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President Snow's Wrath (Stories of Rainier Amour #2)

December 9, 2012
By AudreyW DIAMOND, Springfield, Missouri
AudreyW DIAMOND, Springfield, Missouri
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Rainier was alarmed when one of the guards came to her in the medical wing and informed her that she needed to report in the room. This was at least what Rainier called it. It was this special room that had this huge television screen and this long table that everyone sat around. Usually they just met in there when a special newscast came on or something, but as far as Rainier knew there wasn’t anything scheduled for today.

Everyone stared at Rainier when she stepped into the room. Katniss was there. Rainier tried to give Katniss a look to ask her what was going on, but Katniss looked as confused as her. Peeta was also there. He stood awkwardly in the crowd. He’s been like this ever since they rescued him from the Capitol and brought him here to District 13.

Katniss told her that they hijacked Peeta. When she brought it up, Katniss looked like she was about to start crying. It was bad enough when he wasn’t here, she was an absolute mess, but now it’s different. Especially since he’s tried to kill her, yeah you heard it right. Rainier remembers watching the star-crossed lovers of District 12. She remembers seeing them looking so in love, but now it’s sad to see Peeta like this. Peeta was always the smooth one of the two of them. He always knew what to say. It was so unusual for Rainier to see him this way. He’s so quiet and keeps to himself.

“Why am I here?” Rainier asked to no one in particular.

“I thought you might like to see something,” President Coin asked.

“Oh, and what is that?” Rainier asked.

“You’ll see. They had it scheduled and I thought some of us, more likely you of anyone, would want to see it,” Coin said sweetly.

Rainier was starting to panic. Why was Coin being so nice? Did she do something?

The ongoing commercials ceased and the program started. There was a lady in one of million unusual outfits of the Capitol at the news desk. Her suit was a bright, bright aqua blue with a mixture of blinding fuchsias, lime greens, and tangerines mixed in. Her hair was lime green and her lipstick was blue with purple highlighting.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our evening show. This evening we are showing a special program on one lady that touched many hearts. She was a beloved actress and performer of all of Panem. She was known for her modestly and warm heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I am of course talking about the lovely Sapphire Amour.”

Rainier eyes went glued to the screen, mesmerized by the name and a variety of emotions hit her stomach and heart all at the same time. The screen showed a woman. Her hair was the same as Rainier’s, a honey brown that matched Rainier’s brownie colored eyes. The woman’s eyes were a striking blue. Even though the eyes were a different color, their face and smile were the exact same.

Rainier wasn’t the only one to notice. Others turned back and forth to only go wide eyed at the resemblance. No one could say anything, except Katniss.

“Is that?” she asked.

“My mom,” Rainier said in a hushed voice, tears already streaming down her eyes.

“That means…,” Katniss continued.

“Yep, I’m a Capitol kid,” Rainier said with a hint of joking.

Many of them smiled and laughed softly at this. Others still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Sapphire was born and raised in our very own Capitol. Growing up, she did ballet, singing, and acting. When she was done with schooling, she got small jobs in clubs singing sets and the occasional part in a theatre production. It was shortly after she met young medical student, Amos Amour at one of her sets when her career took off. She received the lead in the romantic comedy, Love’s in the Air. After that award- winning performance, she started getting flooded in with offers. Despite her hectic schedule, Sapphire still found time for relationships. After a two year relationship with Amos Amour, he went down on one knee and proposed, and in the next year they were married.”

During all this, the go through clips and photos of Rainier’s mom and showed pictures of her mom and dad when they were dating, Rainier observed her father in the pictures. He looked so happy, she thought. Now look at him; you can hardly get him to even crack a grin.

They continued to go on how her mom was unique in her style of fashion and truthful and inspiring in everything that she did. Yeah, unique, only because she never wore what every other Capitol citizen wore; she dressed normal.

“Sapphire gave birth to two children: Frederickson and Rainier. Frederickson was an athlete throughout school and never really took interest in either of his parents’ careers. Rainier, on the other hand, followed in her mother’s footsteps. At a very young age, her parents enrolled her in ballet, which she excelled very much at. She also took interest in acting. At the very, very young age of five she was already starring in many small films. Soon, she was almost as popular as her mother.”

“When Rainier was eleven and Frederickson was sixteen, Sapphire was diagnosed with a very rare disease that no doctor could cure. The disease has been practically nonexistent for years at the time, and still hasn’t appeared since. Despite Sapphire’s condition, Rainier continued to work on films and even started taking up music. She did three musicals at the time before her mother’s death. When Sapphire’s time came, Rainier stopped performing and kept mostly to herself until her family moved to District 11.”

“Sapphire is and will always remain in our hearts. Her daughter, Rainier was first heard from again since her mother’s funeral last year when she was interviewed during the 74th Hunger Games. We have a clip from this interview to show you. Let’s have a look.”

Rainier remembered this interview. They were supposed to ask her about Rue, but they just wanted to talk about her. It really annoyed Rainier. The clip was short and Rainier didn’t pay much attention to it, but she did pay attention to what the reporter said afterwards.

“During this interview we asked if she would be returning to make more films. She replied saying that she wasn’t sure if she would at the moment, but she did. She spent a few months before the Quarter Quell was announced to make one films and do many performances. She also made many appearances on behalf of her mother and spent some time with some of her good friends from the Capitol.”

They went to a clip. They were in the streets of the Capitol were Rainier was happily strolling with a man her age. He had bronze hair and blue eyes. His smile was sweet and the sight of him made Rainier draw in a sharp breath.

“This man with Rainier is a long-time friend of hers, Alexir Fountane. His father is a city- wide known chef and caters many of the Capitol events. The question we’re asking is that is there romance floating around for these two love birds, and if there is, then what is to become of it?”

There were no words for Rainier to say, but her tears said it all. This was all too much for her to take in. There was too many memories said here, but it was too late for Rainier.

Coin was about to turn the TV off when the reporter announced that there would be a special report from President Snow.

“What else does that idiot have to say?” Finnick asked; Rainier just realized was in the room.

“Who knows, but whatever it is, we must see what he has to say. It may be important,” Coin reminded and others nodded in agreement.

After a commercial about a brand of eyeliner that just made your eyes “pop”, Snow’s snake-like face filled the screen.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we had a special report on our lovely deceased, Sapphire Amour and her charming daughter, Rainier. What I just found out that the people of Panem might want to know is that that charming daughter of the late Mrs. Amour is working for the enemy. The whole family is helping the rebels. It may be hard to believe but I’m afraid it’s true, and I have something to say to Rainier if she’s listening. Bring them out here,” Snow boomed to the crowd.

A bronze- haired boy and a girl with chocolate skin and dark skin walk in with their heads bent down. They sat at the two metal chairs centered on the stage and calmly sat there while guards tied them to the chair. Rainier didn’t know what was about to happen, but she knew that it wasn’t good.

“No, no, no,” she muttered to herself, but kept her eyes locked to the huge screen.

“You see, our Rainier needs to see her flaw. Unfortunately, her consequences affect her loved ones. I hate to do this, but I feel as if I have no other way,” Snow explained.

At that point she understood what was about to happen. The guards raised two whips and struck the boy and girl. The girl screamed and the boy yelled in pain. Rainier screamed and collapsed on the marble floor before her. The guards continued to hurt the two of them, but Rainier couldn’t watch anymore. She only raised her head when she heard President Snow’s hiss.

“You see Rainier Amour, you may think you’re doing the right thing, but you aren’t. If you continue to help the rebels, then you’re just letting me hurt of the people you love. Do you realize that, Ms. Amour, that when your rebels come to attack, all the people you loved are going to die. All of your classmates, all your friends, all of your mother’s friends, everyone that you ever cared about in the Capitol are going to die. Think about it, Rainier, I won’t wait long.”

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