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Rainier and Rue (Stories of Rainier Amour #1)

November 22, 2012
By AudreyW DIAMOND, Springfield, Missouri
AudreyW DIAMOND, Springfield, Missouri
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Rainier was sitting in her drab room staring at the wall. She was contemplating whether to stay in her room all day, wander around, or help in the medical wing when she heard a knock on her door. She rose and sulked her way to the door and slowly opened the door.

“Ms. Amour,” one of the guards addressed her.


“Coin needs you to assist her,” the guard said.

Rainer groaned. In exchange for not having to take all those torturing military classes, Rainier had to agree to assist President Coin whenever she needed her. She agreed to do so despite her dislike of President Coin.

Rainier followed the guard down many hallways until they reached the meeting room. The guard opened the door for her. Everyone in the room looked up to Rainier, which made her feel really uncomfortable.

Coin greeted Rainier with a general smile. “Rainier, thank you for coming here; I was hoping you would be able to escort Ms. Everdeen back to her room.”

Rainier scanned the room until she found the girl with dark hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. There she was: Katniss Everdeen.

“Rainier? How is your father doing?” Coin asked.

“Like I should know; I hardly see him anyway,” Rainier huffed. “Why would you care anyway?”

“Well, he is the head of the medical department,” Coin suggested.

“Uh huh, I bet so,” Rainier started, and then she leaned closer to President Coin. “I know the real reason, though, and don’t you even think about it. Plus, he won’t budge. Ever since my mom died, he’s buried himself in his work. He doesn’t pay attention to anything around him, not even his own kids; his own flesh and blood.”

Rainier backed off at the pleasure of ticking Coin off like that. President Coin just sat there. “Just go ahead and take Ms. Everdeen to her room please, Rainier.”

“Yes your majesty,” Rainier said taking a mock bow.

“You really don’t like Coin that much do you?” Katniss asked as soon as they were out of the room.

“Not really.”

“She’s not my favorite person, either.”

“So you’re the famous Katniss Everdeen?” Rainier asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Katniss muttered.

“You know you can’t just block out the whole world the rest of your life. Hundreds of people are counting on you,” Rainier said.

Katniss looked up. “What do you mean?”

“I know about Peeta. Everyone’s trying their hardest to get him out of there. You just have to stop walking around feeling like there’s nothing left! There’s a ton of people here that care about you. You’re probably worrying them like heck!” Rainier exclaimed, surprising herself that she was starting to yell.

Rainier suddenly felt bad. Katniss had her head down, not wanting to meet her eyes.

“Rue would’ve been proud of you,” Rainer said softly.

Katniss looked up again, this time with a confused look in her eyes.

“Rue and I were close,” Rainier explained.

“You knew Rue?”

“Yeah, in fact, she was one of the few people who accepted me when I first came to District 11,” Rainier added.

Katniss looked at her blankly. Rainier sighed.

“My dad’s a doctor; one of the best in Panem, actually. My mom died when I was eleven, and two years ago my dad just couldn’t take it anymore, and well, after the officials left him, my dad made my brother and I go with him to District 11. When we got there, not everyone accepted us because we weren’t like them. Rue was one of the few that did. Even though I was a year older than her, we became best friends. And when she was chosen to be a tribute, I ….. ,” Rainier started to say, but she found that she couldn’t anymore. She felt tears welling up in her eyes.

“How did you get here?” Katniss asked. Rainier was thankful that she didn’t ask any more about Rue.

“Shortly after the Quarter Quell, I don’t know why or how, but my dad suddenly decided that we needed to leave, and we did,” Rainer said simply.

They walked without saying a word the rest of the way.

“Remember what I said, will you?” Rainier said when they reached Katniss’ room.

“I’ll try,” Katniss replied; and she went into her room and closed the door behind her.

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