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The Mysterious Death

March 30, 2018
By dthomas12 GOLD, New City, New York
dthomas12 GOLD, New City, New York
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The night when Alan received the love potion from the old man, he decided to pick Diana up from work and bring her to a restaurant. Alan was so anxious to use the potion on Diana and start to create a real and lovable relationship with her. Alan decided to slip the love potion into Diana’s drink when she went to use the restroom after they finished eating their food.
“This is going to be a great night,” whispered Alan to himself. Shortly after, Diana came back to the table.
“Diana do you want to come to my house and watch a movie with me?,” said Alan.
“Sure, that would be fun,” said Diana.
“Hurry up and finish your drink so that we can go,” said Alan.
When Diana finished drinking her drink she felt so happy and started to compliment Alan and ask him about his day. Alan was excited and pleased when Diana finished her drink. Alan was about to jump out of his chair when he saw Diana finish her whole drink. When the waitress came to give Diana and Alan their bill, Alan started to compliment the waitress and thank her. Diana started to become very jealous. Alan smirked when he saw Diana getting jealous. Diana was being so nice and caring to Alan when they got home.
“Let me get you a blanket honey, you look tired,” said Diana.
“Thank you sweetie,” said Alan. Alan was thinking of trying to propose to Diana again because the first time he tried to propose to Diana, she said she wasn’t ready to get married. Alan was so happy that he used the love potion because he realized that Diana would have to say yes to him this time. “This is wonderful!” Alan cried.
Alan told Diana to get his jacket and shoes. Alan got the ring from upstairs and got Diana to come outside with him to take a walk. It was cold outside, the moon was milky white, and the stars twinkled in the sky.
“Diana, your eyes shine like the moon”, said Alan. Alan got down on one knee and asked Diana to marry him.
”Of course I will marry you! I love you!”, exclaimed Diana. Alan was so amazed and felt grateful for the love potion.
Two years later, Alan Austen and Diana are married and have one child, a baby boy named Henry. Diana used to love Alan a lot, but now Diana is not happy with him because he has been treating her bad lately. Ever since Alan had gotten laid off from his job as an accountant, he has been taking out all his anger on Diana by beating her. Diana is starting to love Alan less as the days go on.
Alan realizes that he has made enough money over the past two years to buy the death potion or glove- cleaner from the old man. Alan always tells Diana to stay home and take care of the baby. Diana feels lonely since Alan hasn’t been showing up the past few nights. Diana decides to call her sister, Nancy to take care of her baby for the night.
Diana decides to follow Alan out one night to see where he is going. Alan goes back to the place where he bought the love potion from the old man, the same night Diana decides to follow him. Alan recalls going down the creaky and shadowy stairs in the neighborhood of Pell Street. When Alan opens the door, the old man tells him to sit down. Alan leaves the door open a crack.
“I knew you would be back,” said the old man.
“I have changed my mind. I decided that I need the glove-cleaner now because my relationship with Diana has become shaky,” said Alan.
“I had a feeling that this would happen,” said the old man. “Do you have the five thousand dollars with you?,” asked the old man.
“I do. I want to kill her tonight so that I can end the tension between us,” said Alan. “I am tired of Diana and I do not love her as much as I did two years ago,” said Alan.
“Ok, I will give you the potion,” said the old man.
The old man takes the potion off the shelf and reminds Alan of its characteristics.
“The potion is odorless, colorless, almost tasteless, and unnoticeable in beverages like wine. It is quite hard to find out the cause of death in any method of autopsy.” said the old man.
”Adieu,” said the old man.
“Goodbye,” said Alan.
Diana goes down the stairs quietly after hearing Alan’s plan and runs back home. Diana tells her sister Nancy what happened and tells her to leave quickly before Alan comes back. Nancy tells Diana to leave with her so that she will be safe and out of reach from Alan.
“I have a plan. If I don’t call you in the next hour, call the police,” said Diana.
“Ok, please be careful Diana,” said Nancy.
Nancy leaves the house ten minutes before Alan comes back home.
As soon as Alan comes back home, Diana takes off his jacket and tells him to wash up before supper.” Diana looks in the pockets of Alan’s coat and finds the potion. Diana quickly pours two cups of wine and pours the potion into Alan’s cup. Diana rinses the bottle of the potion with water and puts tap water inside the bottle. Diana slips the small bottle back into Alan’s right hand pocket and leaves his jacket on his chair.
Alan comes to the table to sit down for supper. When both Alan and Diana finish their food, Diana takes their plates and heads over to the sink. Alan quickly reaches into his right hand pocket and slipped some of the potion into Diana’s drink.
“How was your day honey?” asked Diana.
“It was great sweetie. I just want to say that I feel bad for the things that I have done to you. Let me make a toast, to new beginnings,” said Alan.
“To new beginnings,” said Diana.
They both drank their drinks and smiled at each other.
“Let me give the baby his milk tonight,” said Alan.
“Ok,” said Diana.
When Alan got up to get the baby’s bottle, he paused and collapsed on the floor. Diana got up immediately and walked over to him to see if he was still breathing. Diana called her sister and told her to come over because she was a nurse. Diana then called the police and said
“My husband is dead.”
“What happened?,” said the police officer.
“My husband just collapsed on the floor,” said Diana.
“We will be there as soon as possible Ms. Austen,” said the police officer.
When the police came, Diana told the police officers the whole story and they brought Alan’s body to the hospital’s autopsy room. The doctors could not figure out how Mr. Austen died. Diana felt as free as a bird.

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