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Mystic Rider

April 27, 2013
By coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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In the past they had destructive racing with demolition derby and just old fashion street racing to face against the fullest extent of the law. Most countries enjoy that kind of stuff, but in our country we put the damaging power of demolition derby and the fierce speed of street racing to make combat racing. It’s a sport where you race with five to even 7 different opponents to get to finish. The thing that is different in this one is that you use weapons to wipe out the other racers. We started the race in Tokyo, Japan. It was the most popular sport in Japan. I started this whole race and as technology advances it will become more popular for our racers in this exciting sport.

It’s now in the future of August 9, 2050. As this race was getting more popular, technology has rapidly increased. It made fans get more into this sport as they improved technology. There is a person named Kei that was looking for some bikers. He forms a clan with Yumi, Hoki, and Noga. Kei was all about strength, Yumi was all about speed and accuracy, Hoki was about having excellent defense, and Noga was all about having to play out on the sport. I am Kei and our team is called the Tougaskei clan. Noga knew the best equipment for all of our bikes. I had a red street bike outlined with silver with nitrous, including a mini gun in front it was called “the striker”. Yumi had a yellow street bike outlined with black lightning with nitrous, including an arrow shooter on the front with an arrow locater in the cockpit of the seat near the speedometer. Hoki had a green street bike with an outline of black including nitrous with two revolvers and a special protection system on the front cockpit of the bike. And Noga has a blue street bike outlined in red suited up with nitrous with special guns added on all sides with spikes activated on the sides. They set off on their motorcycles and set off to find different challenges. They went passing through the streets, at an extreme speed. They were facing the limits with death. They bypassed the cars with near misses, dodged the pedestrians on the sidewalks and crossroads, and even dodged non moving projectile like objects. They swiped through one street, and heard a rumbling of bike engines. There was a dark glow of darkness and went after the Tougaskei clan. The leader was right at their tail; Noga saw an upcoming biker right behind them. The biker that was chasing them was shooting at one of the bikers. Noga’s bike transformed from a radar to a joystick for a laser. He moved the turrets till he got it locked. It’s locked and placed. He pressed the button and the turrets blasted a heat power of light that was highly explosive. It knocked out the biker, and then two more bikers came after them. Kei slowed down till he was behind one of the two bikers. He was moving at the right spot, and then he fired the gun which blew one of the tires off and caused one of the two bikers to wreck. Kei gained more speed and the biker was going after Kei. Hoki was aiming at the right spot behind the biker, and then he was quiet and stealth as the black knight. He looked for the perfect aim; he pulled the trigger on his revolver. It made the bullet brace through impact. Going through the speed of sound, it hit the biker’s helmet causing the biker that chased Kei go out of control and get into as demolition wreck and had a bad injury.
The team kept going on beyond speeds of the road. Taking tight turns and then one of the bikers saw a ramp. He went up the ramp and did a flip on the bike. The trick was a success and he felt the slow speed creeping up on him when he rode off the ramp and saw a shadow. He didn’t know what it was. The biker told the team about the shadow but they didn’t believe him except for Noga. He kept on high caution, of the darkness of terror the biker said.
Then, while the team was on training of their skills, they saw the shadow. It was at an extreme speed that no biker would ever go at. The team was thinking that the biker was not human. The mysterious biker was behind them, they thought the biker was behind them. But it turned out that it was going out for them. He used an ability on his bike that if you touch his bike you would die. The biker had a force field of death and terrible pain. The team kept gaining speed to get away from the biker. But they got sucked in the horror of the terrible sorrow that they couldn’t get out. The team woke up, scared. They thought they were dead, but it turned out it was a dream. There were no damages on the bikes. They looked brand new; the team now believed it and asked Hoki about the mysterious biker.
Hoki said, “The biker name is Seppuku, people believed that if you touched this bikers power, you will not remember anything and it will be all normal. But if you brace impact on the biker you will get the sign of death. It’s a curse symbol, and if you get it, you only have 24 hours to get to Seppuku. And if you don’t you will start feeling the symptoms of the symbol, you will feel dizzy and confused at first, then you will get a sharp pain in all of your limbs, you will start feeling to pass out, and you will turn purple. When it gets to that point, you will never come back to life.”
The team felt confused and got on their bikes and went after Seppuku. They drove their bikes out of the base and went through the streets of Tokyo at a bursting amount of speed. Still no sign of Seppuku, it was getting late. The sun was coming to an end; the bright orange light is masking the beauty of this wonderful scenery. They start to feel pain in their limbs at this time temporary. It is night now and the moon is basking its shine through the night. Still no sign of Seppuku. Then suddenly a shroud of darkness appeared in front of them.
“Alright team you remember the plan right?” They all said yes. “Alright team let’s go!”
They got their bikes spreaded out. The bikes with the guns came in front to take out Seppuku from his bike. Seppuku used his dark powers which broke down the two bikes’ engines wiping them out in bad injuries. The strategic bike came into action and tried to malfunction the engine of Seppuku’s bike, but it ended up, malfunctioning the strategic biker from Seppuku’s dark powers. Its time for the leader of the team to go ahead. He activated his nitrous and gained excessive speed from his bike. He is almost there, but then Seppuku activated a fire to stop the biker. The leader still kept going. Seppuku activated enemy bikers to kill him. The leader shot down the two bikers with two automatic mini guns.
He is now along sided with Seppuku, the suspense and heart rate of fear is getting to the leader. He waits for the right time and jumps off of his bike to Seppuku’s. There was a struggle against the light and dark powers on this battle. The leader is now on the edge of the bike of Seppuku which leaves him an advantage. Seppuku tries to stop his hand, but before he did that the leader took his foot and landed him in the ground at an extravagant speed they were going in. The leader had won, and the team was cured. The team met up with the leader, and the bike of darkness has disappeared. The team took the leader up and got him renowned in Tokyo. International news talked about this biker’s success and how he put it. Later on he was met up with a person from a live show.
The host said, “Kei, you have succeeded like no biker has. What is your next goal in your life?” Kei said, “Well my goal is to keep everyone in Tokyo safe from the bikers of darkness throughout the world.”

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this story was the anime, and Japanese culture that made me write this story. But the what started me to write the Biker was the Adult Swim show Durarara!!.

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