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World of Glass

February 17, 2018
By Nectura GOLD, Medina, Ohio
Nectura GOLD, Medina, Ohio
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A world of glass cracked every time you flinch like scars running down the crooks and crannies of buildings and streets. The sky is always a dull gray, the blue shaded by the glass sphere capturing all the birds in. The people are all clockwork—metal limbs and ticking hearts and mechanical words: I love you I love you I love you.
This glass world is a lie built by a liar and a coward who would no sooner fix her own broken heart than the glass world she shatters apart every day. There isn’t enough love left in her heart for that—all of it seeped out through the cracks like her clockwork world slowly spilling out into her reality and turning her real world gray.

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