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   Once, there was a guy. He lived in a small apartment in a big city all by himself. This guy was pretty interesting. He liked all kinds of stuff. He liked to buy stuff, and do stuff, and sometimes he'd make stuff if the mood struck him right.

There was one little problem though. The guy got tired of his stuff very quickly. He'd buy stuff, but soon the novelty would wear off and he'd want new stuff. Most of the time there wasn't stuff to do, and making stuff wasn't that easy. So when these problems arose, the guy would sit in the middle of his stuff and cry.

Then one day, when the guy was out looking for some new stuff, he met a girl. This girl was beautiful, smart, and interesting; she lived in a small apartment in a big city just like the guy. They were different though.

The girl had no stuff. She never bought stuff, or did stuff, and she was never really in the mood to make stuff. She felt as though she had nothing to offer the guy, so when she was alone, she'd sit in the middle of nothing and cry.

Then the guy did something to change all this. He took his stuff, all his stuff, the stuff he loved so dearly, and he threw it all away.

It seems as though both of them would have nothing then, but that wouldn't be true. They had each other, and that was everything to them.

The guy's memories of his stuff soon faded, along with the girl's memories of nothingness, and the two spent the rest of their lives together, in the same small apartment, in the same big city, with the greatest stuff you could ever hope for: LOVE.

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i love this !

on Sep. 6 2010 at 9:03 am
demipaddington PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
40 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Makes me go 'Aww'.

I wish what I write could make people go 'Aww' too.