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Life's Greatest Blessings

March 7, 2012
By City_Of_Angels PLATINUM, West Des Moines, Iowa
City_Of_Angels PLATINUM, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Chapter 1: The room was quiet as everyone huddled around his bed. It was the first day of July and The young man, paler than he should be and dark brown hair gone, laid there too ill to move. Two years back and no one would’ve thought that this day was to be his last. Nearly everyone prayed he’d get better as well as Jack. His long fight with cancer had made the Hispanic boy weak and tired and ready to give up. He found he lived a good life living as a newsie and the enjoyment of his ceiling fan spin gave him a laugh. But that wasn’t the reason he fought to live.

A girl was sitting by his bedside, six months pregnant, and was stroking his forehead. “Please don’t leave me like this. Te necesito aquí conmigo, papi! Please!?” she cried. “You cannot leave me like this.” He took his girl’s hand in hopes to soothe her pain. “I will never leave you, mamá. Usted siempre estarás en mi corazón,” he whispered tiredly. He pulled her hand in and kissed the back. His brown eyes were filled with love and care as he looked into her own. Soon softly singing their song.

'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
What if your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near
What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise

He had nearly lost on his girl though after a year of dating. He had cheated on her multiple times until four month before she announced she was pregnant for the first time. A week before their one year anniversary, her being two months at the time, she experienced a miscarriage that nearly cost her her own life. It took him two months after to convince her for them to try again. “I’m sorry for all the stuff I put you through, mamá. Siempre estarás por siempre hermosa para mí. Promise me you’ll never forget that.” Ever since then, he had been there, every step of the way, for his mamá.

“You’ve found yourself a committed girl, Bumlets. Not to mention that you treated her badly the first half of your relationship. Do have anything to say about your mamá?” Jack said; being the only one in the room. Bumlets’ mamá was asleep in a chair in the corner nearest to him. “She’s one of life’s greatest blessings for you.” All the newsies knew that about his girl. But for most, they didn’t know why. The day he found out he had cancer; there wasn’t a treatment she didn’t pay for. Not to mention all the things she’d done for everyone else. Before Jack left, as Bumlets looked at her, “If I go, please take care of them for me, Jack. Promise me you will.” Jack nodded his head as he exited the room.
Once he was sure Jack was gone, Bumlets used the strength he had left to sit up and reach for the pad of paper and pen on his stand. Taking them in hand, he wrote something that took up a page and a half. He would never stop until he was done. He needed to write. He wanted her to know how he felt. As he did, he would look a t his girl briefly, saddened in the eyes, and go back writing. Nothing could stop him as a pain filled his heart. After writing to his heart’s content, hoping it was good enough; he had then lain back down and closed his eyes. They would never open again after that.

Chapter 2: Dear Josefina,
As I write this you are asleep in the chair of my hospital room. You are looking as beautiful as the day I met you. But not as a dirty, hungry, or as tear-stained as you were then when I found you in the alley hiding. You were shaking from fear and cold while cursing in Spanish about your father and attackers. You were fourteen and I sixteen then. You were soaking wet from the pouring rain and I swore I never saw a prettier girl than you. I brought you along with me to the lodging home and I remember all of us guys having to wait downstairs as you got cleaned up. Jack was mad at me for that. But I defended you in every way I could from Race.
That is not why I’m writing though. I’m writing to apologize for all the wrong I’ve caused you, mamá, when we started dating. I’ve known you for four years and I cannot believe I did that to you. My mom would’ve slapped me if she was alive. But you were faithful to me and tried not to let it bother you. I realize now that you’re the one for me and one of my greatest blessings in life. As well as the unborn baby you are expecting, our baby, in three months I couldn’t have asked Him for anything more than you two except for one thing. I’ve prayed for you two to live a good life after I’m gone. If this is my last day, this being the last thing you have that I’ve touched, I want to say I love you and siempre estarás por siempre hermosa para mí. Also, usted siempre estarás en mi corazón, mamá.
Please, for me, take care of our baby as best you can. If you need any help, Jack will be there for you. You are the greatest thing that has happened to me and I’m sorry if I’m repeating that. But you really are, JoJo. You have become my “everything” and if this is Him answering my first prayer, I’m happy to be going than you. I am now paying my debt to him, for you, if I go. I wish things could’ve been better for us; that I can be here and help you raise our child. Don’t be sad if you find this and reading it. I just want the best for you. I’m sorry, mamá.

The author's comments:
This goes as a tribute to Dominic Lucero, the actor who played Bumlets in Newsies and died in 1994. To those who know of him, his ceiling fan spin will always be remembered.

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