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Attitude of Adolescence

February 16, 2018
By KaylinEighmey BRONZE, Temprence, Michigan
KaylinEighmey BRONZE, Temprence, Michigan
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Do not ask me why I’m upset. Simply ask yourself what you’ve done to upset me. The human brain, intricate and complex. Mine’s simple. Act to me the way in which you wish to be acted upon. Tease, mock, belittle and bully. Yet still, ask me to treat you with kindness?

That’s not the type of person I want to be. A settler or doormat. A Doormat anyone can stomp on at all times. I choose to ignite like a flame and fire back. Defiant to the obligation that you give kindness even to those who tear me down. No one deserves kindness they must earn it. So why all the confusion? What’s so difficult to understand? Treat me with kindness and I will treat you with kindness. It’s like a carousel, round and round we go. The carousel represents me and you. Constantly spinning, only to end up in the same place we started. We cannot destroy hate with even more hate. Although how are we expected to end hate, bullying and mocking when we’re too young and immature to understand how to exemplify love and compassion to each other.
To sit back and watch people destroy your happiness, simply means you never cared about it from the beginning. Sitting back allowing people to belittle, will only make them believe it’s okay. It’s not! In order for change to happen, we cannot sit back and show kindness to those who tease and mock. Although only to stick up for ourselves and let them know bullying isn't okay.
Fire and Ice I’m a mixture of both. I can be calm, still and in place. Or I can be fierce, hasty, and ready to burn anyone in my path.  Watch out when the flame ignites. It’s giant and out of control. The fire will only keep growing until extinguished. This flame cannot be tamed by chemical products that will separate oxygen from the air. Although only with the apologies that should outpour from your mouth. When the realization hits that the flame began to burn because of your actions.
Do not sit there perplexed as to why I illuminate. Simply ask yourself what you’ve done. I’m certain you’ll find the answer to the question. Treat me the way you wish to be treated. I cannot end the cycle because the flames inside of my soul must ignite and fire back. Although I believe you can break the cycle. Your kindness can change the world. Then again maybe that's why nothing’s changed because we are all the same. Both fire and ice, we can't put out the flame because we all have the same struggle. Unable to put pride behind us, everyone wants the last word. As well as to feel dominant and powerful. Stuck on this never-ending carousel that will spin round and round. Until eventually when the burden becomes too much to bare and the carousel breaks.
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