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Rigaberto the Great Muffin Man

January 12, 2010
By Quentin Rodgers BRONZE, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Quentin Rodgers BRONZE, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time, Sabby and Cujo road down a big hill in the middle of the rain forest on a two person moped. When they saw a frog leaping along with a bottle of ammonia in its hand singing,” Got to clean, got to clean, my beautiful house fit for a queen.” Then Sabby pulled the moped to a screeching halt. They fallowed the frog for miles and miles until they got to a cabin in the middle of Never-Never Land. Where they met up with a close friend in a Chinese restaurant called The Egg Roll Buffet. Their friend’s name is Rigaberto and all they could eat at this Chinese restaurant was egg rolls and fanta. But while Rigaberto was selling the owners egg rolls and fanta they ate him like the blueberry muffin he was. So then Sabby and Cujo got into a fight with the store owners, Wopingpong and Dum-Dum, in the Egg Roll Buffets kitchen Sabby died unfortunately and so did Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum got slapped across the face with a golden egg roll and fell off a cliff and he grabbed Sabby’s leg and took him down with Dum-Dum. A bald eagle swoops up and grabs them and takes them back home for its children’s dinner. Now Cujo and Wopingpong are the only two alive and still enemies so Wopingpong challenges Cujo to a demolition derby. Wopingpong has chosen his 100% edible egg roll mobile so he fills up his gas tank with special blend of herbs and spices. Now Cujo has his turn to pick what he wants to ride and yes it is the two person moped. So guess what he is filling his tank with… Fanta! He knows fanta packs a punch in the long run because he says it always gets him pumped up and because it never runs out and gives frequent bolts or energy. So this is how the derby went. Wopingpong rolled up in his egg roll and on the other side of the arena was Cujo with his shiny moped. Then suddenly the bell rang and they revved up their engines and then they took off at each other. Quickly Cujo takes a big bit out of Wopingpong”s egg roll mobile they the worst sound of all a big huge monster truck pulls out of two giant doors on the side of the arena and chases them everywhere even out the arena onto the streets and they are driving like maniacs on the highway off the turnpike and all around never-never land. Before a police pulls them over he let Wopingpong and Cujo off with a warning and took the guy in the monster truck to jail. For 5 years for trying to run them over. So Cujo and Wopingpong went back to the arena got to their starting lines and took off. A big bang roars pieces of egg rolls and splotches of fanta are everywhere. The two were not moving, then a sad song started playing and the announcer told the crowd that they both are dead and everyone started crying. They were just lying there when the people in black coats came in and carried them out on stretchers. Their funeral was the next day their caskets were next to each other except for Dum-Dum and Sabby their bodies were never found. So the two were getting buried and their parents started crying while they ate parts of Wopingpong’s egg roll mobile

The End

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was bored I really like this story you should read it.

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