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A Name for Frankenstein's Monster

April 25, 2012
By readerwriter1 SILVER, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
readerwriter1 SILVER, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
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Dear Magistrate,

I would like to introduce myself, but I have no formal name with which to do so. I am instead confined to convey the names that I have heard whispered about me: Monster, Creature, and Fiend. How, may I ask, would you feel if others referred to you only by your looks? It is because of this that I yearn for a name that would be truly mine. Do you not understand the nature of my request? I feel like a lost soul with nothing of my own. A name would belong solely to me. Nameless beings are lost in the whirlwind of the Earth. They can never be remembered or referred to, except through the often-derogatory descriptions given by others. I am weary of being labeled and believe a proper name would help others to see me as more than a monster. A name is also may help others to understand I am a rational being.
My appeal, therefore, is to be formally recognized by the name Adam Frankenstein. I chose the name Adam because I am the first of my kind, similar to Adam, the first man, and the Adam in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, a book I have read. My maker had never beheld a being like myself, as I was his first creation. I feel almost no link to other beings in existence, much like Adam in Paradise Lost was connected to no other person. I chose the surname Frankenstein because it is the name of my creator. Even though he rejected and spurned me, we will forever be linked. He brought me into existence, and I owe my wretched life to him. He is no longer on this earth and now among the gods, but he must be remembered for his feat of bringing me to life.

Magistrate, you cannot look upon my request with disregard. Much like yourselves, I am a living, breathing being with feelings much like your own. Part of my identity is missing and I will not relent until I my request is granted. If you have any heart and soul, you will take into consideration the hardships I encounter in every moment of my life. With no being that loves or associates with me, I face isolated and hated. A name would be a comfort and a possible source of reconciliation with the human race. I am confident you will look upon my request favorably. I expect a reply soon, for I cannot even sign off my letter, as I have no name with which to do it.

Yours faithfully,

Soon to be Adam Frankenstein

The author's comments:
Once I had finished reading Frankenstein, I felt enraged that his monster had never been given a name!

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on May. 1 2012 at 12:57 pm
kimberdawn SILVER, Sedalia, Missouri
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The sun, with all these planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it has nothing else in the universe to do.


This is genius! My Communication Arts class just finished this book!!!!