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April 2, 2009
By Christy Pierce BRONZE, Rayville, Louisiana
Christy Pierce BRONZE, Rayville, Louisiana
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It didn't hurt, like she thought it would. It was quick and painless. All she remember is the sound of the car crashing and then everything going white. She guessed she was dead, seeing as she was looking down on the car she was just in. "Man my car is in terrible shape. I hope Spencer is okay." she said out loud.

"Katee?" asked a voice from behind. She turned around and saw a young man. "Yes. I'm Katee." she said to the man. "Well Katee, I'm Charlie, and I'm here to guide you." "Okay?" Katee said slightly confused. "Katee do you understand where you are?" he asked. "Um…" Katee looked around. Everything was white except for the floor. It was clear. It was almost like she were standing on glass. She shook her head. "No I don't know where I am." she told Charlie. "I didn't think you would. Katee you are in what we call 'limbo'. Which basically is you're a live down there," he pointed down at the floor. "but also means in a way you are dead. You are caught between life and death." "Like I'm in a coma?" she asked still confused. "Yes, basically you are." Katee looked at Charlie. He couldn't be over 30 she thought. He also had the most amazing blue eyes, and brown hair. He looked familiar but she couldn't quite think of where she had seen him. She finally asked him: "So, am I going to return to my body? Or am I going to be stuck up here?" "That's the question. We don't know." he said. "How do you not know?" she asked. "Well everyone is different. You could be up here for hours, you could be up here for months or you could be up here for years. It all depends on the person and whether or not they want to go back down." "Well of course I want to go back! Who wouldn't?" she said in a sarcastic tone. "Plenty of people don't want to go back. Everyone leaves for a reason. It may be your time or it may not be, but you have to take your time and think about why you might of left." he said. "I don't know why I left. I was just driving down highway 9 when I lost control and crashed into the trees." she said. "Well, like I said you have to think about why you were chosen to leave. You find out why and come and see me." he told her. "But where will you be? And how do I figure it out?" she asked. "Well I'll be around. Just call my name and I'll come. And to figure it out think about your life." Charlie turned around and walked into the white.

Katee sat down on the clear floor and thought about her life. Okay think about my life. There isn't much to think about. I'm just me. I'm Katee Beth Czuchry, the adopted daughter of Alan and Amy Czuchry. I'm 16 and I attend Clarington Academy in Bishop Colorado. I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I'm your basic run of the mill good girl. I don't know why I'm up here. I wonder if there are people that can help me up here? "Yes, there are people up here that can help you." said a female voice behind her. Katee looked startled, had she been talking out loud. "No, you weren't talking out loud, but up here everything that is thought is heard by the helpers. Which is what I am, a helper. I'm here to help you figure out why you are up here." The woman walked over to Katee and held out her hand to her. Katee grabbed her hand and got up off the floor. "Do you know why I am here?" Katee asked the woman. "Yes I do, but I cant tell you. You have to figure it out on your own." "But I don't know why I'm up here. I don't have any reason to be." "What about your parents?" the woman asked. "What about them?" "Well, have you forgiven them?" "Forgiven them? Forgiven them for what? My parents are great, I have no reason to be mad at them." Katee said. The woman walked over to one of the white walls and gently pressed her palm to it. The room changed from white into a hospital room. Katee didn't recognize the woman in the bed or the man next to it. The man was gently holding the woman's hand while she slept. Katee turned to the helper who had brought her here. The helper noticed the confused look on Katee's face. "Katee do you know who these people are?" Katee looked at them again. The man was in his late 20s and the woman looked only 18. The woman was also obviously pregnant. She shoot her head and looked back at the helper. "Well, Katee these are your parents. Your REAL parents." the helper said. "But…I'm confused." Katee said to the helper. "Katee this is past happening. This is the night you were born. Katee, did anyone ever tell you why you were given up for adoption?" Katee thought of the story her parents had told her when she was 12. " 'Your parents were very special. They were nice kind people, but they couldn't afford to keep you.' That's what my parents told me the day I turned 12. Whether that's really the truth I don't know." "Well, part is true. They were very nice, kind people. The kind every kid would wish for, but something happened to your mother the night you were born. Katee she died during labor, and your father just couldn't bare to have you around. You were a reminder of someone he lost that he loved so dearly." Katee looked at the woman that was her real mother. She was so beautiful. It was hard for her to believe that these were her real parents. The man looked like her. She recognized his eyes as her own, and his mouth just like hers. "So my parents would've wanted me if my mother hadn't of died?" she asked the helper. "Yes, but she was meant to die then. It was her time." the helper looked at Katee who was still fixed on her mother and father. "Katee, we know you've been mad at them. You wish that you were with them, but you also feel bad for wishing that when you see how great of parents you have now. But Katee this isn't the only reason you are here." "Its not. Why else am I here?" she asked the helper. "Well, who were you with during your wreck?" "I was with my boyfriend Spencer. But what does he have to do with this?" "Katee weren't you and him arguing right before the wreck happened?" "I think. I don't really remember." "Well Katee we are fixing to find out what was going on right before you wrecked." The helper walked over to the hospital wall and gently pressed her palm to the wall again. The room changed now to the inside of Katee's BMW. Katee could make out herself and Spencer. Spencer looked worried. Katee hadn't noticed before. He looked like he was about to cry. She could hear herself yelling at Spencer. She couldn't believe she had done that to him. He had said he was sorry for kissing her hundreds of times but she just didn't pay any attention. He loved her. She knew he did yet she couldn't get over the fact that he had kissed another girl. Then Katee let go of the wheel and her car swerved and crashed into the trees. And then the world turned back white. "I guess the reason I'm here is because I don't know how to forgive." Katee said to the helper. "Exactly. Katee you are one of the best kids, but you don't know how to forgive in serious situations. Now that you know why you are here you can go back down as long as you learn to forgive or otherwise you'll come right back up here but you wont be able to go down again. There are second chances but not third." "Okay." Katee said to the helper. Katee turned and said the name Charlie and when he appeared she realized that Charlie was her real Father, and that when she knew she recognized him it was herself she recognized. He saw her and smiled then he cam over and hugged her. Katee looked up at him and saw the tears in his eyes. "Charlie I-I-I forgive you." Charlie smiled and said "Good."

Katee woke with a start. She was surrounded by her parents and Spencer. There were tubes coming out of her. She looked at Spencer and started crying. She looked at her parents and they ran over and hugged her. Spencer came over and took her hand. "Katee I love you and I'm so sorry." "Spencer. I forgive you. I'm so sorry I didn't before."

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