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The escape of the animals

July 28, 2011
By Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
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Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a dragon named Duncan, a pig named Manu, a donkey George, a mule Parker, and centaur named Steel.
The Dragon was named Duncan because he dunked people in fire or scalding water. There also lived a pig named Manu. The pig was named Manu because every time a man came near he went yu. Then there was a donkey named George. He was named George because he was intelligent. Then there was a mule his name was Parker because he would sit there parked refusing to move. Then there was Steel the centaur. He was called Steel because of his two twin steel blades. George was the village’s librarian. He liked the fresh smell of books.
Steel the centaur also worked for the village blacksmith making weapons. He liked to visit Duncan to help get the men to make them feel more vulnerable.

Steel was Duncan’s only friend. Now one day Steel went up to see his friend, but Duncan was gone. Now the day before Steel came Duncan had been sleeping when the men snuck up on him and bound him and dragged him back to the village where they would try to use him as an airplane. Steel knew that sometimes Duncan liked to go hunting for a long time so he sat there and waited munching on grass as he did. Little did Steel know that Duncan was sitting in his cave cell under ground hidden thinking of revenge.

Manu was sad because his best hog friend had just been turned into hog delicacies namely bacon, ham, and spinach. Manu’s friend had been a veggie eater. So as you can imagaine Manu was very disturbed he needed a book so he went to see George. Manu had to get pass Parker to see George, which was hard because parker was parked in the door way! Finally, he got in and went to see George. Manu said, “Excuse me, may I have a book on how to make stink bombs!”

“Sorry,” George said, “ A boy came by and rented it today, a pleasant boy he was.”

“ Okay, I will go see him!” and with that Manu was gone.

Steel was very worried, Duncan had been gone for a week it was chicken day for the two of them. (Chicken day is the day where they eat the non talking chickens, and Duncan never misses out!) Duncan sat fuming I missed chicken night, but then he brightened Steel would know he was gone! But he didn’t know were he was sigh, then a voice interrupted “ I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GREAT DRAGON AND I LOVE YOU!” , boomed the voice.

“How can you love me?“, asked Duncan blasting fire every where as he tried to find who spoke.

“I love you because I made you and you are precious to me!”, boomed back the voice!

“How do I know you are real?”, asked Duncan.

“Search your heart for the answer“, answered the voice. And with that the voice was gone!

Manu was on his way to find the boy, when he smelled a glorious smell a stink bomb. He followed it right to the boy realizing his good luck he thought
George said he was a good boy so I think I should talk to him. The animals weren’t supposed to talk, but in this case I think I’ll talk to him and with that he spoke! The moment he spoke the boy turned around and said, “I know some animals could talk, but why are you talking to me? “

Manu replied, “Because I want your stink bomb!” “You rented a book from the library about stink bombs didn’t you?“, accused Manu.

”Yes, but I don’t know how to make them.”, replied the boy.“

“That is what the book is for!”, retorted Manu, “But I will help you!”, said Manu eagerly.”

“Yes, please!”, answered the boy and they became fast friends.

Parker was walking through town when he heard a faint sound that sounded like “why ME.” Those words were coming from Duncan, and the word “Me” was loudest because he roared that part out.
Parker very much scared ran back to George who seemed to know everything. When he got there he asked George,” What was that sound?” Now George knew Steel his cousin liked a beast of some kind. So he went of to see Steel.

Steel was just getting back to his shop from Duncan’s cave when he saw his cousin’s Parker and George. He ran up to them and asked them what he could do to help them. Parker quickly retold what he had heard. Parker said, ”I was walking down the street when I heard a deep scary voice saying ’ Why ME’ and the word ‘ME’ was emphasized by a deafly roar.

Steel clearly delighted said,” That my Friend was Duncan the Dragon.”

George gasped, “I have heard of him but I thought he was just a myth! “
“Na my friend he is no myth he is as real as you or me,“ laughed Steel.

Manu sat talking to the boy when all of a sudden he had a idea why don’t we go down to the black smith and play a prank on that silly creature. That’s a good idea said the boy and with that they were off. Meanwhile, Steel had taken his cousin’s into his shop, and at that moment they were giving each other blades, daggers and other toys for they were going to go find Duncan!
At that very moment the boy and Manu had arrived at the shop to play the prank. Momentarily, they were having second thoughts their prank when the boy said, “ Lets just go way back there and heave from about 100 yards out.” So, they set the timer for 30 seconds and let the stink bomb loose. The second they let the bomb fly Steel knew something was up, so he grabbed his bow and ran out the back door. He looked up and saw it floating through the air with 10 seconds left on it, so he pulled back his bow and shot! With nine seconds left the arrow hit the bomb, and with all its momentum it carried right back to Manu and the boy and blew up. That is how Manu and the boy came to learn about there predicament with Duncan and joined the band of Merry Animals ( plus one human.)

Duncan heard the shot, the explosion, and the smell and thought to himself nobody can shoot that good besides Steel and nobody could smell that bad so it must have been the pig and the annoying boy.
Well maybe there smell will scare away the men thought Duncan. He could’ve breathed fire on the men but his face was muzzled, he could’ve hit him with his tail but it was chained to the ground , so altogether he was helpless- a helpless beast of a Dragon. How peculiar that a Dragon would be helpless, and with that he fell asleep.

The boy being a human thought that perhaps Duncan might be in the higher dungeons that way it would be easier for them to fly. But he was mistaken all that was there was a few thousand centaurs and baby centaurs, which Steel tried to release. But to no avail, and he promised to come back and try to free them. He also gave them some blacksmith tools, so they could make weapons. They searched for hours, and finally retired to bed all sleeping in a heap. Before Steel fell asleep he thought he saw a glimpse of something in the sky, and then he dropped away to sleep. When Steel woke up he saw Duncan he reached out to touch him, but he dissolved in the air it was just a dream.

The next day everyone had to go back to their work, except the boy he was a kid so he didn’t have to do much besides his chores around the house. Then he decided to go look for Duncan. He looked and looked finding various things, creatures, and people but no Dragon. Finally, his last search he went down flight of stairs after flight until they ended with just more cells. He looked and looked and then went down another five sets of stairs when he heard a deep voice saying, “What is it now, what do you want me to do!” The boy looked around for the voice and saw no one, and then he heard shouts from behind him something was hurled at him! The boy looked behind him and it hit him in the face, and he slumped to the floor unconscious.

Duncan sat there wondering what that noise was when the voice came back to him. “Duncan!”, it said.

“Here I am!”, he answered hopefully. “Go help the boy he is slumped down to the right of your tail in the darkness.”

“But why should I help him he is a human it will probably just get me whipped anyways!”, growled Duncan.

“Yes, but the boy was coming to help you!“ ,answered the voice.

“Okay!“, growled Duncan and he set of to help the boy. When the boy woke up he couldn’t think of were he was, and then he remembered that he had been hit with something by a fellow human. He guessed it was also strange because he thought it would be cold, and it was pretty warm. He looked up and there was a face of a huge Dragon. He slowly backed away thinking he probably hates all humans now he will probably eat me, he thought. Then the Dragon spoke saying in a growl of a voice, “Why do you back away lad as you probably know my name is Duncan and yours is he asked? “

“My name is Boney but everybody just calls me boy, I like that better.“

“Okay, said Duncan,” then I well call you Matt, and that is what he called him.” By the way he asked, “Could you release my chains, Matt, so I can pace this spacious room, I could barely reach you yesterday,” said Duncan.

“ What do you mean by yesterday?”, Matt asked.

I mean said Duncan ,“That you slept a day.“

“What!. I did what!”. said Matt his Australian accent skyrocketing.

“Yep!”. said Duncan.

“ I see,” said Matt as he started working on the chains. When he got him loose he asked, “ Do ye have siblings?”

“Yep, said Duncan, “I have a twin brother named Pumpkin and a older brother named Punk. He really was a punk you know but they all moved away so I was left alone.”

That sounds like my story said Matt, “ You see Duncan I was born in Australia hence my accent and my brothers and parents left me and the family I live with now adopted me, but I can basically do whatever I want. Because after chores I don’t really do much. So yeah, I guess we are trapped here.”

“Yep,” replied Duncan.

George, Parker, Manu, and Steel were kind of worried about the boy he either betrayed them or gave up or went looking. So they went looking for the boy all except Steel who went to see the other Centaurs. The others followed exactly were the boy had went and what happened to them was the same thing that happened to Matt. When they all finally woke up they found themselves staring at Duncan with Matt curled up next to him. So, they decided to join them, and with that they all fell asleep against Duncan ’s body. When they all woke up they were amazed at the sight of themselves!

Steel slept with the other centaurs that night, and in the morning he worked on freeing them. He was successful! Steel had finally recognized some of his friends from childhood, and he even found his brothers the youngest who was his favorite whose name was Gglenstorm, the middle brother whose name was Oriaus, and his oldest brother whose name was Gladiator who had betrayed them to the men. He holed up there with them, because he had a feeling the others were with Duncan! So, he stayed helping them make weapons and catapults knowing that they would need them to break the others out. Because the day before he had taken five Centaurs with him, and they had heard Duncan’s voice behind a huge solid wall. Behind the huge wall the voice was giving then a lesson. Most importantly to trust in him, how not to behave, and how to behave themselves.
The men went up to the Centaurs cage to give them their monthly rations when found they found a wall of catapults pointed right at them. The centaurs said, “Be gone, but first leave the food there.” Then with weak sneers the men slowly backed away , put the food down, and ran.

Back in the Village the men were discussing how they could beat the Centaurs when Gladiator spoke up. The betrayer said, “Well, since I’m a Centaur then I will tell you not to attack at night, but to send a shift of men at about 3 pm. They will probably beat you, but then at night when they are recovering I will gather a few friends and lead a night attack.“ And with that he galloped away.

First he went to se Duncan’s evil brother Punk. When he got there he was greeted by a blast of flames, which he blocked with his shield. He said, “Punk, It’s me Gladiator!”

His friend spoke in his growling voice “I see but, you have come not just to chat,no?”

“No!”, said Gladiator. “I came because my brother Steel and your brother Duncan have joined forces.”

Punk grumbled “That Dumb Duncan,”

Gladiator shook his big head sadly , but then replied, “Luckily the men inside the village have captured Duncan.”

“That’s good!”, said Punk. “ But, unluckily you know that they imprisoned us Centaurs all of us , but Steel who with his twin blades that he won from me or stole managed to survive. They made him their blacksmith, and it gets worse Steel finally found him and freed him. Now he is holed up there, and Duncan and a few friends are holed up with him. So I was wondering if you could get all our evil friends so we can charge them in a week from now at Midnight. “

Four days past and the Centaurs were still flinging rocks at the wall. The wall was weak because Duncan would melt it with his breath, and Matt would throw stink bombs causing the wall to wilt. It was the day of the attack the man were marching up the stairs the Centaurs where trying one more time to free Duncan. When a huge figure landed next to them it was Pumpkin, Duncan’s youngest brother who asked, “ May I be of assistance?” They nodded, and he swung his tail breaking through the wall.

The battle started!! Immediately the men shot down the centaurs who were inexperienced, but the veterans quickly routed the men and killed all but five thousand men who retreated to the village. Altogether the men lost fifty thousand men, but the Centarus lost one thousand out of there seven thousand. The animals were discussing what they where going to do when Gglenstorm said, “ We must just attack with the Centaurs first, you see if they don’t know that we have Pumpkin and Duncan we can bring them out as a surprise attack even though Gladiator probably has Punk .

Duncan said, “But knowing Punk he will wait until we are weak to show himself and his beastly few that are his loyal troops or body guards.”

“Exactly!”, said Gglenstorm, ”We will wait on you two and he will wait also.”

Gladiator had just finished rallying everyone so he was marching below Punk who was flying silently through the air with a Dragon beside him. His name was Punkafor and he was Punk’s best friend! The Centaurs were ready for battle! Oriaus had his five swords- two of them he was twirling around impatiently, Gglenstorm had his huge, broad sword, and Steel with his magnificent two blades that he was named after. He was basically born with them much to Gladiator’s displeasure whom thought they were rightfully his because he was the oldest.
Gladiator marched on gathering all his loyal Centaurs, his father had been King so Gladiator being the oldest was the heir to the throne. Sadly, his father liked Oriaus better that is why Gladiator was set on killing him, but then his father still liked Gglenstorm better then he so he would have to kill him too. His father had never really liked Steel probably because of his skills that were better than his, but he had to kill Steel also. Steel had his Sword!

Gladiator silently snuck up on the Centaur’s camp, and guess who was keeping watch of the camp Oriaus! Oriaus was pacing back in forth when he thought he saw a figure in the dark, he silently drew his swords and began twirling them so fast you could not see them. He quickly ducked into the shadows and drew his dagger and threw it. He grinned as he heard a silent yelp, he had struck the mark. He picked up his swords and resumed twirling them around as he waited in silence. His younger brother Gglenstorm snuck up behind him and said, ”Need any help?”

“Yes, I actually do none of the others are here, they’re down a ways! But I will not retreat to them, because I’m the King’s son and so are you.”

“And so are we!”, said two voices at once. The two brothers immediately went back to back. One voice that belonged to Steel stepped out of the shadows, and they immediately allowed room for him so that they were all covering up each others back . The other voice belonged to Gladiator! Gladiator frowned at the tight circle.

“ What ’s this the brother’s working together even though one shall be King, the other a counselor, and the other neglected.” At that word fifteen other Centaurs appeared by his side and they attacked. Oriaus had his swords ready though before anyone could react he had beheaded two of them, but then he got kicked off balance exposing his back. Two centaurs came up from the back to stab him, but he threw his swords up in the air and caught them backhanded stabbing them both in the gut as they withered to the ground. Five more ran at them, and Gladiator ran at him from the back. Oriaus was occupied by the five others, and did not expect the attack. Glenstorm tried to warn him, but it was in vain or so he thought. Oriaus had jumped to the side making Gladiator miss, but the other two that where left leapt at them. He ducked and threw his swords up killing them, but leaving his belly open.
Gladiator used this opportunity up, and stabbed him in the gut! The Great Oriaus slumped to the ground DEAD! “No!”, screamed Gglenstorm and Steel as they fought to get to Oriaus, but didn’t get there in time.

Oriaus’s last words were,” Father forgive me I have failed to keep the throne sword,” and with that he died.

Gladiator took his swords all but the King’s great sword, which was hidden inside his garment. Oriaus had told Gglenstorm and Steel about the sword right before he died. After Gladiator left with only one man Steel bent down grabbed the sword and gave it to Gglenstorm. Saying, “ My blades work fine so why don’t you use it for your other hand instead of your ax.“ Before they could move they found themselves surrounded by forty Centaurs!
Steel immediately guarded his younger brother’s back not that Glenstorm wasn’t capable, but that he didn’t want to lose another younger brother. And with that they fought!

Steel said,” Behold, you Centaurs the great Oriaus has died at the hand of your leader will you not relent?” At first they seemed to, but then they charged, Steel sighed and quickly beheaded five at a time yelling,”It’s worthless you overwhelmed Oriaus because we couldn’t help him, but you can’t beat us when we are together.”

“Exactly!“, they growled once one of you die you are hopeless they said.

“Really”, growled Gglenstorm as his swords almost flew faster then Steel’s and quickly all forty were demolished! Steel ran on to get Duncan as Gglenstorm ran into the fray slaughtering as he went. His grieve was great, because he and Oriaus had ran away into the woods together and survived for many years. Now Oriaus was dead!

Duncan and Pumpkin were more than ready when they heard two roars there were Punkafor and Punk. Then they heard a big boom as Matt and Manu threw stink bombs into the fray and ran back into hiding. Duncan growled out at Punk, “We meet again brother!” and with that they separated sweeping their tails across the centaurs killing hundreds at a time. Meanwhile Pumpkin and Punkafor were facing off in the sky. Punkafor blasted fire at Pumpkin, who blocked the blow with his own more powerful flames. A swipe of his tail put him in range of the archers and spearmen, and they fired not really affecting him. Then men appeared and netted him to use him as an air plane and he was dragged away! There were about one thousand Centaurs left on each side, and all the goblins and other evil enemies were killed by Parker and George. Most of the enemy centaurs were killed the help of Duncan, w and then they heard two yells. They saw Gglenstorm charging at Gladiator who was spinning his blades in readiness. Their swords clashed with a thunderous clang, and everybody stopped to watch them. Their swords met and Gladiator flung both swords out of Gglenstorm’s hands and Gladiator stood over him laughing, but then everybody heard a hiss then thud as Gladiator fell to the ground dead with two arrows in his chest! Everybody looked at the shooter it was Matt and Steel! Enraged at his friends death Punk flung himself at Duncan who ducked away taunting, “Come on you know I’m too quick Punk.” Even more enraged Punk leaped at him fire blasting as he leapt. Duncan side stepped, and slammed his tail into Punk’s head who slumped to the ground unconscious. When he awoke he found him self next to his friend Punkafor in jail to be used as a airplane.

Steel’s dad the King was grieved at the death of his Sons Oriaus and Gladiator. He was very grieved for he was old, so he gave the throne to Steel who in turn said, “I’m not worthy and gave it to Gglenstorm. He made Steel and George his advisers. He also made Matt and Manu into his inventors, guess where the cannon came from. He made Pumpkin and Duncan as Warlords. They served at their jobs valiantly. As for Punk and Punkafor they lived happily ever after as airplanes.
And George opened up a library for the centaurs and taught them how to read, how to read about the voice that created them, how to be thankful even in bad circumstances, and to trust that he put us in this place for a purpose. So we can Glorify him no matter how bad we look even if we are half horse half man or if you are even a ugly scaly beast that everyone is afraid of. So even if you are a dragon or as stubborn as a mule remember you need to stay parked on the right spot and you need to park there, and refuse to move just like Parker. By the way after this no one heard from a dragon again. So some think that they are a myth , others think they never really existed, and others think that they are still around. If they are, I bet that they are glorifying God for making them and providing for them. If dragon can do it, can’t we?

And they lived happily ever after.

The End

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