narusaku chapter 4

Naruto's P.O.V

I was in middle of telling my story when the guys stormed through my door.
"yall spend enough time together!!" they yelled "to be honest i dont know why yall are together. You to are not the same" I looked down because I know that is true but i love sakura-chan and i dont care what they think. Sakura seemed to get how i was feeling and told them to wait outside so she could say goodbye." ok you can continue now" I smiled at her i loved how perfect she was. " I am outgoing but im more shy than you think. I cry alot i dont know why. Im also surprised that i told you i love you.cause i have loved you for so long but its hard for me to tell how im feeling to someone"
she smiled at me. I love her smile. I went in to give her a kiss. she seemed to be starstruck. Our lips where about to touch when the guys knocked on the door yelling "hurry up with your goodbye" I started to smile and chuckled alittle and sakura giggled before i could say anything sakura pulled me into a kiss. The kiss was sweet. I loved the way her lips where so soft. We kissed for what seemed like hours but only a minute. She pulled back and giggled with a light blush " i love you have fun with the guys" she got up leaving me in a daze. I wanted more of her lips before she opened the door i pulled her back by her wrist and kissed her again this time i left her in a daze. she seemed speechless and i laughed" I love you to" I Blushed at what i said she knew i was embarrassed and said while hugging me " Dont be embarrassed.I love how you are about your feelings.(she looks down) I dont want you to go" I hug her back and said "I wont be long" with a glance of each others eyes and another kiss i walked outside and left with the boys.

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