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To Hide Beneath The Smile

March 31, 2009
By MeganBurch BRONZE, Sault Ste Marie, Other
MeganBurch BRONZE, Sault Ste Marie, Other
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Some people say time can heal anything. Yet,I have learned that they are dearly mistaken, sometimes even the deepest wounds don't heal. I have also learned that this is just a soothing phrase people use to remind that maybe in the future they'll forget. I would give anything to forget, to forget the way you looked, the way you smelled. Just to be able to forget, that's all I want.

When I met you, I never thought anything of it. I shook your sweaty palm and looked deep into your deep blue eyes as vast as the seas, but I never thought anyhting of it. Now, I would give my life to go back and re-live that moment forever. The first time I smelt your musky scent, I did't know how much I would love you. Did you?

The author's comments:
This is just the introduction to a story I'm writing!

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