Describe Blue

February 1, 2018
By JDAwesomeness SILVER, Jefferson, Georgia
JDAwesomeness SILVER, Jefferson, Georgia
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Forget Everything And Run
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It's the color of the water as you walk along the endless beach. It's the color of her eyes, right before they close and she falls asleep in your arms. It's the color of the flowers you sent her on her birthday.

Its the color of the truck that smashes into your car and knocks one of you out forever.

It's the color of the tears that slide down your face. It's the color you feel when you know she's gone and will never come back. It's the color of the veins as you slice them open to be with your love. It the color of your jeans before they become covered in your blood. It's the color of the sky as you close your eyes for the last time, remembering her face once more.

The author's comments:

So I saw this prompt, and it said to describe the color blue without saying the word "blue." So here it is...

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