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DayZ: This Is My Story

August 27, 2014
By Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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            Waking up, I can’t think of where I am. I get to my feet somewhat unsteadily, shaking my headache away. I’ve been stripped of all my own clothes and belongings, and they’ve been replaced with a shirt, pants, underwear, and shoes. I search my pockets for anything they, whoever they was, forgot to take from me. They’ve taken all of my things, but they’ve left a flashlight and a battery. Now why would I need those?

            I hear something moving in the distance and I look around. I see a man off to the right similar in stature to myself. He’s running towards the area where I’m standing. For a split second, I consider making friends with this man. But as he gets closer, I notice the glint of the shotgun he’s carrying in his hands, and the shine of the axe strapped to his back. Suddenly he doesn’t seem so friendly.

            I look around to view all possible hiding options. There are a few houses that look abandoned, and just beyond them a large forest. I decide to bolt for the houses, rushing inside one just as I see the man pass by the back of the house. I watch as the man stops and looks around. Looking for me, probably. A few minutes later, the man gives up on his pointless search and runs into the forest. I sit still for a little while longer, just in case he decides to come back. Finally, I decide that it is safe enough to get up and walk again.

            I decide to search the house. There might be a radio with which I could contact someone so they could tell me where I am. My search is rewarded with only a construction helmet and an apple. I take both, since I have no food or protective gear. Maybe there is something more useful in one of the other houses? I sprint outside and to the front door of the house next door to avoid being seen. I search that house and then the rest. I find a shovel, but that is all. I take the shovel along with me, simply to defend myself.

            Feeling exhausted from the recent events of the past half hour, I sit down to enjoy my apple and get some rest. I take a bite out of my apple, and then I instantly look around me. I thought I heard some other noise besides the crunch of the apple. I’m just nervous, that’s all. I begin to chew again, but then I hear a similar noise. This time I drop the apple and pull out my shovel. I cautiously get up and look towards the forest. I think I see something, but I’m not sure. Suddenly, I hear a growl and I’m pushed to the ground. I look behind me and cannot believe what I see. Crawling towards me on all fours is a vicious-looking, decayed, blood-streaked zombie. It unleashes another hellish growl and leaps in my direction. I quickly roll sideways and get to my feet. I take my shovel in both hands and hack at the creature’s neck with the side of the shovel. I nearly slice the head off, but then it leaps again and scratches all the way across my chest, leaving several long gashes. I back off, adrenaline pumping through my veins. The zombie crawls after me, head nearly off but jaws still snapping. I take a chance and jump over the zombie, slicing at the neck as I come down. The head comes off and the body falls to the ground. The head still snaps and growls, but it doesn’t move anywhere.

            I kick the head away, careful not to put my foot anywhere near the mouth. As I begin to calm down, the pain of the gashes across my chest comes to full effect. I need to find bandages or some painkillers. I run into the forest, hoping that the zombies don’t go in there.

            After what seemed like hours of running, I finally stop at a small city. In the distance, I can see the red cross of a hospital. My heart pounds with relief. I dash towards the hospital, driven by my determination to find something to heal me, oblivious to the growls of more zombies around me.

I get to the front doors of the hospital and bolt straight through them and up the stairs. Confirming that the zombies can’t get up the stairs, I run into the first room I see. I find a syringe but no medicine or bandages. I quickly run into the next room, frightened by how much blood I am losing. I find absolutely nothing in this room. I check every other room on this floor, and then I check all the other rooms in the hospital. In the end, there is only one more room to check. I frantically sprint towards it and slam open the door. My eyes rapidly search the room and finally settle on a set of bandages. Then my eyes look slightly to the left to see what else is in the room.

            The same person who chased me when I first got here.

            And he’s reaching for the bandages.

            And his axe and gun are on the floor.

            Determination turns to desperation as I grab my shovel and repeatedly beat the man over the head. My vision blurs as my swings become faster and harder. I regain my vision just after I hear the loud crack of his skull. I grab the bandages and with a sigh of relief, begin to open the package. But then my heart stops as I look inside the package.

            There are no more bandages.

In complete rage, I throw the package against the wall. My shovel, now gleaming red, falls out of my hand and onto the ground. I slide down the wall and sit on the ground. I hug my knees and begin to weep silently next to the man I’ve just killed.

            This is my story.

            This…is DayZ.

The author's comments:

I love the Steam game DayZ. This is my fanfiction of the experiences of the characters and what they go through every day in DayZ

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