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Akio Ch12 Akio's pride

July 25, 2010
By xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
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Norotex gave Shuo a devilish grin. Shuo kept his eye on the amulet. “Oh, Shuo you fool look at you weak, defenseless, wounded!” Shuo tried to swing the sword but, he was in so much pain. Norotex said, “Is this even worth the fight?” He grabbed Shuo by his wounded leg and threw him across the room.
“You see Lezing you gave birth to a failure.” Right then Shuo had a flash back of when he was a little kid. He scrapped his knee while playing outside. He ran to his Dad with tears in his eyes. His Dad picked him up and sat him on his bed.
He remembered Takeshi saying, “So you hurt yourself right?” “Shuo not to scare you or anything but, There will be a lot of painful things headed your way. Shuo sniffled and looked up at Takeshi’s smile. “See Shuo we have to fight with the pain and wonder why the heck why we did it later.” “Now, you can stay in here and watch Naruto or shrug it off and play you choose.” Shuo stood as Norotex was rambling.
Shuo burst out, “Failure is not a very good word to describe me by!” Norotex laughed, “Geez okay I’ll call you one of my victims then!” Shuo started to fight Norotex but, it wasn’t enough. Norotex slammed Shuo against the cement wall. “So this is the end huh Shuo.”
“You’re weak just like your Father!” Lezing stood up and saw that Shuo was in danger. Lezing tried to attack Norotex but, she failed. “Lezing you are going to regret that!” The amulet dropped out of Norotex’s pocket. Shuo remembered that if the amulet touches Norotex’s chest he’ll die.
Shuo yelled,”Hey!” Norotex turned to him and felt a burst of fire to his heart. Norotex looked at Shuo as he was burning. Norotex’s last words stuck with Shuo forever. “As long as you live Shuo I can’t die.” Lezing held onto Shuo.
Shuo whispered, “What do you mean?” “You’re my Blood Shuo.” Mirocho grabbed Shuo, “Don’t listen to him!” “Oh, Mirocho he should.” “Your Father and I are brothers. Shuo said, “How my Father didn’t have any brothers or sisters?”
“So he thought Shuo.” “You’re Grandfather is my Father too.” “See Shuo long ago there was this war against the Akira and the Amaterasu.” “Your Grandfather met my Mother 2 years before he met your Grandmother.” He left without knowing she was pregnant.

Lezing looked down at him, “Why didn’t he Takeshi ever tell me this.”
Norotex looked up at Lezing, “Takeshi didn’t even know I was his self.” As Norotex started to disappear he said, “Its funny how Takeshi tried to teach his kids pride in ones family but, the one Takeshi taught most of it too kills his own uncle some son you are.”

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