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Life and History in India

March 12, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Hello, my name is Little Sparrow. I have brown hair and dark blue eyes. I have one twin sister named Rosie. We are unfortunate and have no parents. My parents dies in a terrorist attack when I was just two years old. My sister and I are living in a abandoned wagon.

My sister and I are going to set a trip to India to learn more about it because we are Indian. My sister declared that we would be leaving right that moment. I planed out a map and color coordinated it with markers that I found under our wagon. We followed my map and ended up at the Ganges River. I grabbed some grain, closed my eyes and tossed the handful of grain in and made a wish,

'Rosie!' I called out.

'Yes Little Sparrow?'

'I am going to wash my hands and feet in the water.'

'Be careful.'

I run to a shallow spot and fall flat on my face.(Humor)

'Ew, yuck!' I said.

As I am getting up I have a piece of plastic stuck to my hand. I chuck it on shore.

'Little Sparrow! It is a book.'

'Lets take a look.' I said surprised.

I tell my sister that the book is about the Ganges River. Just random little facts about it.

'LITTLE SPARROW, we must move on before dark. Put the book in your bag and lets get out of here.'

'Alright, Alright.'

We keep following the map up shore. I turn around and I see factory after factory. There so much smoke in the air. I start to cry because of all the smoke. I take two small steps forward and the factories seem bigger and twice as many. The smoke was wispy and thin. It was in a tornado form. (Expanded moment) I did not know what to think. My sister looks at me with a why-are-you-crying-look.(Hyphenated modifier)

'Come on Rosie we must move on.'

We take a look at my map and continue walking. We run into a couple of tourist on camels.

'Wow, Rosie the camels are as big as a sail boat.'(Simile)

I asked the nice man if I could pet the camel.

'The camel is splashing spit at me!'(onomatopoeic)

'His hair is like silk.'(metaphor)

'Actually it is fur but feels similar to silk.' Says the camel owner.

'Have a nice day mister.'

'Thank you.' Replied the camel owner.

My sister and I are very hungry, so we run into a bread factory. All I saw was children.

'Why are there children working here Rosie?'

'Well Little Sparrow in India children our age and even younger are forced to work. There parents need at much money as they can get.'

'But I saw a sign outside saying it was illegal to have child workers.'

'They don't care. The owners and parents both need something to help them keep going.'

I start to tear up.

'Don't let it ruin our trip, now lets get something to eat.'

I walked by the machines. I jump really high because that machine just whistled at me.(Personification) We get our food and head out. My sister tells me our grandma still lives here. She is just up the road. We run with full stomachs as fast as we could. We knocked on her door while huffing and puffing for air.

'Little Sparrow, Rosie what a surprise to see you. You girls have grown into beautiful young women. Oh, come in, come in.'

She welcomes us with a cup of Indian, herb tea. Our grandma begins to tell us a story. She said

'When your parents met they were madly in love. They had been 'dating' as you would call it for only a year before your father proposed to your mother. Your mother said yes and they got married a month later. That wedding was just amazing. They had Indian elephants. Also southern and northern Indian dancers. Modern art too. There wedding was very traditional and cultural. It brought back so many memories and history. I was so proud of your mother.'

'Sounds like a great story grandma.' I said.

'Yes, yes it was indeed.'

Children would you like to stay here for tonight?'

'Sure, that sounds great!' Said Rosie.

Grandma shows us our room and tells us to come down when ready. I run to the window to see the view.

'It is raining cats and dogs.'(Idiom)

I run down the stairs to see what grandma is doing. She is heating up water for more of her homemade tea. The hot water in the kettle splatters, and scatters.(onomatopoeia)

'Little Sparrow, I have to tell you a secret, but it has to stay between you and me.'

'Okay, your secret is safe with me.'

'Your dad was a famous scientist. You may have heard of him. His name is Qin Dahe.'

'Really?' I ask confused.

'Yes he was a Glaciologist which means that he studied ice and snow.'

'Thats really cool. I never would have thought of my dad being a scientist.'

'Yeah, he was a great on too. Now get to bed my little one. I love you.'

'I love you too Grandma.'

So the adventure ends. Rosie and Little Sparrow came to India to learn more about there family and that they did. Little Sparrow thought about that secret in her dreams and for the rest of her life. She had never told one single soul.

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