspiration Uncle Rick. Enjoy! Chapter 2: I Escape the Blowfish

   Do you fangirls like my voice? Is that why you still listen and care for so long? Anyway. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Percy Jackson. I'm son of Posiden and have gone through quite alot of hard stuff. Think of the hardest thing you could do, and then add monsters from the Tartarus... That's what I've done. 

   Saved the world? Done that. Been awesome? Doing that! Saved the gods? Done that quite alot. Killed a Time Lord? Done that. Sort of... He was less like the Doctor and more like the Master but aside from that, he controlls time, so I just had to. Had to go through the biggesst, most confusing maze in the world? Done that plus find someone no one had seen for a long time, kill a hoard of monsters, including my half-brother, which sound kind of messed up now that I say it out loud, and save my other, better half-brother and best friend from a Sphinx. Fallen into an almost endless pit of darkness to wake up to darkness, like, darkness beyond night-time darkness and monters. Lots of monsters. 

   Anyway, let's get to the story. 

   It's my birthday today, August 18, and yes, I see all of you out there in your blue clothes and eating blus cupcakes with stuff written on your arms blah-blah-blah, whatever you do on my birthday. 

   But this year is different. I'm turning 18, an adult. So that means I have to leave camp at the end of the year. That means I might have to leave Annabeth at the end of the year... Argh! I just became an adult and it's already hard!

   Anyway. This morning, My mom and Paul walked into my room and threw open the door with huge smiles on their faces. That's their, Good news! Your dad is here! He's awesome!, smile. And sure enough I could see my dad's Bermuda shorts behind Mom and Paul. 

   "Happy Birthday, Percy!" All three shouted at once. 

   The only thing I could say was, "Wow," when I saw how many presents I had this year. Dad brought me two. A trident pen from another half-brother, Triton. You might have heard of him. The other was a floating orb of water that showed Posiden's underwater castle at all times. 

   "Jee. Thanks for the orb. Now I can spy on you." I replied, with a sly grin. 

   "Only if I let you, Perceus." He said with a grin. "I can alter your vision of the palace if I want to."

   We laughed. It had been this way with me and him since the second Titan War. He would visit me sometimes and talk with me when I go to the beach, or any body of water. One time I was in the bathtub and I heard dad say, "You've been in there too long. You are almost an adult. Stop playing with rubber ducks and boats, pretending you are the Kraken because you can make octopus tentecles out of water." And his dad used his power the summon up all the water, and kind of lifted the water out of the bathtub, through the window and away. 

   He also talks to me when I wash my face in the morning. I would soak my face and look at myslef, and he would usually say something like, "You look fine." or "No one cares if you look as bad as you look today because you have so many fangirls, so get out of your room." 

   Just then, Mom and Paul walked up to me with theirs. A new pair of swimming trunks, some blue taffy, - the kind Mom made for me before she married Paul- a sword sheath belt - with a mini compartment for a pen - , and a tape recorder -that was blue-.

   "Thanks, guys. I  really like all of them." I said when I finished opening them.

   Mom smiled, Paul smiled, and Dad absolutely beamed.

   "Sorry, son. But I have to go. You know that I can't stay with you for long, or I'll get invaded." Dad said sadly.

   He gave me a hug, and waved at Mom and Paul. We all closed our eyes as Dad disapeared.

   Then Mom left the room. Only me and the Blowfish.

   "Well." I said uncomfortably. It was kindda weird being alone in a room with Paul, even though Percy liked him, it was still strange.

   "So... You're an adult now." He said. I nodded. "Will you be moving out?" He asked.

   "I don't know yet." I replied.

   "What about your girlfriend, Annabeth," Paul asked. "What she gonna do?"

   "We were thinking that we might move in together at the end of the year... Maybe."

   Paul nodded like he had assumed that was to happen. 

   "Want help packing for camp?" He said, but he knew I never did, he was just being polite.

   "Nah. Thanks for the, erm... Pep talk, Paul." I replied. 

   He left my room and I sighed with releif. 

   Then he popped back in, with Mom this time. I probobly leaned my head back with a look on my face that said you-are-really-over-protective-parents-that-are-annoying-the-life-out-of-me. 

   "So..." Mom said with a happy-sad face. "Paul told me that you and Annabeth are-" She was obviously tearing up.

   "Planning on moving in with each other. Ya, we might. Although, that house would constantly be attached by monsters." I said. 

   Mom lost it. Mom and Paul sat on my bed. Mom grabbed my head and cried. 

   After a while, mom left to wash off her face when she was done crying. But Paul was still there. 

   "I'm gonna miss you, Percy." He said sincerely.

   "Everyone who has ever met me misses me when I leave. I'm very loveable." I said. 


   Paul stayed in my room forever. Like, a little while that felt like a forever. Then I grabbed my few things, said bye to Mom and Paul and walked outside. 

   Annabeth was there, and boy was I happy to see her. She was sitting on the curb in her Camp Half Blood shirt and a cap. Her hair was up like it always was, but her nose was down in a book.

   "Hey, Wise Girl." I said with a smile. 

   "Percy!" Annabeth practialy screamed as she turned around. 

   She charged at me, full hug power. I probobly turned purple. I pulled away and turned toward my apartment building, and saw my mom and Paul looking at me. 

   "Hi, Mrs. Jackson! Hi, Paul!" Annabeth said.

   Paul shouted back, "Why is everyone on a first-name basis with me?" 

   "Bye ,Mom, bye Mr. Blowfish." I said with a smile.

   Paul laughed.

   This was a start of a whole new year. How could I get killed this year, I wonder... 

Chapter Notes:

Head cannon is first two sentences- PJO/HOO is an audio recording like the Kanes, found that one on Pinterest and had to include it. Thanks Tumblr...

Don't you think that it's a cute idea? It's a cute idea.

The author's comments:

I just really wanted to write a good story, that hasn't been touched by Uncle Rick, and maybe he will think of this as well. I might even end up racing him to the finish line of the CHB life if he really is writing another book with Percy. There might or might not be a reference or two to the Kane books... Hehehe........

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cool story

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i like it too be honest

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"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."-The Fault in Our Stars

This is crazy! It's the first thing I've posted and it's been up for 1 day. I am really surprised. No one likes my stuff! Thanks so much! It may seem like only a little, but it's nice to know that someone likes my work!