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The Pureblood Prince

September 10, 2010
By xXRavenxMydnyteXx BRONZE, McFarland, Wisconsin
xXRavenxMydnyteXx BRONZE, McFarland, Wisconsin
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The way Kaname-sama walks is always something that I find magnificent. He carries himself with such pride, yet inside he's broken. The thoughts of his parents haunt his thoughts everyday, you can tell from his eyes.
No one can see it, but secretly, he hates everyday that he's alive, and they aren't. He regrets erasing Yuki's memories, he regrets coming to Cross Academy, he regrets so much, yet he can always cover himself with a blanket of mystery.
He turns around and finds my eyes meeting his directly. He doesn't drop his gaze, and I think he's reading my mind.
As the crowds of Night Class students dies down, he come closer to me and decides to take the seat next to me on the bench.
"Don't you think going to class would be a nice idea?" he asks me with a small smile,
"Yes, but I'm going to skip today..." I tell him.
"Why?" he asks, joining my little game.
"Because..." I pause, "I don't think I want to go to class. Will you join me?" I ask, smiling widely.
He smiles back and stands. "Sure, I don't think anyone will notice my absence." he takes my hand and we walk back to the dorms.
He opens the door for me like a gentleman, and I think of how I should be opening the door for him, he is a prince after all.
"There is no need to treat me like royalty." he tells me,
"Oh, okay." I blush at the awkward moment.
He sort of laughs, but sits down on one of the couches and motions for me to sit next to him.
There's footsteps from above, coming down the stairs and then the steps grow as if the person was jogging.
"Yes, Yuki?" Kaname asks,
She smiles and come around the couch to face us. "Why aren't you both attending classes?" she asks, taking a seat on Kaname's other side.
Kaname, nor I respond to Yuki's question.
"Anyways, your the new student, right?" Yuki asks, gesturing towards me.
I nodded, "I'm Gina." I smile and move a piece of black hair out of my eyes,
"I'm Yuki." she shakes my hand and smiles.
"Your a vampire as well, but your wearing a Day Class uniform?" I looked over her,
She nodded, "It's sort of weird, I know."
"So, how were you turned?" a voice from no where asked, it was familiar, but I wasn't at the point were I could match faces, voices or names except for the obvious.
"Aido, since when do you listen in on conversations?" Kaname asks,
"Since now." The boy walks around the couch and leans on the edge.
"I was turned in a act of survival." I say awkwardly. I stand up and decide to walk up to my room.
No one stops me, and no one mentions my absence.
I ponder over one thing repeatedly, I wonder what would happen if it was me in Yuki's spot...

The author's comments:
I was reading Vampire Knight #10 and I thought I would write a FanFiction. It's really boring, I know.

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