Learning To Fly

February 1, 2018
By JDAwesomeness SILVER, Jefferson, Georgia
JDAwesomeness SILVER, Jefferson, Georgia
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I stood there, I looked past the cliff and out onto the sea.

With the sea breeze blowing my hair and the salt filling my lungs, I was free. I would stand out there and lean over the edge to just feel the freedom. How I longed to fly like the birds around me. They didn't fly away from me and didn't care if I was different. I looked back to see the small house sitting there. I could here my drunk father yelling at my mom. I flinched as I heard a loud crash and I knew that he had just hit her. I couldn't bear it anymore. I looked to the ocean, then back at the house. I was caught between the two. Nobody would care if I was gone, all of my 'friends' pretended to care. But I knew better. They acted as if I didn't hear them whispering about me. I sighed deeply, and without another thought, I jumped. But you see, I didn't fall. I flew. My wings extended fully and my heart had never felt so free. The birds welcomed me, for I was one of them now.
I flew away from all my troubles and into the sunset.


Teen's body was found at the bottom of the local cliff. There is no sign of struggle and we have confirmed that this was suicide. The teen was found with a broken neck late last night. Police are trying to figure out why the victim committed suicide.

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