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Love Never Ends~ But Lives Do

April 21, 2014
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Nutty watched as his friends enjoyed the carnival, his lollipop in hand as he paced beside the rides. He noticed that he was the only one alone. Yet he still did not seem to care, he lapped at the candy within his hand hastily, not paying any mind to savouring its delightful taste. He seemed content with what he had, and he felt life was great.

He watched as his friends Lumpy, Petunia, Flakey, and Cuddles climbed upon the rollercoaster, intrigued by their great sense of joy. Yet he then turned his attention towards Shifty and Lifty who actually both happened to have their arms locked with Flippy. Nutty tilted his head to that, mumbling below his breath as he began to chew on a mint, “That seems slightly odd, but who am I kidding? Those three look adorable!” He continued to watch them as Lifty began to laugh mischievously, pointing towards Pa and Cub’s wagon full of prizes.

Shifty tugged upon Flippy’s sleeve, urging him to look toward the wagon too. Flippy turned his head, his innocent eyes fell upon the wagon as he shook his head with a soft discouraging look. The twins sighed in annoyance, and let his arms go, sneaking their way towards the boy and his father. Nutty looked to see a slightly saddened expression upon Flippy’s face, but no hostility. With a sigh, Nutty turned to be on his way, reaching for his green squirrel backpack in which he hid all his candy.

As he shuffled through it, he collided into another figure. With a gasp he felt himself begin to fall backwards, hitting the ground hard as he looked around with a dazed expression. Once he had finally focused, his gaze met with a black haired boy with fake cat ears and a put-on tail. The boy seemed to be blushing, his wide blue eyes full of surprise. “I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there,” the cat boy babbled as he got to his feet. Nutty stayed silent as he only stared at him.

“Are you ok?” He continued as he held out a supporting hand. Nutty shook his head, taking his hand to steady himself as he rose. “I’m fine,” he laughed in an energetic way, he pulled the candy cane from his necklace and took a loud crunch. “I’m Nutty, the nuttiest one around here. Who are you?” With a flip of his hair the boy replied, “I’m Psycho.” Nutty’s eyes widened before he fell over again, his eyes closed as he clenched his stomach tightly, a fit of laughter escaping him.

“No really, what’s your name?” Psycho shifted his feet uncomfortably as he looked down at his shoes. “Psycho really is my name,” he muttered softly as his frown grew. Nutty began to stop laughing, but could not help but to continue giggling as he rose to his feet. He placed a hand upon Psycho’s shoulder, using him to lean on as he caught his breath. “Well it’s nice to meet you.” As Nutty straightened up, he picked up his precious candy bag, stopping for a minute with a horrified expression. Psycho nudged him, worry flashing within the cat boy’s eyes. “What’s wrong?!” He cried in a slightly heightened tone.

“You-you are the very first person I have ever showed more concern to than my candy,” Nutty pointed out blankly. Psycho tilted his head in curiousity, his blue eyes flashing, “So?” “That means, I must l-like,” Nutty let out an embarrassed sigh as he began to blush, Scratching the back of his head as he struggled to say the rest of his thought, “I guess- I just think- Maybe I like you already.” Psycho’s face beamed with excitement, “Really!?” Nutty looked at him in shock, “You don’t mind that thought?” “No! Not at all! In fact! I like you back! Even though we just met!”

Psycho flashed a huge grin and immediately embraced Nutty in a hug. Despite his shock, Nutty returned the hug, enjoying the embrace. Suddenly, he felt Psycho’s arm lurch past him, clutching a piece of candy from his bag. “But, just a warning, now that we’re official, your candy is my candy,” Psycho stuck out his tongue playfully before dropping a gumdrop upon it and eating it. Nutty grinned and grabbed his bag from his back, cradling it like a child. “Over my dead body!” He laughed.

The two began to run playfully through the amusement park, only to stop when Nutty once again saw the twins with Flippy. This time the boys were urging Flippy to play a carnival game with them. He sighed, agreeing to. Psycho and Nutty watched as Mime gave Flippy three darts to pop the balloons. “Oh no,” Nutty muttered, his eyes flashing with panic. “What?” Psycho looked at him curiously. “If Flippy plays that game, he’ll go into his dark place….” “What’s his dark place?” Nutty turned to Psycho to answer his question when suddenly behind them a loud burst of alarming noise split the clearing.

One of the balloons had popped, startling Shifty and Lifty, as well as Mime. Yet as Nutty turned around, he saw Flippy clutching his hair with his fists, seething in panic and rage as his facial expression began to change. The twins looked at each other and then their love, unsure what to do. Yet as Flippy began to tighten his grip upon his hair the twins began to chuckle, sneaking behind the booth as Mime panicked, wondering how to calm Flippy down.

Psycho finally fell silent, watching quietly as Flippy’s eyes changed. It was too late, an evil laugh escaped Flippy’s throat as he scanned his surroundings. As Shifty was gathering the toys and Lifty was gathering the money, Flippy gave Mime a wicked smile.

“Quick hide!” Nutty urged as he shoved Psycho away, the cat boy did as told, jumping over the counter of the nearest carnival game. Nutty followed, looking back to see Flippy with a knife embedded in poor Mime’s stomach. Mime let out a blood curdling screech of pain as the blade swiftly ripped upward, his skin tore away like a peel upon a banana, allowing Flippy to shove his fist within his fragile frame.

A pool of scarlet liquid poured from his body as Flippy gripped his heart, feeling its pulse within his hand. With a quick jerk, he held it; no longer attached to the corpse which used to be Mime. He laughed darkly as he squished it like a stress reliever. The twins watched quietly, hoping not to be attacked as they blended with the shadows.

Nutty’s heart began to raced as he briefly caught Flippy’s eye. “Oh s***,” he muttered quietly in fear as he ducked behind the counter. He clutched his legs and fell into a fetal position, hoping he had only imagined the eye contact. Yet his hope was crushed with a sudden smash of the wood just right beside him. Flippy’s wild eyes gazed coldly at him as his crimson smile only spread wider.

“There you are,” he muttered coldly, swinging his dagger at Nutty. The boy whimpered backing even further into the corner, he caught a glimpse of Psycho from the corner of his eye. Psycho didn’t seem to be cowering in fear but in fact was running at Flippy with a mere sharpened candy cane.

Sudden confusion washed over Nutty’s senses, a blade penetrating the flesh of his stomach and a piece of candy sinking into Flippy’s neck like a single fang. Blood welled around the silver dagger, a slight burning sensation finally washing over Nutty as he gathered what had happened. He clutched the knife that was embedded in him with both hands as a agonizing gasp escaped his throat. Tears welled within his eyes, blurring his vision as he looked up to see the shades of an enraged Flippy and a disappearing Psycho.

“Psycho!” Nutty spluttered to the retreating cat boy, “Don’t leave m-” Before he could finish his thought the blade was forced deeper into his flesh by the foot of Flippy. Flippy spoke no words but his evil smile returned as he crawled atop of Nutty. Retracting the dagger, Nutty’s blood seeped from the wound, turning his pale green shirt crimson.

“You love your sweets right?” Flippy’s hot breath washed over the poor boy pinned beneath him. Nutty refused to respond to that. “Answer me!” Flippy’s voice was dark and overpowering as he sank the dagger into one of Nutty’s legs.

“Yes! Yes!” Nutty cried as tears ran down his cheeks. Muffled sobs escaped his throat as he looked away from Flippy’s cold eyes. “Good,” Flippy laughed tauntingly, “I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted.”

With that, Flippy tore the blade from his leg and stuck it back into the wound in his stomach, causing another sharp cry of pain to escape the poor boy. Nutty tried his best not to struggle so the pain could dull without cutting deeper, but Flippy began to slowly draw the blade further into his flesh, pulling it upward to make his way to Nutty’s throat. Nutty gargled upon his own blood, shifting constantly as his mind whirled with thoughts of this horrific scene. “Stop moving! You’re making my cut uneven!” Flippy snapped as he reached into the broken wood and broke off two large splintery pieces.

Each one plummeted through the palms of his hands and into the ground, causing him to scream as though his hair were ablaze. “There,” Flippy growled as he turned back to his victim with a smile, “Now where were we?” Nutty could no longer sobb, tears no longer blurring his vision, but the blood loss made his senses dull and faint. He could feel no pain, for it was too great to even process. He watched helplessly as Flippy used both hands to open his chest and stomach like a door, the flaps of skin falling to the sides, revealing blood soaked organs that seemed to barely function. He watched as his own heart beat rapidly in front of his own eyes.

As though it were no more than a movie, he examined all of his insides, no thought coming of them, his blood smelled nothing like the candy he did enjoy, but he could care less at that point. He let his eyes softly flutter shut, yet was rudely awakened by a faint disgusting feeling of his intestine being pulled on like a rubberband. His eyes opened wide as he saw Flippy ripping his organs from him, causing him to beg for mercy. Yet Flippy ignored his pleas until all he had left was his lungs and his heart.

“I suppose I better do this fast before you die on me,” Flippy grinned as he grabbed Nutty’s squirrel bag. He ripped it open, revealing all kinds of delicious candy, drawing Nutty’s attention towards it. Despite his situation, Nutty dreamed of tasting yet another sweet bite, licking his blood stained lips as Flippy waved it in his face. “Oh, you like that?” The army boy sneered, “Good, here you go.”

With a devious laugh he poured the backpack of goodies into Nutty, lollipops and gumdrops pelting his lungs, tootsie rolls and jawbreakers bouncing upon the surface of his dying heart. They all felt dull, but were still existent. He felt his eyes begin to close again before Flippy brought his foot down hard upon Nutty’s heart.

He laughed at his newest corpse, “A homemade pinata.” A content smile crossed his face as he got to his feet, leaving his blade in Nutty’s collarbone. Walking back to the original booth he examined the dead body of Mime, almost snickering at the sight of it. He grabbed the darts upon the table and clutched six of them in his hand. The needles were quite long and sharp, perfect for simple distant killing.

“Speak of the devil,” Flippy said aloud as he caught sight of Psycho. Psycho turned to see Flippy and froze. Flippy imagined being in a truck, ramming down a deer in the road, a smile upon his face as Psycho only stood, quivering in fear. No words were spoken between them as Flippy analyzed his target, preparing for his first throw.

With perfect aim, Flippy released the dart, sending it flying right toward Psycho. Psycho gasped as his eyes widened, still not moving out of the way. Due to being paralyzed in his tracks, the cat boy took a dart to his heart, blood just barely drizzled in a small river from his mouth as though on instant impact. His eyes wide as he examined the dart in his chest.

Flippy yet again took aim and fired another dart at Psycho. Looking up just in time, the cat boy took a dart through the bone of his forehead and a puncture shot to the brain, leaving him with a slow painful death. With a shrug, Flippy turned to walk away, hearing the faint sound of Psycho falling to the ground, seething and convulsing as his brain and heart took in the damage done.

With a smile, Flippy began to pace through the booths, searching for his two lovers. A flash of recognition lit up his wicked eyes as he caught sight of them. “Boys,” he called with a smile as he paced up to them. Shifty looked up at him with a smile, “Flippy!” He cried rushing over to give him a hug. Lifty gazed at Flippy, fear locked within his eyes. “Ummmm, Shifty? He’s not-” Lifty was cut off as Flippy caressed Shifty’s cheekbone with his thumb, using his fingers beneath the thief's chin to guide him into a kiss. Shifty’s eyes fluttered as their lips brushed, enjoying the feeling of Flippy’s rough and passionate kiss deepening with every second.

Lifty watched with a shocked and jealous expression as Flippy pulled Shifty closer, wrapping his arms tightly around his lower waist. Shifty blushed deeply his tongue softly exploring Flippy’s mouth as Flippy smiled. Unaware, Shifty felt himself roughly grabbing at Flippy’s sleeves before Flippy bit down on his tongue.

Shifty’s eyes grew wide with pain and panic as he tried to pull away. Flippy, refused to release him, reaching for one of the darts within his pocket and holding it to the back of his neck. Lifty watched in slight panic, “Flippy?” His voice quivered as he took a step away from his brother and Flippy. The army man’s eyes lit up as he released Shifty’s tongue. Shifty panted and let out a moan of pain, a soft simple tear rolling down his cheek.

“Whatever happens,” Flippy said in a cold dark, yet soothing voice, “Just remember, I do still love you.” Shifty’s eyes met his as he sank the dart into the back of his neck, his mouth gaping from the shock as the dart ripped through to the front of his neck. Flippy gave him one last soft goodbye kiss before releasing him, allowing Shifty to fall to the floor, spurting out blood.

Flippy turned to Lifty now, who cowered in fear beside his bag of stolen items. “Don’t be afraid,” Flippy urged in a deep melodic tone, “I’ve always loved you.” Lifty’s eyes squinted in confusion and mistrust. Flippy shrugged, “Why would I kill both of you? Then I would have no one to love,” he falsely pointed out. Lifty looked up into Flippy’s cold eyes. Flippy offered a fake comforting smile and opened his arms to beckon him into a hug.

Indeed the twin had fallen for it, slowly creeping towards him and accepting his embrace. Just as he had done with his brother, Flippy just dove in for the kiss, pressing his lips roughly against Lifty’s. Lifty’s eyes widened in a soft sense of shock as he returned the kiss softly, only to be even more shocked as Flippy used one arm to pull him in by the waist, and another to pull his face closer. Passion surged through Lifty as Flippy pressed him up against a near carnival wall, not allowing him to get any breath.

Distracted by the bliss of the kiss, Lifty was unaware of the last dart that was now hidden behind Flippy’s back. Without breaking the kiss, Flippy plunged the dart into Lifty’s shoulder, causing his eyes to fly open and causing him to gasp within the kiss as he tried to break it. Flippy refused to allow him to break the kiss, still holding his head with his hand and not releasing his grip.

He felt Lifty’s tear upon his own cheek as he removed the dart and began to repeatedly puncture his body with it until he hit both of Lifty’s lungs. He finally released Lifty from the kiss, a faint taste of blood came over his senses as he let go. Blood was welling within Lifty’s mouth, dribbling down his chin now. Flippy licked his lips as Lifty fell to his knees looking up at Flippy, “Why?” He spluttered his question, “Why did you lie?”

Flippy only gave him a look of pity, “I didn’t lie, I told you I love you. Our love will never end, but all lives do.” Flippy placed a gentle hand upon Lifty’s cheek, as his eyes began to cloud over, Flippy got to one knee and kissed his forehead before feeling his lover’s heart still.

The author's comments:
This is a Happy Tree Friends Fan Fiction. but they are all humans in this and I added my own character named Psycho.

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