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River Clan's Refuge Chapter 1

November 23, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Misty Star watched in irony as her clan watched as a two leg's monster dozed through their territory tearing up anything in its path.Not again!Misty Star thought in panic.This happened at their last home in the forest.Now it is happening to them again!Misty Star leaped into the water,the other River Clan cats followed close behind in a floundering panic.The river yanked and pulled on their fur but the strong cats had practiced their swimming skills.They paddled swiftly one paw in front of the other.

Soon enough there was small pebbles under her feet.She heaved herself out of the water.Droplet showered the pebbly ground as she shook herself dry.Her deputy,Reed Whisker stood beside her the pebbles underneath his feet crunched as he took a step toward her. "We must warn the other clans!," he spluttered.Misty Star nodded in agreement.As the rest of the warriors and apprentices gathered on the shore Misty Star leaped onto the tallest boulder,her fur pressed against her body revealing her body's frame. "Warriors and apprentices of River Clan,I have a terrible message for you all," she mewed seeing a few of the cats roll their eyes.

"We must-" she was cut off by one of her senior warriors named Otter Splash. "Yes we know,our hunting grounds have been destroyed and we are going to have to rely on only the river now." hissed the russet colored she-cat.Reed Whisker hissed a warning at Otter Splash as Misty Star continued," We must leave our territory and seek refuge with one of the other clans or in the two leg place." Yowls of disagreement split the air.

"SILENCE!" hissed Reed Whisker.All the cats quieted themselves and stared at him with wide eyes. "Now,as deputy I give out the duties of the clan.Otter Splash,I want you to take Gray Mist,Trout Paw and Ice Wing to clear the Nursery and keep the queens calm.Take them to Thunder Clan.Pebble Foot,I want you,Minnow Tail,Rush Paw,Mossy Paw,and Grass Pelt to help the elders to Thunder Clan.Remember that you should not order them to do anything,just coax them into leaving.As for the rest of you,you all will be coming directly to Thunder Clan with Misty Star and I after we catch enough prey for a peace offering," he finished.

The three patrols split up to complete their tasks.Misty Star felt only the slightest bit of relief.Her eyes dulled with exhaustion as she split her patrol into two hunting groups.One group would hunt fish and the other would go for land prey.Misty Star sat at the edge of the river waiting for a fish to dart bye.Her eyes began to droop as she waited for a long time.Suddenly she saw a silvery color rush toward her.Without hesitation she struck at it with a curled paw hoisting it out of the water.The silver fish plopped onto the land,desperately squirming to flop back into the water.She sank her teeth into its neck.The fish floundered in her jaws,slapping her in the face with its tail.She held on as it began to slow to a stop,going limp in her jaws.She padded away from the river in glee. Most of her patrol awaiting her near the meeting spot.The other patrol was already there.Their fresh kill pile alone was enough to feed her clan.With both fresh kill piles they could feed both clans.She dropped her fish on the pile. "Great job," she congratulated her clan mates.Suddenly a muffled shriek sounded from the river.Everyone's eyes grew wide with shock as Misty Star whirled to face whoever it was.

Her eyes widened as she spotted Hollow Paw being dragged away by the current,the apprentice's head fell victim to the water rushing over him. "Hollow Paw!" Reed Whisker howled to his apprentice as he rushed for him.Misty Star held out her tail to stop him in his tracks. "I will get him Reed Whisker," she mewed calmly as she looked into his eyes.Without waiting for a response she bounded to the River's shore and leaped in.The icy cold water swallowed her up as she blindly paddled to where she last saw the apprentice.She violently thrusted her head up above the rushing waves pulling her down.The water dropped deeper than she could have expected and she was yanked under again.She struggled to get herself above water again but she was dragged deeper and deeper,her lungs ached from the need of oxygen...

The author's comments:
I know that the warrior names don't have spaces in them but if I wouldn't have they would be spelled wrong.

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