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   The stale air seemed to drug me into a state of intense hallucination of fear and realization of the last few moments of my life. As the paramedics, looking like silhouettes of angels trying to save my soul, furiously worked to save my life I wondered if they knew they were fighting a useless battle, just like this war. The humidity surrounded me like a brick wall that was suddenly knocked down by an intoxicating wind that intermingled with my almost lifeless body.

Our assignment had been to find and eliminate the enemy. My team and I set out on our mission unaware of its bleak outcome. The night was lifeless and as cold as the obsolete sky. The outside world seemed to lose any hold it had on me as I entered a state of anxiety. My only grip of reality was the desolate wind that tried to comfort my perturbation. It mixed with my sweat making the hair on my neck stand on end, trying to escape their condemnation.

As we trudged into unknown territory we were suddenly ambushed by our enemy. Gun fire and mass destruction exploded from every angle, setting the unconscious night sky into an abrupt awakening of light and fury. Suddenly I noticed the barrel of a gun pointed at my face. My gaze lifted from the barrel to his cryptic eyes. Before he pulled the trigger, whirling me into the unknown, I finally realized that my so-called enemy was exactly like me, down to those cryptic eyes. The only thing that separated us were our neighborhoods. Our gangs!

As he pulled the trigger, I wondered what he saw when he looked out those empty eyes. Then everything grew silent. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK ... as the illuminated light seemed to dance around me with ease. I finally hit the cement and stared into the melancholic sky; I wondered if my enemy would soon be looking down the barrel of a gun.

I lay here now taking my last breaths, feeling disconnected with the past. A wonderful feeling comes over me as a delicate wind brings me out of this deadly jungle. 1

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i love this !

on Jan. 22 2010 at 12:25 pm
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this is a very good story ... it kept my mind wondering for more with every word i read ... my teacher likes the writing too and we are going to be using it in one of our classes ... good work!!!