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The Fledgling, a Hellsing FanFic

December 13, 2010
By JessicaGreen SILVER, Hartley, Texas
JessicaGreen SILVER, Hartley, Texas
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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to die for our sins." John 3:16

I stood outside the hospital door and listened to the raspy voice of my sister, struck dumb by her powerful words.
" sister? Where is she? Why will she not see me? Is she late? Where is she? Sister..."
I finally gathered myself and stepped inside the white room and continued walking until I reached the iron bed where my cancer-ridden sibling lay, pale and weak from chemotherapy and medication. I took a fragile hand and kissed it, whispering words of warm goodbyes to her. We all knew this was it. Even she knew, and this made it harder for all of us. As she whispered my name, her eyelids drifted shut andthe hand nestled between my own went limp with death. I was five, and she was nine.
I am Sephir Infidelis Nosferatu, vampire and only daughter of Alucard Nosferatu, who is the most powerful vampire in the world today. My abilities almost parallel to my father's, even though he is much stronger. I am still a fledgling, after all. My sister died, leaving me as the only surviving child. She could not be cured by Alucard's blood, nor could the finest health technologies in the Hellsing Organization do any good. She died of starvation, because the cancer she had made it unable for her to consume blood, fresh or preserved. I watched her suffering, for Father could not, and I've intended to avenge her ever since she passed. For those of you that don't have a clue, Hellsing is one of the most famous anti-human hunting organization that is run by the Hellsing Family. My father, Nosferatu Alucard, is their strongest weapon, along with a former police girl named Ceras Victoria.
We should not waste time talking about my past. There is a story to tell.
I stepped down from the balcony that I was resting in for the day and landed on the cathedral floor as I yawned and stretched. It had been a stressful night. From dodging the Vatican soldier's gunshots to finding a place to sleep for the daylight hours; it was a pain in the a**. I was getting sick of running. I picked up my makeshift backpack filled with the general survival supplies (blood bags, my sword, etc.) and started running...again. This time, I was headed for the one place I thought I'd never return: The Hellsing Organization.
"Let's go! Move, move, move!" came all of the loud shouts of the general as the last troop boarded the tanks. Ceras Victoria came running behind them and was the last to board. They were hunting a female target, and she was, strangely, moving toward us as well.
"Sir? Is the girl going to meet us halfway?" she asked as she set down her gun case and sat beside the general.
"I'm not too sure, Victoria. This particular target is different from the others," he answered to her, and then he looked down to the floor. He was quite perplexed at the description of the target they were about to exterminate, but a job's a job, so it didn't matter really who she was or what she wanted. Besides, what really bothered him was that Alucard was late...again. He'd been drifting off to different places for days, claiming he had to find someone and bring them back to safety. At first he thought that Alucard was talking about Victoria, but she's already safe in the Hellsing Organization's hands. He then heard the shouting of the troops and snapped out of mid-thought, telling every soldier around him to prepare to move out.
I was finally getting close to the Protestant territory, which meant that I would be safe soon in the hands of Hellsing and my unknown father, Nosferatu Alucard. I'd always wanted to meet him, but after years of searching I was beginning to doubt my worth. Everyone seemed to know about him and described him as "one of the most powerful vampires of our time," so I was questioning my lack of ability in battle. If I really was related by blood to this Alucard person, wouldn't I be just as strong as him?
A twig snapped and my attention was taken away from my own thoughts as I looked around me to see what caused the noise. I noticed a shadowed figure of a man appear, seemingly out of thin air, and step towards me. I unsheathed my fangs and took my sword from its holster as I growled at him. "Who are you?"
"So, a chillingly calm voice replied, I finally found you, Sephir Infidelis Nosferatu Hellsing. We finally meet."
I stepped back at the strange man's response to my question, but proceeded to aim my sword in his direction as he came nearer. He remained silent this time, but laughed a laugh that could chill even a vampire's blood to ice. He finally came into focus, a tall man wearing a red torn-up trench coat with a wide-brim hat. The scent became familiar.
"Nosferatu Alucard," I whispered in disbelief as he came even closer and took the sword from my hands. He laughed darkly, then said," Did you not recognize me? I am your father, am I not?"
He stepped toward me with a grin that scared the s*** out of me. This was the legendary Alucard? This crazy vampire was my actual father? This was way too hard to believe.
"Now, Sephir Infidelis Nosferatu Hellsing," he started as he drew Casull from his coat, "It's time to prove to me that you are blood kin to me and the Hellsing Organization. If you win, I will take you in as my daughter and as an authority figure of Hellsing. If you lose, you...die!" With that, he lunged at me with lightning speed, shooting silver bullets faster than I could draw my sword to fend them off. I could see them coming at me but I could not stop them fast enough. They ripped through my body, making my blood run out of me faster than I could heal my wounds. Shaky with blood loss, I finally mustered up the strength to run at him with all of my speed and managed to slice him in half. I could feel the bloodlust rising in me as my eyes changed and I bared my fangs.
"What now, Alucard? Can you now stand as I do despite my mortal wounds?" I screamed as I proceeded to stab him repeatedly with all my strength. After my anger had been spent, I dropped to my knees and set my sword beside me. I stared over at the now-bloodied Alucard at my side, my own father, seemingly dead from blood loss. I set my head against his neck and pierced his throat, drinking in the sweet nectar that would restore my strength and heal my wounds. Just as I felt myself become attached to him, I pushed away from him gasping for breath. I felt him breathe, then heard his maniacal laugh as he got up, completely healed. I fell over on my side, unable to move from loss of blood and weakness from limited sleep and the strain of battle. I knew I was going to die.
"You have done well, Sephir," he said somewhat gently as he picked my body up and began to carry me over to what looked like a row of tanks, all with the Hellsing crest on them, lined with hundreds of men with huge guns all pointed at me. Was I the target they were to exterminate tonight? I didn't care. They would get what they wanted once I was dead, which I believed would happen any second. I hadn't slept in days, much less fed, not counting my little drink from Alucard. That was a snack compared to the hunger that raged inside. I could see a woman standing in front of us and I heard her talking to Alucard, and him responding to her, but I can't remember what they were saying. All went black as he looked down to smile at me softly and say something to me. Like I said, I've no idea what he said. I was dead, remember?

The author's comments:
I've been writing this for a while now. There is more of the story in the original manuscript than there is in this published version, simply because I have more time for writing than I do for typing. Please give your honest opinion, for this is my first fanfiction. I put a lot of work into it and am very proud of the outcome.

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