BOOK WARS: Charlie Strikes Back!

I have had too many dreams lately. They all turned out familiar, for some strange reason. When I say familiar, I mean dream to movie. No, wait, uhhh... movie to dream? Oh, whatever. My name is Charlie. Charlie Scare Book, that is. I don't remember all my dreams, but most. I can't remember what order I had them, so I will just say the ones that pop into my head first.

Listen To The Force

We were just sitting there, with our feet dangling of the ledge of the rocky mountain. There was a man next to me. He was an index, by the looks of him. His name was Obi-Index-Keno-Page. He had a tiny beard, and bushy eyebrows. He was old, I could tell from his hair. It was white. He slipped his hood on. He was wearing a cloak, so was I. It was breezy outside, but humid at the same time.
"Uhhh… Obi-Index-Keno-Page, why are we at a cave staring at the Death Book? I mean, don't you think it should be called the Death star? Or maybe the Death Station?" I asked.
"PAY ATTENTION!" Obi Index yelled. "Ok, let's get started. Ready Charlie?" he asked. Ready, was all I said in return. Then he whispered, "Listen to the force."
"What force?"
"Listen to the force."
"Listen to the force."
"WHAT FORCE?! I don't feel anything pushing against me!"
"Listen to the force."
"Stop forcing me to listen to the force! Oh, wait listen to the force? Oh, OK!" (Silence)"Uh, aren't you going to force me around? Uhhh... Oh! THAT force!"(Longer silence) "Uhhh, I don't hear anything." I said after waiting one minute to hear the force.
"Did you focus?" Obi-Index asked.
"Yes..." I replied.
"Did you concentrate?" he asked.
"Concentrating is the same thing as focus-"
"I know that!" Obi-Index snapped. "Did you concentrate?" he asked me again.
"Which force were you concentrating on?" he continued.
"Uhhh, the force." I answered.
Obi-Index sighed. "No, no, no. WHICH force were you concentrating on."
"The force." I told him.
There were a few seconds of silence, then finally, "You don't get this, do you?"
"Nope! I don't! Wait, what did I just say?!" I said, not thinking. That time we waited minutes that felt like hours.
I was about to say something, but as quick as a snow speeder, he said it before me; "Well I have an idea. Let's go inside my hut/tent and try it again. You with me?"
"OfcourseIam!" I replied quickly.
"What? Say it slowly..." he asked.
"Of course... I... am!" I replied back, slowly. (Wait, what are we talking about again?) I thought.
"Come inside. It is warm." He was right. It was very, very, warm in there. He told me to sit down after I finished looking around. I noticed it was dusty, and was very cramped. I peeked out the tent, and there was a beautiful sunset. The tent entrance was pointed directly at the sunset, like it was on purpose. "Did you point the tent at the sunset on purpose?" I asked.
Yes. I heard in my head. "How did you do that?" I asked back, not knowing I said it in my head.
"With the force. And YOU just did the force." My dream shifted, and I woke up.

I am your MOTHER!

"Ahh! My... wait, do I have my hand... Ahh! My hand! Wait... my arm is made out paper... COOL! Wait... Ahh! My hand!" I yelled. Me and my 'supposed' mother were in the generator room of Book Cloud City, And my... uh... cousin's father's uncle's sister's friend's... uh..., just cut off my hand! Yay! Wait, why did I just think that? I thought. (Ps... The only people in the generator room were me and my weird relative that has a broken personality.)
"Charlie, join me and we will rule the Bookshelf!" Darth Bookder told me.
"I will never join the Darkiest Bookiest Side!" I screamed, "Wait, did you just say the Bookshelf?"
"Yes, I didn't ain't not say that! Dun dun dun... DUN!" he said. Then I replied back,
"Uh... you just said triple negative, ya know. Anyways, shouldn't it be called the Bookpire.. I mean..." Darth Bookder stared at his darkiest watch of the darkiest darkness.
"Whoops! Time's Up! I have to go to 5 conferences of evil. Two are with my new girlfriend. The other two are with random people, and the last one is with a stranger that wants to pick-pocket my money because he thinks I’m rich. Anyways, enough of that!" He said while tossing off his cape in a semi nonheroic way. "Charlie... I am your MOTHER!" There was silence.
"Why dude?" I said like a hippie would. I don't know why I said it like a hippie. I guess I just was being funny. He looked so serious, but then he started to turn around swiftly to walk away, but he stopped and turned around.
"Oh, wait a second, DID I TELL YOU THAT MY FAVORATE COLOR IS PRETTY... PRETTY... PINK?!" he said while spitting out spit as he said each letter p. My face held an indescribable look. (Basically like a scared/ surprised expression.)
I stared at him like a vulture until I finally said, "What about your other girlfriend, ya know, the one before your new one?" I asked suspiciously.
"Uhhh, don't know don't care." he said, rushing away. As he rushed away, he sang; "Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop! (POP!) Ba-dum-dum-dum..." I guessed that the last pop he did was with a real cherry Dum-Dum. I saw he was hiding something as he disappeared through the door out of the gigantic, dark, Generator room. I guessed he was nervous about telling people about his old girlfriend. My dream once again shifted...

Listen to the Force, Once Again

I once again got into my 'listen to the force' dream. I found myself lying on a blanket, yawning. I guess I took a nap. Me and Obi-Index-Keno-Page were still wearing our cloaks. Everything looked the same. (Even my hand that was supposed to be cut off) The only difference was Obi-Index-Keno-Page. He was snoring and his gray hair went everywhere. The sunset was even more beautiful now. It had some purple, orange, and yellow spread around the sun. The rest of the sky was a pretty shade of aqua blue. I imagined in my mind there was the beautiful blue ocean beneath the sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I ever imagined.
"Wake up..." I told him.
"WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY?! I WANNA GET A PANCAKE MA-MA!" he yelled like a baby would to his or her mother. I wasn't so sure I heard him right when he said that last sentence.
"Sorry, I have reactions." Obi-Index told me.
After staring at him for some time, I finally said, "What now?"
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"I mean what will we do now?" I replied.
After thinking, he said. "Well, you didn't finish listening to the force." We were interrupted by a knocking noise.
"Who is it? Obi-Index yelled.
"Susan. Susan Dictionary. You might not of heared of me, but I think someone else in your tent does." said the unknown girl. She stepped into the orange tent and her eyes widended right when mine did. It sounded like 'SCUHSAARNLIE!' when Susan said Charlie and I said Susan.
"What in the universe was THAT?" replied Obi-Index-Keno-Page. I didn't answer him and instead stared at Susan. She was wearing those clothes that Princess Lea wore in the 6th episode when she was captured by Jabba the Hutt and put in that slave outfit. I my mind I heard that jazz music that you hear when you are in love...
"CHARLIE! Stop day dreaming about ice-cream on my head!" Susan snapped.
"Huh?!" I gasped. "Heh, heh... Yep! I actually thought that... Oh, whatever." I lied.
She walked up slowly looking confused and felt my arm... She gasped. "Your arm is solid! This is just a dream! Just my dream! How is your arm solid?!" she asked me suspiciously.
“Umm, this is MY dream. Not yours! Unless..." I paused. Obi-Index was staring at us and had a canvas in front of him. He was wearing a barrette and was holding a thin paintbrush.
Then Susan started to say, "Are you-"
"Go on, keep talking." Obi-Index interrupted.
Susan sighed and rolled her eyes. "Go on Charlie. What were you saying?" Susan asked me.
"Unless we are having the same dream!" I yelled.
"Eureka! I think we are!" she said positively.
"Well, how DID we have the same dream?!" I asked myself aloud.
"Ah-hem, Charlie, Susan, you must wake up now." Obi-Index said.
"Why?! I don't want to wake up! I don't want this to be my last adventureous-ish dream! If I wake up, I’ll never see you again! I didn't even use a light saber yet! I didn't finish listening to the force! I don't want this to end!" I yelled.
"Charlie, everything has an ending. So this must be the ending." Susan said soothingly.
"Well, I guess you're right. Obi-Index-Keno-Page, could I meditate for one last time? It would mean a lot." I asked Obi-Index.
"Oh, don't worry; I will be back in a year. I will see you both soon. But yes, go ahead..." I sat down as Susan did the same.
"Your meditating will take you back home. Back to reality. You just wake up and remember that next year, I will see you." he said.
"Thank you for everything!" I told him as I shake his hand.
"Thanks!" said Susan.
The last words I heard Obi-Index-Keno-Page say were, "Farewell! May the force be with you..."

Now I’m Just Waiting

So that was the end of my wacky dreams. Me and Susan talked about it all day that next morning. We couldn't figure out how we had a mixed dream. But the thing I am looking most forward to is not my birthday or Christmas or Easter, but my next adventure to Dream-Land!

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