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An Ongoing Saga, Chapter Three MAG

By Anonymous

   A Summary of Chapter Two: Although still very attracted to Vincent, Miss Blackwell continues to be uncomfortable with this man, who is growing hungry for more than coffee. After some small talk, Vincent presses her to reveal the purpose of their visit ...

Vincent's predatory profile was hidden by the shadows of the alley, where he stood in waiting. His acute senses, trained by years of experience, took no notice of the sounds and smells of a party several streets over. Focused on the task at hand, his eyes reflected no trace of emotion.

Alarmed by a crash behind him, Vincent turned with almost supernatural speed. The twin pools of his eyes narrowed, searching for a threatening presence, and instead met the eyes of an alley cat, rustling in a garbage can. He had no choice but to smirk at his own surprise as he reflected on his own kinship with the cat. Both scavengers, they shared a brotherhood that few would understand.

Both dwellers of the night came to attention at the sound of approaching footsteps in the street. Vincent cursed himself for losing his concentration, a mistake not common to seasoned professionals like him. With no time to penalize his foolishness, he diverted his attention to the task at hand. He was unaware of the cat's retreat into darkness as his eyes followed the path of the man, obviously drunken, down the street. When he was sure he would not be noticed, Vincent stepped from his hiding place and began following him.

The distinct smell of booze followed the staggering man, and Vincent grimaced as it reached him. Never one for heavy drinking, he was disgusted by the smell. His silent footsteps brought him closer to the man, who had not yet detected the shadowy presence.

The chase did not last long, as the man soon reached his destination. As he fumbled with the lock and entered the age-old brick building, Vincent awaited his return. As he stood, unmoving and undetected, Vincent's thoughts returned to the beautiful, yet vengeful, Miss Blackwell. Perhaps his motivation for this particular task had moved beyond simple monetary reward and into the realm of ... something quite different? At any rate, he was beginning to feel the desire again, one which he had believed he had control over.

Vincent's thoughts were interrupted by the re-entrance of his prey into the dim light of the street, this time with the curvaceous figure of a woman. Once again, the chase began. As the trio of travelers neared the park near Wyte Chapel and Mission, Vincent made his presence known, stepping from the darkness, as though from nowhere. The surprised looks of the man and woman gave him an undefinable pleasure.

"W-Who are you?" the man asked, shaken by Vincent's deep purple gaze.

"I am Abdiel." Vincent gave no hint as to the true nature of his mission.

"Well, Abdiel, this lady and I would like some time to ourselves ... if you know what I mean." The man winked at Vincent, apparently accepting him.

Vincent smiled at these words, stepping further into the light, letting the glare of his protruding incisors catch the man's attention. The man gasped, the woman fainted. Vincent only smiled as he neared his defenseless prey ... 1

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