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Akio Ch1 Don't go

July 25, 2010
By xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
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It was a stormy night. The raindrops pounced of the old glass window one by one. Lezing Gazima couldn’t sleep. She crept out of bed and decided to start her morning off early. She tiptoed down the old wooden stairs. Her kids were still asleep.
She thought to herself, “Finally time alone.” She went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Then, the phone rang unexpectantly. “Hello, Gazima residence. “Lez?’’ ‘’Hi, Mirocho!’’ ”Um, I have bad news.”
Lezing took a deep breath.”Hit me I’ve had a plate full of bad news this month.” “I was talking to the leader of the Kemeshi and he wants to call you in for duty.” “Mirocho, he’s far away in Shura.” Lezing’s voice started to get louder.”Who will watch my kids?”
“I will.” “Also, I thought I told him I wasn’t doing this anymore my husband just died from doing things like this a month ago.” “I know that Lezzy but, you’re our strongest warrior we need you!” Lezing thought about her husband. What would he do? “Okay I’ll go.” Lezing laid her head on the counter on the counter.
Shuo sat up in his bed. He wiped the Sandman’s left overs out of his bright golden eyes. Shuo was truly a gorgeous boy. His Mom called him,” Akio which meant glorious hero or glorious man. Shuo didn’t see anything beautiful about his self. People always told him that he looked like his father.
Shuo felt like that was a lie. His Dad was so angelic. He had bright blonde and black hair. His eyes were so blue if you looked at him it felt as if you were swimming in the bluest lake in the world. When he walked in a room it was like a burst of sunlight came in. He also stood about 6 feet tall.
People admired his parents. It was like they were made for each other. They met on a mission they did together. Lezing didn’t think Takeshi liked her. He was the most evil man she had ever met. All he cared about was his self. But, his mom couldn’t help but to find some good in him.
Soon Takeshi couldn’t keep his feelings to his self anymore. He loved her and Lezing loved him. Now, he’s gone and Shuo and his sister Shui had to deal with their mother being miserable. Shuo ran down stairs to find his mother with her head down. He ran to his mother. “What’s wrong?”
Lezing stared at Shuo,” Akio, I have to go on another mission.” “What?” Dad just died while on a mission now, you have to go too. “What if you die mom, don’t go!” Shui woke up to the noise. Shui was Shuo’s twin. Shuo was very protective over protective of Shui.
She was very gullible. She had the biggest heart anyone could have. Shui was Shuo’s everything. Shui skipped down stairs. “Shuo, why are you holding Mom’s waist for dear life like she’s leaving or something?” “Wait, she is, isn’t she?” A rush of anger entered Shui’s body.
“I can’t believe this.” “Dad just died and you’re leaving?” “Do you even care anymore do you mom?” Lezing became angry hearing those hurtful comments. “Listen Shui, I loved your Dad don’t ever say that again!” Shui looked up at Lezing.”I’m sorry Mommy.” “Watashiwa.”
Shuo wiped his eyes on his sleeve. He didn’t want to say this but, it just came out.”Do you want us to help you pack?” Lezing rubbed his head.”If you will?” As they were helping Lezing pack a knock on the door was heard.
Shuo ran towards the door. He opened it, it was Mirocho. Shui ran behind Lezing. Mirocho always scared Shui. He had red eyes that reminded you of freshly dripped blood. His black hair draped over his head like a black silk sheet.
He wore a mysterious cape. His shoulder pads had spikes on the tip of them. To top it all off he has a devilish grin. But Shuo wasn’t afraid of him. He reminded him of his Dad. His Dad was stubborn yet, kind and adventurous.
Shui ran up to him.”What is with you?” “I know you are plotting something.” “Trust me Mirocho I shall find out!” Lezing smiled, “He has nothing to hide Aimi, which meant love or beauty. Shui squinted her little golden jewels know as her eyes and said, “Fine let me show you your room.
Lezing walked to Shuo. She reached in her pocket and pulled out this beautiful amulet. “Shuo, keep this it was your father’s good luck charm.” It was beautiful. It was a blue jewel surrounded by real diamonds. It is very powerful.
If you look under my bed you will find a dusty box. In it there is a book. It will teach you how to wield those powers that are held within the jewel. She ran her hand through Shuo’s soft radiant hair. She kissed him on the forehead.”This should keep all of you safe.”
She yelled,” I’m leaving!” Shui came rushing down the stairs. Shui skipped to her mother and made her laugh. She said a saying Takeshi use to say. She said,”Okay Aimi you’re leaving I can deal but, I can’t cook so how are the brats going to eat.” She gave Shui a big smile.”You’ll manage!”
Shuo ran upstairs to find the book. The leather was worn out. It was very fragile. Shuo looked inside the book and read his Dad’s neat handwriting. He wanted to study quickly but, he knew it would take time.

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