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My Dream of the Son of Neptune

November 26, 2011
By Rebekah_Cruz BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
Rebekah_Cruz BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
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Here is my dream...

WARNING: If you recognize yourself in these pages-- if you feel something stirring inside-- stop reading immediately

In the beginning of the dream, it is dusk and I am riding in a van in California. Annabeth Chase is driving with Clarisse riding shotgun. I am tense and feel ready for a fight. I rub my twin bracelets, ready to transform into dual, celestial bronze swords at any moment. They drop me off at the end of the road not far from a group of small buildings in a middle of a field. They hand me a purple, hooded jacket to conceal my armor, a backpack, a few Greek fire bombs, a pouch of drachmas, a wallet with dollars and change, and a cell phone to call them if everything else fails. Annabeth yells "Okay Karla. Sneak in. Give them the message and..."" I got it Annabeth. 'Let me know if you find Percy'. You told me a million times. I'll be fine." She walks back into the truck and Clarisse grabs my shoulder. She says, "We will be at Annabeth's dad's house" --our HQ-- "Caramel will be standing by to take you there". Then she hands me a pegasus whistle that I saw Leo working on back at camp. As the two girls pull out in the van, I start moving towards the Roman Camp.

The front their camp is ingenious: a carnival overlooking the ocean. I try to look normal as I pass other people going to the fair, grouping behind teenagers that are totally oblivious to where they are going. I notice that in the woods on the edge the coast is lined with lights-- the camp I'm guessing. I decide to check out the fair first to... uhhh... scope the area from the Ferris wheel... for recon purposes. From the top of the Ferris Wheel, I notice the midway of the carnival is shaped just like the cabins back at Camp Half-Blood. Two on one end (Jupiter and Juno, I'm guessing) with five going down each side. I look back at the forest and notice the firelights are set up the same way. Mist is covering that whole area, so that must be the camp. The person sitting next to me on the ride, a blonde, African-American boy (around fifteen) with striking grey eyes and a purple t-shirt, notices where I am looking and he stiffens. He tells me" That is where the carneys live. Nothing special." I lie by saying "Oh. Okay." As the ride ends, I roll up my sleeves of my jacket revealing my bracelets and get off. Stupid mistake! He started to follow me slowly, ducking behind prize counters and snack booths.

I make my way to the midway to see if there is another way of getting into the camp without being so obvious. I notice that each of the twelve cabins have a back door that is shrouded with mist. Every now and then a "staff member" in a purple t-shirt would go into that "back room" and a flash of light would go up into the sky and land in the Roman Camp. I buy a bag of popcorn and look for the Neptune booth. I find it: booth number three. It is one of those water-blasting games where you have to hit little points for the longest and you raise a little toy on the wall. I looked for a demigod working there but there was only a satyr-- whoops! faun-- in a purple t-shirt and rasta cap working there. When the last player he locked down, turned out the lights, and went out the back door to the camp. I throw out my popcorn and go to the back door. I didn't notice the guy from the Ferris wheel follow me into the portal.

I show up in the Neptune cabin. There are huge aquariums on each side of the room filled with mini versions of huge sea monsters and marine life. There is one untouched bunk bed and a small fountain in the middle of the room. Percy isn't here. I pull out the pouch of drachmas and toss one into the fountain. I say "Annabeth Chase at _________" The Iris message goes through and Annabeth appears. "Karla where are you?" "I'm in the Neptune Cabin at the camp. I'm sorry but Percy isn't here." She starts to sob then someone pushes her out of the way Jason appears. "Karla, continue with your mission
. The main campers are: Dakota, Gwendolyn, Hazel, Bobby, and Reyna." At the last girl's name, he winced a little. "Good Luck." The Iris message faded. At that, I stuff my jacket and drachma pouch into my backpack to reveal my armor, bracelets, and purple t-shirt. Then, I pull an extra strap on my backpack and it reduces into a small pouch. Time to go.

I walk out of the cabin and jump at the serious training going on. It looks like a Green Beret Training Base. Snipers practice on top of a hill shooting Imperial Gold arrows. Apollo cabin. Ares cabin was practicing MMA in their very own hexagon. A group of soldier-campers was eating on picnic benches (some things never change) with Ceres cabin (Demeter) made lunches. I sneak over to a very big tent on the opposite end of camp as Juno and Jupiter cabins. The Big House. As I am about to walk in, I hear grass crunch behind me. I turn around, but it is too late. The guy from the Ferris Wheel, now in armor, knocked me over the head with a imperial gold club.

At this, I woke up. Thunder outside my room at home woke me. But, as exhausted as I was, I just fell asleep again. My dream continues...

My dream starts up again in a dungeon cell. My hands are chained are chained in front of me they did not take my concealed pouch in my pocket or the bracelets on my wrist. "That's right," I think." Their weapons are made of Imperial gold. They probably think they are just bracelets." I could have busted out just then but I don't want to give the wrong impression. "Then again, I did sneak into their camp and almost their HQ." Before I can keep thinking, two huge guys from Mars cabins busted open the door and pulled me up and out of the cell. I guessed they were from Mars cabin because they had the same bar code tattoo like Jason, but with a spear instead of an eagle. "Bulk" and "Skull" dragged me through a few hallways and up a stairwell or two. Finally, they pushed me into a room filled with real lives wolves. A She-Wolf sat on a silver throne at the end of the room. Next to the throne, the guy from the Ferris wheel was standing. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb stood guard at the entrance behind me. The she-wolf (I'm guessing, Lupa?) addressed me. "Welcome, demigod. What exactly are you here for? Assassin?..Sabotage?.." I stop him and say, "Sir, I have information on Jason." This makes everyone in the room freeze."I believe you have information about Percy Jackson. " Ferris-Wheel-guy grabs his club, his eyes stormy, and yells," It's a trap Lupa!" Lupa stops him and says" Stop, Bobby. Let us listen to the girl first"-- she turns to me--" Introduce and explain yourself "I swallow and tell them about everything about the Greek camp, how our weapons are different, and about Jason and Percy's switch up. Bobby and Lupa exchange looks. AND...

...I Wake Up

The author's comments:
Mkay. I whipped this up after I woke up with the Demi Gods of Half-Blood Hill fresh in my mind. I had just finished the "Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan the night before. (If you check my profile, he is my favorite author EVER!!!) Now, that the actual "Son of Neptune" has come out I realize I was totally off on my prediction.
But it is still fun to read.

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on Aug. 28 2017 at 7:51 am
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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I love the books! But Rick? Hate with the capital H! He's a coward big time! I never want to meet him in real life unless he says sorry to Logan Lerman.