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Kirby and the Forgotten Land DLC Idea: Forgo Deeps

February 3, 2023
By DarkTetra GOLD, San Jose, California
DarkTetra GOLD, San Jose, California
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A purchasable DLC for the popular game Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It goes like this: After clearing Forgo Dreams and freeing Leongar from the Isles of Isolation, the overworld portal to the Isles of Isolation starts glowing, and Elfillin tells Kirby that they should go see what’s happening. Once Kirby jumps inside the portal, Elflillin tells Kirby that she feels a surge of mysterious energy from past where they found Leongar. Kirby and Elfillin fly over to investigate and suddenly, the seemingly empty black void beyond Forgo Land is lighted by 7 glowing locations, each with a distinct neon glow, and each deeper than the next. This place, called Forgo Deeps, has a darker, more ominous vibe than Forgo Dreams. There are 7 levels: Natural Sewers, Everbay Sewers, Wondaria Sewers, Winter Sewers, Wasteland Sewers, Redgar Sewers, and Lab Sewers. In the overworld map, each level is connect to the two adjacent levels by a number of pipes. Instead of Waddle Dees, each level has a number of Memory Fragments (cyan-colored neon orbs) and 3 quests that each grant 1 Memory Fragment each when completed. Kirby must collect at least x-2 Memory Fragments (with x being the total number of fragments in each level) to view the Lost Memory at the end of the level. If Kirby has insufficient Memory Fragments, he collects the Lost Memory but can’t view it. Each level has Kirby travel through a series of tunnels and sewers dimly lit by lights on the ceiling. Rather than the mystic, oddly-colored Forgo Dreams levels, these levels are mostly black and white, with the walls, pipes, and dirty water mostly being shades of gray. Sewage Croakoams, green versions of Poison Croakoams who spit sewage (which is like posion but acid green) are common. Some of the water is Contaminated Water, which is distinguished from regular water by their dirty, toxic look. When Kirby swims in Contaminated Water, he slowly loses his HP over time. Each level is based on the 7 overworld worlds, and have many elements (such as different mouthful modes, enemies and obstacles), and instead of soul enemies that have a black aura around their head, there are contaminated enemies who are covered in sewage (or green slime in-game) with bright, creepy, yellow eyes. They have an increased amount of HP, attack, and speed and drop one memory fragment when defeated. There are also contaminated versions of Wild Frosty, Wild Bonkers, Wild Edge, and Fleurina, each with new attacks and boosted attack power and HP. Kirby is required to view all 6 Lost Memories before going to the seventh, final level. The 6 memories show the events that lead up to the separation of Fecto Elfillis into Fecto Forgo and Elfillin, and they are completely audio-based (with captions), with a black screen. They go like:


Prerecorded Message: Hello, you’ve reached Profressor Fecto. If you’re hearing this, it probably means that I’m too busy to answer your call. Please leave your message after the beep.

Phone: Beep!

???: Father! It is a glorious day! The monstrous creature that has been devastating our nation has finally been subdued and captured. And the government has chosen you to be the first one to run tests on it! For now, the creature has been named specimen ID-F86, although I’m sure you can come up with a more creative name. I’ll email you the adress of the new top secret lab later today. See you!


Radio: Sir, the results of the tests will be ready in about half an hour. Please come to containment chamber room shortly.

Professor Fecto: Got it. I’ll be right there.

???: Father, you never told me what kind of test you most recently ran on the subject…

Professor Fecto: I’m sorry, Jonathan, but the government insisted that we keep everything completely confidential until we make some sort of big breakthrough. And I still have a bunch of test results even after this one, so that might take a long time.

Jonathan: Yeah, ok.

Professor Fecto: Don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before we discover how to use this creature’s fantastical teleportation powers. After we discover its’ full capabailities and how to control it, our civilization will enter a new era of prosperity!


Alarms blare loudly.

Radio: SIR! The subject has regained consciousness! It’s still in the containment chamber for now, but the glass is already cracking and it’s going to break out any minute now!

Professor Fecto: Evacuate the building immediately! If necessary, you can use any weapon or tactic you can think of to slow or capture the creature. But under no circumstance are you allowed to cause fatal damage to it! I repeat, do not kill the creature!

Jonathan: But, father…

Professor Fecto: We’re so close to discovering the secret of warping across time and space at will! I will NOT give up now!


Radio: Sir, the building has been completely evacuated. However, all of our best security bots, who were armed with machine guns and made completely of stainless metal, were no match for the creature after it escaped.

Professor Fecto: Why don’t you just call for backup? We have the full support of the government, they’re bound to lend a few soldiers if we explain the situation.

Radio: It’s bound to cause terrible damage to the lab if it’s left alone, based on the data we gathered, within the few hours it’ll take to get reinforcements here, it’ll cause about 28 million dollars worth of damage to the lab, perhaps more. I’m afraid you’re going to have to use the self-destruct button.


Professor Fecto: Very well.


Lab Computer: Self destruct sequence activated. All regular exits have been sealed with 8-inch thick diamond walls. Please use the emergency escape pods. Self destruct in: 9 minutes, 48 seconds.

Jonathan: Father… Isn’t there any way we could capture the creature again?

Profressor Fecto: Look, I’m as sad about this as you are. But there’s just no choice. It’ll take too long for military reinforcements to arrive, and even then, you heard him, that thing decimated all of our security bots… And they had some serious firepower, too!

Radio: Professor, our security cameras are telling us that the creature is moving towards the control room. You better get out of there quickly.

Professor Fecto: Understood.


Computer: Escape Pods ready.



Professor Fecto: Jonathan, hurry! The creature is here!


Footsteps can be heard, first on hard, concrete ground, then two of them on a metallic surface.



Computer: Escape Pod closing. Launching in 30… 29… 28…

Jonathan: Father, what are you doing?!


Computer: 25… 24… 23…

Professor Fecto: We don’t know the full capabilities of this creature. It could survive the explosion, or it could override the chip we placed in its brain and teleport outside.

Computer: 14… 13… 12…

Jonathan: But-

Professor Fecto: I’m going to make sure this thing goes down. And if it costs me my life, so be it.

Computer: 6… 5… 4…

Professor Fecto: Farewell.

Computer: 3… 2… 1… Launching escape pod.

After the player views all of the Lost Memories and goes into the seventh level, Lab Sewers, the player encounters a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is an elevator door. Kirby steps into the elevator, and when the door closes, the screen goes black again, as another Lost Memory plays.


Professor Fecto: Computer, launch “Operation Doomsday.”

Computer: Just to confirm: You want to launch Operation Doomsday.

Professor Fecto: Yes.

Computer: Launching “Operation Doomsday.”

Professor Fecto: Fecto Elfillis… you’re the first of your kind.

Computer: Operation Doomsday has been completed.

Professor Fecto: I’ll make sure you’re the last.

The screen glows white.

After the memory, the player returns to Kirby and the elevator. The elevator’s doors open and Kirby slowly walks into a dark, dirty, cobweb-filled room with lots of screens and a panel full of buttons. In front of Kirby is a dark, humanoid figure, and behind him, a giant metal door. The door slowly opens, and when it is completely open, a gigantic metal arm reaches out of the darkness, grabs the dark figure, and retreats back into the darkness. Then, from the dark room beyond the metal door, a gigantic robot flies out, and the door snaps shut. The robot has big, metallic arms with large fists, a metal chestplate and body, and metallic boots with rocket thrusters connected to the body by metal legs. It has 2 large, black missile containers on top of its shoulders, equipped with 3 rows of 5 missiles each. And at the top of the body lies the opaque cockpit. This humongous robot is called

Metal-Plated Robot

Doomsday Mech

HP: 1,000


Extended Punch Combo: One of Doomsday Mech’s fists launches towards the player, connected to the arm via a thin, metallic chain. Doomsday Mech does this several time in succession before aiming both fists at Kirby. After the attack, his fists are stuck in the ground for a few seconds, giving Kirby a chance to attack. Each hit deals 9 points of damage (Kirby has 100 HP on Wild Mode.)

Boost Charge: Doomsday Mech turns towards Kirby and launches itself toward him using it’s rocket boots, dealing 20 points of damage on contact. It then bounces off, lands on its feet, and lies on the ground for a few seconds before it jumps back up.

Crashdown: Doomsday Mech jumps into the air and uses its rocket boots to crash back into the ground, creating a shockwave. Doomsday Mech does this several time on different spots on the battlefield, each successive crashdown creating shoackwaves that are more difficult to dodge. If Kirby is hit by the mech, he gets dealt 18 damage. If he hit by a shockwave, he gets dealt 10 damage.

Missile Rush: Doomsday Mech fires 5 missiles from each missile container into the air, all of which targets Kirby. Kirby is forces to continuosly run away from the missiles. Each missile deals 7 damage. Doomsday Mech only does this attack one time this phase.

After Kirby defeats the Doomsday Mech, it is blown into the wall, where the impact shakes the room so much that the floor gives way and Kirby and the mech fall down. Kirby finds himself on a large circular platform surrounded by an ocean of green slime, with dozens of pipes going in and out of the ocean, and a thick fog surrounding the platform. The mech flies in out of nowhere, and now wields a gigantic sword on its right hand and, instead of a hand, a giant revolver with three barrels is on its left arm. This new, upgraded robot is

High-Tech Superbot

Ultra Doomsday Mech

A Maxim Tomato appears in front of Kirby.

HP: 1,400


Sword Slasher: Ultra Doomsday Mech swings its sword in wide arcs three times. Kirby must jump over these attacks. Each hit deals 12 damage. This is similar to Fecto Elfillis’s main attack.

Triple Shot: Ultra Doomsday Mech uses its revolver to shoot three large energy bullets towards the ground in rapid sucession, with a target sign being places over the spot 1 second before the attack. Each of these bullets creates a shockwave. The bullet deals 18 damage, and the shockwaves deal 8.

Mega Strike: Ultra Doomsday Mech raises its sword and strikes the ground with it, creating three tornados that whirls around the battlefield. The sword strike deals 20 damage, and the tornados deal 10.

Missile Rush: Doomsday Mech fires 5 missiles from each missile container into the air, all of which targets Kirby. Kirby is forces to continuosly run away from the missiles. Each missile deals 7 damage. Doomsday Mech only does this attack one time this phase.

After Kirby defeats the Ultra Doomsday Mech, the mech is launched backwards and lands on its back. However, it jumps right back up. Two holes open up on the side of the robot’s body just below the two arms, and two more arms grows out of those holes. One arm has a hand that wields a big metallic hammer, and the other arm has a flamethrower attached at the end of it. This final evolution of the robot is

Next-Gen Nanotech Bot

Doomsday Mech NEO

A Maxim Tomato appears in front of Kirby.

HP: 1,600


All of the attacks of Ultra Doomsday Mech.

Hammer Slammer: Doomsday Mech NEO slams its hammer on the ground 4 times. The first three strikes send three medium-sized arch-shaped shockwaves towards Kirby, the fourth one sends an extra large one. Being hit by the hammer will flatten and temporarily paralyze you, and also deal 16 damage. The small shockwaves deal 8 damage, while the big one deals 12.

Fire Beam: Doomsday Mech NEO charges up his flamethrower for a few seconds before firing a wide beam of fire towards Kirby. Being hit by this will deal 20 damage.

Fireball Rush: Doomsday Mech NEO’s flamethrower fires 8 fireballs back-to-back in different, random driections, which bounce on the ground and fall into the green slime surrounding the battlefield. Each fireball deals 10 damage.

Doomsday Mech’s Gotcha Figure description reads:

“This is the robot Professor Fecto used to battle Fecto Elfilis. The real thing was destroyed long ago, but a replica remained inside Fecto Forgo’s memories… that is, until Kirby scrapped it.”

After Kirby defeats Doomsday Mech NEO, the mech is knocked back with such force that in lands in the ocean of green slime. A bright beam of light, energy, and electricity bursts out of the spot where the mech landed before the mech is shot out of the green slime ocean and explodes in the sky. The body of the mech lands in front of Kirby. The cockpit opens, revealing one last Lost Memory, which flies over to the mech’s chest and hovers there. Once Kirby obtains it, the screen goes black and the final Lost Memory plays, this time with an accompanying video.

The Doomsday Mech NEO lies on the ground of the control room, damaged beyond repair. 

Professor Fecto: Ugh… I guess you got the better of me after all…

Fecto Elfillis points its spear at the broken mech.

Professor Fecto: Heh… you think you’ve won? Wrong. Even though I couldn’t defeat you myself, in mere moments, this entire lab will explode with the power of a nuclear bomb. I don’t know what you are or what you can do, but there’s no way you can survive a nuclear explosion.

Fecto Elfillis lowers its spear.

Professor Fecto: That’s right… make this less painful for the both of us, will you?

Fecto Elfillis closes its eyes.

Professor Fecto: Jonathan… I’m sorry…

The lab glows bright white, and the shadow of Fecto Elfillis can be seen exploding into the shadows of Elfillis and Fecto Forgo.

The screen goes completely white.

After the cutscene, the credits roll and Kirby is awarded with the Triple Ranger ability, which has 3 units of damage and 4 units of rapid-fire. The gun’s design mimics a revolver, and Kirby wears a cowboy hat while using this ability. One shot shoots three bullets, and the player can use charge attacks to unleash a powerful barrage of bullets, similar to Noble Ranger. The description reads: “This gun used be one of Doomsday Mech’s many weapons. Inspired by the design, Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee made a smaller version for Kirby. Shoot three bullets at once, or charge up for a ridiculously powerful barrage of bullets!”

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