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August 2022 Fiction Contest

August 18, 2022
By Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"With great respect comes big responsibility, and that responsibility is to treat others how you want to be treated."

One day, the SN kids go on a mission with their parents to defeat Melvin and the new PZ. Regina, Savannah's mom, goes undercover and becomes PZ4. While undercover, she finds out that PZ is trying to frame everyone else to the police. Regina tries to send hints to the SN through the Gizmo Net Security System and helps them while still being undercover. Eventually PZ4 gets caught but as she does, the other SN come and fight PZ. Once they defeat PZ they have to go against Melvin but... “I CAN’T!” Regina yells as she throws the shock bracelet away.

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for the August 2022 Flash Fiction Contest!

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